Friday, February 11, 2011

Catch Up

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. We're so close to having the carpet in...more on that later, but in the meantime we've been a little cramped upstairs all day and the kids get a little stir crazy. It's a good thing Tragon is pretty happy in the bouncer as long as the other boys are nearby.The most recent activities have included pots and pans drumming.
The rubber spatulas were definitely a good choice over the metal spoons I almost gave them. They had a great time...and I only had a little headache at the end of the day.
They were pretty good about sharing for the most part, but the bigger bowl made a louder sound, so it was definitely the coveted drum.
There are several reasons why I love getting my diapers from, some of which include the giant boxes they come in. We've had some fun this past week making ramps and bridges and huts and all sorts of fun things.
They usually last a few days before they get too trashed to play with anymore, but then we just toss it in the recycle. I also like them because they are cheaper and I usually get my diapers the next day and so I avoid having to ever buy diapers at the grocery store.
This was Logan's attempt at a regular smile. haha
This was our hut that we made. Damon can actually stand all the way up in it and Logan only has to crouch a little bit.
They loved watching their cartoon in the box hut.

So, about the carpet. We had everything ready to go, carpet was here, installer was ready and then we roll out a piece and it was pink! :( And it really looked not so great. We felt bad telling our neighbor who we hired to do carpet that we wanted to switch carpet. Luckily, and very much so, we were able to get a full refund on our carpet, but that meant that we had to re-order, which would take another week to get here. We were hopeful that the carpet would be here Friday, and then installed Saturday and Monday, but we found out that the truck got delayed so the carpet won't even be here until Monday. I was pretty bummed. And the pink carpet is still downstairs, which is gated off because of the exposed tack strip all over :( And our furniture for the basement has already been delivered and is squished in our bedroom at the moment.

But, there are good things from this: We are going to get carpet that we really like (this is a pretty big investment), We had some furniture on back order that we can now switch out and have delivered after the carpet is really installed, and it will still be done by President's Day when my parents were going to be coming up for the weekend, so we should still be good to go. Overall, the hassle has been worth it. So, until next time....when hopefully I'll have pictures of a finished basement.....