Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Catch Up

We finished November with our "Be Grateful" month and the boys did really well with it.  It was a fun activity and I think we'll try and made that a tradition during the month of November, it just fits so nice with the holiday.  :)

The holidays have really come up fast.  Luckily I've been working on Christmas stuff for the past couple months so that it hasn't been as big of a stress this year trying to figure out what to get the boys.

 Jaron is growing up so fast.  He's almost walking and only 10 months!  He loves to crawl around on my floor and find stuff to eat...I know sounds gross.
 The boys still love to make forts.  We had some friends over a while back and they really wanted to make a fort.
 It lasted about 20 minutes too before they destroyed it.  Long enough for me to get some pictures at least.
 They love taking all the cushion off the upstairs couches and making things or ramps or rocks in the hot lava...etc.

 I've been trying to get into the holiday traditions a little more now that the boys are getting really excited about things.  For one of our FHE activities we made a gingerbread house.
 The kit came with the really cement like frosting and the pieces of the house.  It was a lot more difficult than it looks.  I think next year we'll just do good ol fashioned graham cracker houses.
 They sure enjoyed decorating it the next day, and that part was much easier.  Unfortunately, the gingerbread house was caught up in tornado Damon and launched off the table...on purpose...because it was Diesel 10's fault (a character from Thomas and Friends).  I let them get it down to pick off some of the treats while I was busy making something and next thing I know Logan and Damon are just demolishing the poor thing and breaking the walls, it finally passed away when Damon lifted it above his head, while standing on the table and dropped it....that was the end of fun.  They whined and complained for about 20 minutes while they were sweeping and picking up all the pieces.  It was fun while it lasted though.  :)
 We had a pretty good snow a few days ago.  Morgan woke up and took Logan sledding, none of the other boys wanted to go.  After they came home, I wanted to build a snowman with the boys, so we did!
 It turned out pretty good I think.  Even had a carrot nose, black rock eyes, and a radish mouth and buttons. I think the boys had fun with it too.  By the end of the day however, it was leaning back so far, it looked like the snowman got stuck looking up.

 For December our FHE theme is: Be Still and we're highlighting Joseph Smith.  It's been a good one.  They "earn" the stars or get to put stars on the tree if they "Be Still" when we say it.  I just need to remember to say before I get frustrated with all the choas.  :)  I try to do it at least once a day so they get some good practice and I'm hoping that if we just keep it up that we can use that for a key phrase at church, or just whenever I need a moment to think and they're all talking at once.
 I was trying out my new camera phone with the rest of the pictures.
 Tragon playing peek a boo.
 Jaron loves to "read" the books with his brothers.
 But he really likes to get to mommy when he sees a shiny phone.
 And yes, I let my kids eat off the kitchen floor.  Usually only after it's been recently cleaned.
 Jaron just really loves to hang out under the table.
 Especially if he's already had his meal and we're all eating ours, he'll walk around under the table from chair to chair playing with all the boys.
I sure love my family and I'm so grateful that I have them in my life.  I can't imagine not having any of my boys.  I love this holiday season and the goodness that it tends to bring out in people.  Until next time....Merry Christmas!