Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sabrina is Finally Here!

I get to have a daughter for 3 weeks!  We will be having a German Exchange Student with us and her name is Sabrina and the boys adore her.

It was pretty crazy just getting here.  The students got delayed in Amsterdam, then missed the connecting flights from Houston and had to spend the night there, then missed the first flight out...
But finally made it here.  The boys actually did fairly well at the airport.  I was all ready with shows on the Kindle Fire and snacks, but I totally forgot about the Kindle, so it got a little crazy after waiting for about 30 minutes.

We made a poster for her on Family night and the boys held it up.  I can't believe that we didn't get a picture with her at the airport, but I'm going to try and do better taking pictures the next three weeks so we all have some fun memories of this experience.
Tragon has been Sabrina's shadow when she is home.  I think either Saturday evening or Sunday evening I let Damon and Logan take some pictures, so here are a few.
I told them I would only keep pictures with people in them.  So they went around and got pictures of everyone.  Morgan has been a really good sport with this and is good at asking Sabrina questions.  I felt myself get really shy the couple days, but now I feel much more comfortable.
Damon loves to tell Sabrina things, but his speech is a little harder for her to understand.  Damon was able to get her to ride scooters a little bit though.  :)
And Sabrina has been such a good sport with all the boys clinging to her.  Her English is very good and I think she is starting to feel more comfortable and talk more.
Logan is never short on conversation and has been giving Sabrina a lot of practice in English.
Some of the pictures are out of order, but it's too much effort to fix them.  Oh well.  On Sunday afternoon we took a drive up AF canyon.  It was a lot colder than we expected, but we took some caramel popcorn with us and went anyway.  We'll have to go again, when it's not as cold later in the weeks.
I think this was when I was actually in the process of making the caramel popcorn.
The boys love her to be around them.  They are all watching Phineas and Ferb.
Jaron warmed up to her right away too and gives her lots of smiles.  I think he's been teething though, he has been super drooly and super cranky and clingy the last week or so.

It was our turn on Saturday to help clean and set up the church for Sunday, so she kept the little ones entertained in the Nursery while we got things done pretty quick.
Logan wanted to show her how well he could read, so he was reading stories to her one night while I was making dinner.  This helps me out extremely to have someone entertain the boys a little while I'm trying to cook some good meals.  :)
Jaron climbed in the cupboard after a toy in the nursery.
And Sabrina on the scooter.  It's still been a little cold to be outside a lot, but I'm glad that the weather is supposed to get warmer.  I love being able to be outside with the kids.  Well, we are doing our best to have fun and show Sabrina fun things to do around here.  I'm sure we'll have lots more fun stories to tell, so until next time...

Monday, March 25, 2013


These picture may not all be in order, but that's okay.  I need to catch up real quick on life before and after our exchange student arrived.

We celebrated Grandma Hadlock's birthday with surprise party.  We got there a little early so the boys got to play outside for a little while.

It was such good weather that day that it was hard not to be outside the whole time.  We ended up eating outside and then playing with a big huge ball that you can get inside of.  We were having fun rolling the kids down the little hill on the side of the house.  I think there is a video of that later.
 The video of Morgan climbing the wall was from a while back, but I was finally able to get it off my phone and on to the computer.

 The boys love to go for rides in the wheelbarrow at Grandma's.  We were able to fit all four boys in there too.

Jaron loved chasing the big green ball around.  It was really funny to see him try to pick it up and walk around with it in the backyard.

 That same weekend, two of my brothers and their families stopped by.  My older brother and his wife just had a new baby girl and they came up to show us.  The above picture is my niece from my other brother.  Although they are pretty close in age Auri is about double the size of baby Ada.  (I'll add those pictures once I get them from Morgan's phone).  It was so fun to have them here for a while.
 It also happened to be St. Patrick's Day on Sunday and luckily the new suit that I got for Damon had a green shirt.
 I love his poses that he decided to do for the camera.  Silly boy!
 Logan and Linc had a blast playing with each other.  They are good friends and cousins and we love to get together.
 Sweet Sequoia was my buddy this trip.  She wanted to walk by my and sit by me and it made me feel really special.  I guess if I keep getting awesome nieces like this, then I won't be so sad if I never get my own girl...and my sister can do all the raising and I can just spoil them.  :)

Now that the weather is warming up a bit....sort of....the kids like to be outside again.  One of the benefits of living by new construction is the everchanging scenery and lots of dirt and rocks.

 Logan also started his piano lessons and he is loving it.  He is really excited about it right now and I hope he can keep that up when things start getting a little more challenging.
 We also had an early easter egg hunt.  Logan was at school so it was just the younger boys.
 I think they had a lot of fun though.  There were a lot of kids that we knew and lots that we didn't.
 We had lots of people from two different wards.  I

 The boys actually did really well and were very patient while waiting to go in and find all the eggs.  I hope the weather is good this weekend so we can do an outdoor egg hunt at our house.

There might be an update to this post, but for now, until next time...