Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't Cry for me Oklahoma

Well, here's the big surprise. We live in Utah now. What?! Yep, you read that right. Morgan had a job offer that we couldn't turn down and OU is letting him finish his final semester in Utah. We had non-refundable tickets for our Christmas Vacation and decided that we might as well just pack everything up and move when we flew out then. We hired a moving service (so worth it when you have little kids and are moving halfway across the country) and our stuff arrived shortly after we did. You didn't see anything about this on the blog because we kept it as a Christmas surprise for my parents and boy were they surprised. It's been a really hard secret to keep. We're so glad to be "home" but we are really going to miss Oklahoma (I never thought I would say that either). Anyway, there are a few things that I learned here in Oklahoma that I don't want to forget, so this is my Ode to Oklahoma post. (*Disclaimer -- this post is still slightly unfinished, but seeing as how we don't have the internet for a while longer, it will have to wait...and then we'll post the rest as well as our wonderful Christmas and unpacking adventures oh yeah, and pictures too :)

Lessons I learned in Oklahoma:

1) There are genuinely good people everywhere you go. That is one thing that I will truly miss about Oklahoma-the people and not just the great friends that we made and were sad to leave behind, but just random people that you might see at the grocery store or the waiting room while your car is being worked on. People aren't afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation with a total stranger - this doesn't happen often in Utah and one of my goals now that I'm back is to try and be a friendlier person because I know I'm just as guilty and shy as the rest to say hi or talk to complete strangers.

2) The Lord watches out for all His children. So, maybe I already knew this before I came here, but Oklahoma has strengthened my testimony in this truth. Being in Oklahoma forced our small growing family to rely more on the Lord and each other and recognize the tender mercies we experience on a daily basis. In the last 18 months we have made a lot of "big" decisions and our lives changed with the addition of another baby...sometimes I think we were still getting used to the first one :) and as it has gone by both Morgan and I can truly see where the Lord has guided us, even if we failed to recognize it at the time. *We never got sucked out of our homes by a tornado--that we were grateful for each and every day...although when you talk to an Okie, tornadoes to them are like snow to Utahns and not a huge deal.


Another One Bites the Dust

...another week of course before our Christmas Vacation begins. :) It's been another stressful week. Morgan has had to study later each night after school and clinical time, all I can say is that I'm sure glad that I'm not a single mother.
Logan is still teething and almost a "terrible two" (which I think really starts around 18 months). Let me tell you, he can sure throw a vicious tantrum, usually I just try to keep him out of the way of hurting anything, specifically himself. But after it's over and he comes and gives you kisses and his cute little grin, I forget about the whole tantrum, I'm such a sucker to his cuteness.
Damon too. He can be the neediest aka "normal" baby and not be satisfied until you have him in his favorite position (which changes about every 10 minutes), but he now smiles all the time and that boy can light up a room with his smile and I forget the ache in my arms (who needs weights when you have two little babies?)
Anyway, this week we are getting ready for our Christmas trip to Utah and I'm almost done packing--yes, I pack that early, it's tough trying to pack for me and two babies for a week and a half's time. Morgan's final is on Tuesday, so after that I'll have his help in getting the house all cleaned before we go and then Thursday is the day we fly out there and let me tell you, Logan is so excited. Every time he hears an airplane outside he shouts: airplane! airplane! Hopefully they will both just sleep the whole way there. :) And, I think that's basically it for this post, except I did manage to take a few pictures.
Damon has these big blue eyes (that I hope stick) and when he's looking around they are always wide open.
Sometimes after rough nights of Logan teething and Damon going through a growth spurt (meaning Mommy gets no sleep) we'll put in a movie when Logan wakes up. This became his little throne this past week. :)
I caught him mid-smile. Another thing about Logan is he LOVES to talk on the phone. He will jabber in your ear for hours if you let him. This is one boy who will not be getting a cell-phone anytime soon, I can only imagine the bill without an unlimited plan. :) Well, as far as posting goes, it might not be exactly next week since we'll be travelling and such, but if we get a chance we'll try and get up some holiday fun pictures....until next time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Week Down, Two to Go

Well, we have made it through another week of the semester, only two more left. Morgan took his graduation photos this week, and it just seems sort of surreal that he is almost done with school. He did his big presentation in his Physics class and "only" has the huge remaining absurdly comprehensive final. I think that is on Dec. 16th. His other classes are requiring a couple presentations as well and I think he's about halfway done with that.
We all finally got better this week and aren't battling any colds, but Logan is battling the teething monster. All 4 of his canine teeth are coming in at the same time...that happened with his molars too. Anyway, he's been waking up a lot in the middle of the night and either ends up on futon with daddy or sometimes in bed with us if it's early enough. He's a bed hog though and very fidgety...kind of like his mommy :)
Damon does really well sleeping though and sometimes will go 9 hours woohoo. He'll usually do somewhere between 6-8 on a regular basis, which is basically through the night. We got lucky with that. And with the fact that I basically put Damon down for bed when he's still awake and he already puts himself to sleep...I wish he would do that during the day, but no, he likes to be held during the day, but for a good night's rest, I think it's a worthy trade.

This week has also been filled with lots of Christmas music...even though I've been secretly listening to it since Halloween. Christmas just doesn't feel the same in Oklahoma though, last year everything was just so new that I didn't notice I guess, but I really miss the snow and I'm looking forward to our visit to Utah. I guess not a whole lot has happened this week and we've been kind of boring.

I did get a few pictures of Logan though. His new thing is pushing the kitchen chairs up against the counters and getting everything down...including the steak knives, I'll have to find a new place for them. I have resorted to putting up the gate when I have to feed the baby, or shower, or do anything that might get him out of sight or hearing range for a few minutes. This is what I caught him doing the other day.

He reached up on the counter and pulled the bread box open and starting taking a bite out of every piece of bread. It's was only 11:00, but I took that as a cue that he was hungry so we had an early lunch.And actually I was happy that he was actually eating the bread on his own, he hasn't been a huge fan and now he'll eat it, so it's one more thing I can add to his menu. :)This is classic though. I asked Logan "what are you doing buddy?" and he looked at me with this silly grin and I caught it just in time. He is very mischievous and my ultimate mess-maker, but we love him anyway. :)

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Damon since I've been holding him all week long. He's been kind of fussy again...I don't think he likes eggnog. I was so intent on making it feel like Christmas that I bought some and I devoured the whole half gallon in a week. I guess I need to drink it with a little more reserve and ration. Anyway, it's hard to take pictures of the baby and hold him at the same time, but I'll try and get some this week, if not, just check out the cute video from our last post. Until next time.....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This week has been rough. We've all been a little under the weather still, Logan is about 80% better, I'm about 70% better, Morgan is 100% better and Damon is now about 20% sicker (he wasn't really very sick at all the whole time, but now he's catching it) Anyway, regardless of all that we still have a lot to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving was a little odd since it was the first time we wouldn't be having Thanksgiving with family. Wait...that means I have to do all the cooking...hmmmm. Good thing it was only for the 4 of us though. :) We had some yummy steaks (yeah, there was no way I was attempting a turkey on my own) and we had some other traditional feast food like pumpkin pie, stuffing, candied yams, etc.

It's also been a little crazy around the house with the semester drawing to a close. This has by far been the toughest semester of school and we're counting down the days until he's done. It's going to feel like he's graduating in 2 1/2 weeks, but he'll only be finishing his 3rd semester and will have one more to go. After school is done, it will be nice to settle into a more normal routine, meaning one without school :) I'm so proud of Morgan though for all his hard work he puts into school to make sure that this little adventure in Oklahoma is a good one.

We got to do another Thanksgiving with some of our friends last night. We had a smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and other yummy food. It felt a lot more like Thanksgiving then.

I am so thankful for my family and for my precious little boys. I'm so grateful for the experiences we are having in Oklahoma and for our friends here that make it feel a little more like home. And I am thankful for my Savior who made it possible that we can all be together forever.

I guess I better post a few pictures too :) We don't have too many since I've been sick this week, it's been good that Morgan's had a little break from school this week to help take care of us. He's such a good husband and daddy!!!!
These are just some random headphones that Morgan used as earmuffs when he was using the power tools for our remodeling projects. Logan loved wearing them and kept walking around the house with them on.I can't believe how big and grown up he's getting. He is a chatterbox....if only I could understand what he was saying I'm sure we'd have some great conversations throughout the day.What a handsome little boy. Then we finally got some video of Damon. Up to this point he hasn't really done anything too exciting, but we finally caught some smiles. The better ones were before we got the camera out of course, but still his smile is contagious.

I know it's long, but he still has some family that hasn't seen him yet. He makes some cute little sounds in the video too. Well, until next time....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Being Sick is NO Fun

We were all nice and healthy for the Dr. Appointment, but pretty much the day after we all got sick. Logan and I are still fighting a stuffy nose and sore throat, and congestion. Damon just has some nose issues. Morgan only had it bad for about a day, but I think he's basically over the last bits of it. This has really hindered my working out progress since I can't take the kids to the child watch when they are sick...nor do I really have the desire to run or workout when I can barely swallow and breathe. :) (I am happy to report though that I've already lost a total of 28 of the 40 lbs from Damon--only 12 more to go. woohoo!)

We're getting really excited for Christmas. I hope there is some snow for us to play in. And since Logan wasn't really old enough for the snow last year he never got any "winter" clothes. So, the other day when I was at Walmart I decided to pick up some mittens and some beanies for the colder Utah weather. (Some days we're still in the 70's-not quite parka weather yet)

This is his new "Cars" beanie. He's been wearing it around the house saying "hat, hat, hat" I didn't get a picture of Damon because he was sleeping at the time and when he sleeps you let him sleep for as long as he possibly will. :)

The boys also sort of got their Christmas presents early this least from us. Logan got some new shoes and a puzzle.....and wardrobe from the growth spurt :) Damon got some clothes as well, I know boring for Damon, but I don't think we really "got" anything for Logan on his first Christmas either. Mostly their present is a "vacation" to Utah to spend time with their cousins and extended family. (After the "vacation" is when I need a vacation ;) Anyway, I did decide to get them some matching pajamas for Christmas and I got far enough behind on the laundry that I had to pull them out. So we took some pictures.

Logan sure loves his little brother.
He was almost smiling. :) You'll see that same look on Damon in almost all the pictures. He's so intense.
awwww, aren't those the cutest little boys in the whole world...and they look nothing like each other.
This is my favorite. I love my little boys, they are definitely a handful, but so much fun. Wow, look at that, my blogs are much shorter when I don't wait to post everything all at once. :) Until next time...whenever that might be.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Food for Thought Friday

I really like the idea of posting a recipe every Friday along with my cousins and hopefully I'll get one posted each week. With cooler weather I've been experimenting with the Crockpot and soups. Here is one that we really liked:

Zucchini-Chicken Soup with Cheddar (Crockpot Recipe)

2 cans (14oz each) chicken broth (I actually just made my own broth with chicken boullion)
2 lg potatoes, chopped
1 cup water
1 zucchini, shredded
1/2 lb. cooked chicken, bite-size (I used one can of chicken..the kind you get at Cosco :)
1 cup carrots, baby or sliced
4 cloves garlic (I used 1/2 tsp garlic powder instead)
Dash of pepper
1 cup shredded cheese

*Combine all the ingredients - except cheese - in the crockpot. Cover and cook on Low for 5-6 hours or on High for 3-4 hours or until potatoes and carrots are tender. Stir in the cheese. Using a potato masher, partially smash the mixture - it makes it a little more chowder like-and a thicker soup. Serve immediately. It's really good with crackers, bread, or rolls. It makes quite a bit, so you'll have yummy leftovers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They Grow So Fast

This week started off on Tuesday with the boys' Dr. Appointment.....I don't think I'll ever schedule them the same day again if I can help it. I understand why my cousin has someone go with her and the twins. So, Tuesday I played the role of frazzled mom as I tried to keep both my kids under control. Anyway, it all worked out and we survived, so here are the results:

Logan was 22.2 lbs 32 inches tall and he was in the 10% for height, weight, & head (I don't remember the head size, they didn't write it on my little sticker). Developmentally, the Dr. said Logan was basically a 2 year old, which made me feel good even though I can't really take credit for all his intelligence. I took it as a compliment though since I needed one that day. :) He's finally put on a little weight too. He must have gone through a little growth spurt as well since we had to basically upgrade his whole wardrobe with bigger clothes. Merry Christmas Logan.

Damon was 12.6 lbs 23.5 inches tall and he was in the 75% for everything. He was lucky and only had to get two shots intead of 4 since I guess they did some combining of a few of them. He calmed down really quickly, which was very nice not have him crying the whole way home. He's growing nice and healthy and he has consistently "slept through the night" (sleeping for 7-8 hours) for the past two weeks.

So, I have a smaller than average toddler and a bigger than average baby. At this rate, I wonder how long before they catch up to each other? :) I love them both so much and love to see them grow. Pretty soon Damon will be moving around and playing with Logan more and I can hardly wait.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday

November 9th - November 16th

November is a month of many birthdays for the Hadlock Family. I think in total there are at least 8 that I can think of. When we were living in Utah we would have a big birthday party in November to celebrate all the birthdays. We wish we could be there to celebrate with everyone, but we'll just have to see ya'll at Christmas.

Anywho, it was Morgan's birthday on the 13th and I was finally successful in giving him a surprise gift that he actually wanted and liked 100% I can't ever buy clothes or pretty much anything else because he's quite particular, so I usually just end up letting him buy his own present, or he just picks it out himself, but not this year. I was determined to find something. I got him the "Brisngr" book on CD. He loved it. Last Christmas we listened to the first two books of the series on tape and we've already listened to about 7 of the 23 CDs. He was so surprised and pleased with the gift. It totally made both our days. :)

This is a fun little video we caught the other night of Logan. He was just getting so excited about being surprised. Morgan is such a good daddy and Logan looks forward to him coming home every do I. :)
And now we have some cute pictures of our little Damon. He's had some good and bad days this week, but overall, we're making progress.

This is an awesome hat my aunt made him. I wish I would have taken some pictures a few weeks ago when his head was smaller and it looked totally awesome. It still looks really cute, poor Damon got his mommy's un-photogenic-ness. He's soooo much cuter in person and I can't wait to show him off to all the family at Christmas!I've been doing better with tummy time with Damon. He likes it best in the Boppy and he can hold his head up for quite some time. He's getting more and more control of his head every day.

My Little Stud-Muffin

Wow...a post that doesn't take you an hour to read... :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Glimpse of the Future

November 2nd - November 8th

This was a pretty fun week. Damon is still doing better at taking naps on his own, but this week he started not feeling so good. I did get him to take a nap in the crib. I turned on the mobile, which we found out he loves, and Logan read to him. I wish now that I would have taken a video of it, but all I got were a few pictures.
Damon loved hearing his big brother read to him. I think Logan sat in there for about 20 minutes "reading" while Damon was falling asleep.
And of course, what is naptime without "Goodnight Moon."

This week has also been a week of mega-laundry catch-up. I think I did about 7 loads on Monday and I still had to do another five on Friday. I forgot how much you go through laundry with a baby that uses about 3 burp clothes and 2 blankets each day, not to mention all the onesies. Anyway, I was trying to fold a blanket and Logan kept running into the blanket to play peek-a-boo. I didn't get a ton of video, but he would walk around the house running into things and he though it was hilarious when he ran into something.

So, Thursday was my 24th birthday and I have to say it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. I wasn't feeling well and was getting sick, so was Damon, and Logan was being quite fussy and, if something could go wrong it did, so we decided I got a re-birthday on Friday, which was great because that's when most of the family called to say happy birthday anyway. Friday was a much better day. Morgan didn't have to do his usual clinical hours so he got to stay home with the boys while I did some much needed birthday clothes shopping. :) Yay for a Happy Birthday!

On Saturday we got a glimpse of the future. We got to babysit Brayden while Nola and Gary were at the temple with a couple of the kids who were going through for the first time. No, I'm not pregnant again, but someday we'll have three :) It was actually a fun afternoon. I'm glad Morgan was home with me though, so it wasn't as stressful. We started off the afternoon with some priesthood blessings. I usually wait until I'm really really sick to get a blessing, but I decided that with two kids and one depending on me for food that I don't want to get really sick. So Gary and Morgan gave me and blessing and then they gave Damon a blessing too. And I have to say that I truly have a testimony of the power of priesthood blessings, especially after yesterday. Damon was already starting to feel and be more calm within a few hours after the blessing and today I feel really good, not completely better, but I know I'm getting better and not getting worse. And, I can hardly hear any congestion in Damon today. What a blessing to have the priesthood in our home. I'm so grateful that I have a worthy husband that honors his priesthood so we can enjoy those blessings.

After Nola and Gary headed out, the boys decided to have a yelling contest. This only went on for about 10 minutes. Don't worry, the video isn't that long. We were cracking up though. At one point Brayden got so excited from yelling that he fell over and Logan just laughed at him. Damon, well, he was just so calm that afternoon that he fell asleep.

After the yelling contest, we all went outside, it was a beautiful day, it almost made me want to live in Oklahoma.......almost, until I got bit by two mosquitoes, then I knew it was time to go inside. The boys had fun though. Logan and Brayden pretty much entertained themselves and when Brayden was bad, we just locked him in the ottoman. He tried to escape a couple times, so we tossed in some graham crackers..............

...............just kidding Nola! :) Logan likes to climb in to reach the toys that he can't otherwise and Brayden kept trying to get in too, but was just a little too short, so we had to help. They had fun pulling every single toy out of the "toy box" After clean-up time we ate some dinner and both the kids ate really well and it actually wasn't any messier feeding two than it was just feeding Logan. Maybe Logan was just trying to be a good example or something, I don't know, but for whatever reason, dinner clean up wasn't too bad. After dinner they played with more cars and we only had to break up a couple fights, no black eyes, bleeding, or bruises, so I think we did pretty good at being referee. As they evening came on the kids were getting tired, so Morgan read them some stories.
What a sweet and wonderful husband I have!!!!! He was so wonderful to help me babysit. Overall, it was a roller coaster week, but still good. Oh what joys the future will hold.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

October 26th - November 2nd

Well since this week includes Halloween.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We went to a ward Halloween party and went "trunk-or-treating" and Logan could almost say trick or treat by the end of it. It was pretty fun, if only to start getting Logan excited for next year. The football costumes were a hit, but unfortunately I didn't take the camera to the party, so you'll just have to rely on last week's posts for the pictures. But I did take a picture of the cutest pumpkin in the whole world.
Mad-Dawg Hadlock, the cutest little pumpkin in Oklahoma County. :) (yes we still watch "Cars" on almost a daily basis)

So, I know I started out of order with Halloween being on Friday and all, so I guess I'll get back to the beginning of the week...sort of. This week Damon was 6 weeks old so we could go back to the gym and start working out. Babies have to be at least that old for the child-watch. So on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday I lifted weights and on Tuesday and Thursday I ran 3 miles each day. I forgot how much of a total body workout running is, so I decided to take a break on Saturday and instead I ended up making two grocery store trips and a trip to the Science Museum..I'll talk about that later though. It feels really good to workout even though all my muscles are still sore. I've had a lot more energy this week and it's nice to have a little time to myself. I didn't realize how much I missed that physical activity until I was told not too. (doctors usually say no heavy lifting, exercising..etc until after your 6 week post-partum checkup) We'll see how long this routine lasts, but Logan loves getting to play with other kids and the workers there love Damon and I enjoy the momentary silence and being able to think..or not think, whichever I feel like. Okay enough about that, back to the kids.
Logan has been a total Daddy's boy this week and periodically throughout the day he'll say "where dadda? where dadda?" It's really cute if it weren't so sad too when I have to tell him he's not home yet. Whenever Morgan comes home Logan runs to the door or starts shouting, Dadda, Dadda. This day in particular he had missed his nap and was extra fussy, especially when I needed daddy to hold Damon while I got dinner ready. We put in "Cars" and within seconds he had curled up on Morgan's arm and fell asleep.
He still didn't get a long enough nap and was really grumpy the rest of the night, especially when Morgan had to go to YM, but we survived and he actually went to bed nicely.
Damon has been doing better with his sleeping too. He lets me put him down for at least 2 or 3 naps a day. I've been avoiding chocolate and eating healthier (Logan preferred it that way too, alas my children are forcing me to eat better) and using gas drops and he's been much happier. This past week he's been consistently sleeping a 6-8 hour stretch when I put him to, if he went to bed later he would technically be sleeping through the night, but he usually goes to bed about the time of Logan (around 8:00) so we still get up once in the middle of the night, but I don't mind since he's goes back to sleep quickly and I get to go to bed early and get several consecutive hours of sleep.
Logan loves computers. I'm sure you've seen past pictures and posts when he was younger of him going to town on my laptop. Now he's interested in the big computer, so we let him play around on it for a little while......big mistake, now he wants to play with the keyboard all the time and he's almost irresistible when he looks up at you and says "peeeze" (while signing "please") but that soon falls apart when you say no, not right now Buddy and he gives you and ear-piercing scream and cries for at least 5 minutes before you can get him distracted with anything else. :)
The other day Logan was being a little temperamental about his nap and I went in to go turn the music back on and tuck him in and this is what I saw. He had pulled the cable and phone jack out of the wall. Needless to say, I was quite upset, so the only thing I could do was take a picture. Alas, I fear I have a little distructo-boy on my hands when he wants attention. We'll have to work on that.

I mentioned that on Saturday I made two grocery trips. Well, on the way to Walmart I needed gas, so I pulled into the station.
Yep, gas is under $2.00 in Oklahoma City. Woohoo!
But wait, what's this, it's only registering as $1.97/gallon.

So, I look back up and yep, prices are really $1.97/gallon. And that folks is just about as fast as prices have been dropping. I really hope it doesn't start going back up after the election is over. At this rate we'll be under $1.00/gallon by 2009 (yeah, I know, it won't really happen, but it's wishful thinking :)
After our grocery shopping trips and naps and lunch we went with Nola and Brayden to the Science Museum and it was sooooo awesome. They have a real hands-on kids zone where they can play and run around. They had a water area to discover what does and doesn't float and how you can change the flow and direction of the water with dams. Logan loved that best, mostly because there were lots of floating cars in the water that he could play with. He was soaked in about 10 minutes of course, but he had a blast. We were there for about an hour and I think he had so much fun playing with Brayden and being able to run around and I didn't have to worry about him breaking or touching anything. We have a membership there, so we'll definitely be making this a more regular activity, especially since it's starting to get colder and it's an indoor activity. I'll definitely bring the camera next time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football Season

October 19th - 26th

Well, Halloween is approaching and I'm finding it really hard to get in to the holiday spirit of it all. I think I feel like the kids are still a little too young to get excited about everything. I did feel guilty enough to attempt to make some home-made costumes. I think they turned out pretty good. :)
Damon's football is more of a pouch to keep him warm and Logan's is more of an outfit. I made them out of some brown fleece that I found for a decent price at Walmart. I actually made both costumes for under $15!!!
Logan wasn't too sure about the costume. He'd actually been kind of cranky and clingy that day, but I insisted on pictures, so that's what I get. When we go to the actual Ward Halloween Party we'll stuff him, so he'll be nice looking pumped up football.
My boys are so cute (all 3 of them) ....I'm actually more excited about Halloween now that they have costumes :)

So, that was one of my big projects this week and it was quite the challenge. Damon has been craving attention...meaning he won't let me put him down practically at all, which means Logan doesn't get as much one on one time, which equals two very fussy and demanding kids. I'm learning though. Thank goodness for slings and Baby Bjorn. :) We did have a breakthrough this weekend though. We thought Damon had reflux, so we tried some medicine for a week and I didn't really feel like anything changed, so I stopped using it and Saturday I tried some gas turns out he suffers from...yep...GAS! He's been soooo wonderful since I started using the gas drops. WOO HOO! We'll see if it keeps up and that really is the reason.
He's even been taking his naps on his own without me having to hold him to keep him asleep. I think I might be able to handle this two baby thing now...I was really beginning to wonder this week. :)
awww, so precious!

So, last Sunday our kitchen sink broke, so on Monday the boys and I went to Home Depot, got the parts and got it all fixed. WooHoo I can do dishes again.....hey, wait a minute. Let's see, what else have we been up to this week:
I tried a new hairstyle on Logan. His hair was finally long enough to spike again.

He wasn't too sure about it though. He was more interested in the hairspray...yes I used hairspray and the blow dryer to get his 'do' to stay.Actually, he was crying most of the time I was trying to do his hair, it was a one time thing I guess, I'm glad I got some pictures though."Mom, never again will I let you put girly smelling hairspray in my hair"Logan loves fruit in almost any shape or form. These plums weren't the best, but he still ate them. You can see he's got his cheeks full, but still wants more.Mmmmm, tastyAt least he's eating something. :) Actually his appetite has been doing much better lately. Damon has no problems with his appetite though, he loves his mama milk.We've been playing outside even though it's cold. His coat just barely fits him still. He actually likes having the hoods on, bonus for me I guess. He loves running around in the backyard and I can just take a chair out and hold the baby and watch him when the weather is good enough....which is rarely, but at least once this past week. :)Logan's favorite time of the night is brushing his teeth with daddy. We ask if he's ready to brush his teeth and he runs to the bathroom. He's watching daddy brush his teeth in these pictures.Look at all those beautiful chompers. Hopefully he'll continue to love to brush his teeth as he grows up. He even does pretty good by himself, though he usually just ends up chewing on the toothbrush and then sucking all the toothpaste out, but it's a good start. :)

Well, sorry if this post was kind of random, I was putting things up throughout the week. I might just have to start posting more often so our posts aren't so long. Thanks for reading...until next time.