Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 42 & 43

May 18th - June 1st
Be prepared, this is going to be a very long post. I'm combining two weeks since we were out of town for a Sunday and weren't able to post in the middle....and I was too tired when we got back to catch up immediately, so here we go, I hope I don't forget any important details. :) I will post all the pictures up front though for those of you who really only want to see pictures of Logan and everyone else who wants to can spend a while reading the rest. Some pictures might make more sense though if you read the whole thing though :)
Before we left for the trip I gave both my boys a haircut - yep Logan is really sleeping.

The daddy's gave the kids their first bath together.

This was Logan's favorite toy at Great Grandma's house during the cleanup day.

There is my handsome husband, he worked so hard on Saturday during the reunion.

Memorial Day: all the girls and babies on the awesome airplane teeter totter.

Sometimes I think the adults have more fun than the kids. Logan would not let go of that badminton raquet, he wanted to play.

Daddy and Grandpa getting the Snitch Pitch ready.

Logan' favorite activity the whole week was being able to run around on real grass!

I call these my "mama-love" pictures. I love getting hugs and kisses from my baby boy.

Logan, running to daddy to give him a bug hug.

"Mama-Love" again.

It's no wonder he was so good flying, we practice with him all the time.
Logan's turn to fly the plane.

The boys with the kids in the plane.

Logan and Kashlynn playing at the park.
It was really hot.

"Hi Mom, me and Dad are going to cool off now."

Splish Splash!

Ahhh, refreshing!

This was our last day in St. George, I think Logan was ready to come home, he usually likes swings more. :) We had a blast at the park though!

So, here goes the overly-long and overly-dramatic posting you've all been waiting for:

I guess the starting point is our trip to St. George. We had plane tickets to fly out on May 21st and come home May 28th. We had a small flight to Denver and then from there a small flight to Las Vegas, and then a small drive to St. George. If only it really would have been that simple. This is where our real adventure begins. We got everything all packed up and headed to the airport. Logan was being pretty good. We got through security and sat at our gate for a while. I was the official bag watcher and Morgan was the official Logan watcher at the airports. Logan loved walking around in the airports and looking at people, so Morgan walked around with him until we boarded our flight. We had a child carrier (backpack style) that we thought we could gate check (basically leave at the door of the plane, they pack it in, and bring it out for you when you get off), but they only gate check "strollers" (so unfair) so when we boarded the plane we got funny looks from the flight attendants gaping at our "gigantic" carry-on item that pretty much took up an entire overhead compartment. Needless to say, we were always anxious when getting on the plane to make sure we could find an overhead compartment that was empty.

Logan did not like boarding the plane, as soon as we picked him up to get on the plane he struggled and whined and wanted to get down and walk around some more, but as soon as we got to our seats he calmed down and was actually quite good. So, here we are on our first flight...sitting, waiting for take-off and then we're still sitting, waiting for take off.....and waiting. We basically sat on the plane for over and hour and half (luckily Logan actually fell asleep on our laps about 30 minutes into the wait, so it really wasn't too bad). Finally after that hour and half they tell us that they have to have an FAA inspector come and check one of the mechanical repairs before take off, just a minor thing, something to do with the emergency slide that pops out of the side of the plane if there is a crash. It really shouldn't take too long - oh, but wait, there are NO FAA Inspectors in Oklahoma City right now (Oklahoma City is one of the biggest bases for FAA) so we'll have to fly one in.....ugh! So, we de-board the plane and I hurry and call the airline and re-schedule our flight. The next flight doesn't leave for an hour...we could have already been in Denver by now, but oh well, here we go.

So, the question now is what about the luggage. We checked both our big bags, so now we have to go out of security, get our bags, go back and check in and go through security....again! We did have time for a little bit of lunch though, so we grabbed a bite to eat and went to the gate. And what do you know, our plane is coming in late, and who just happens to be on board, but the FAA inspector that they are flying in to check on our other plane. What a morning! They board us very quickly (again, paranoid we won't find a place for the carrier, AND Logan already took a nap, who knows what he'll do now) and we actually take off! Yipee, we're on our way to Denver, but the flight was late, so now we're wondering if we're going to make our connecting flight to Las Vegas.

During our flight to Denver - the one that actually took off - Logan did really really good. He was an awesome traveller considering the circumstances. He basically fell asleep during take-off and landing, all were a little bumpy, so I think it basically rocked him to sleep and the flights were only about 1 hour and half and 2 hours. Anyway, so on this flight to Denver we pull out Logan's sippy cup, not a normal sippy cup, but the kind with the straw that you can flip down the lid and cover. We pop it open, and there comes Old Faithful - note to self, unscrew the cap to release the pressure before opening straw lid - Logan and I were covered in his drink, but luckily he had finished his juice at the airport and it was just water with a slight hint of juice. Morgan and I couldn't stop laughing. After everything that had happened this morning and now this...what a mess, but it sure was funny, I really wish we would have had that on candid camera.

So, we land in Denver and our original flight that was delayed is only about 15 minutes behind us, but had we waited we would have missed our connecting flight - someone must have known we'd had enough flight problems that we could handle that day. We barely had enough time to go to the bathroom, change Logan (never had a poopy diaper on a plane by the way - count your blessings, that's for sure) and board our next flight. This flight was really smooth, we were able to find an overhead compartment, and Logan was a little trooper. Everyone on the planes loved him and said how great of a little flyer he was.

Finally we make it to Las Vegas! And only 3 hours late - our goal was to get to St. George in time to watch the American Idol finale, we have only missed maybe one episode this season. We can still make it if we leave Vegas within the hour. We catch the tram to get our bags, get our bags and catch the shuttle to the rental car place. I reserved everything before hand, so I'm thinking that it's only going to take about 10 minutes to get the car and get going........I've never rented a car before and boy was I wrong. We got to the rental car place and there are only 2 employees there (I guess it was a slow morning and the manager let about 3 people go home early) but luckily we are next in line, but that didn't matter, we still waited 45 minutes holding all our luggage and a fussy Logan before it was our turn. But it's okay, I'm thinking in my head, we've got everything planned out, it will only take us 5-10 minutes once it's our turn. WRONG AGAIN! It took another painstaking 45 minutes just to convince the lady that no, we didn't' want to upgrade our car, we'll be fine in the car we reserved, give us the dang keys and let us be on our way!!! It was like I hadn't even made any reservations. In the end there were so many hidden fees and charges that we got ripped off on the rental car. It was definitely a live and learn moment for us. And it's really hard to take everything in when Logan is crying and being fussy. We'd both just had enough. By this time, I'm just glad my parents are recording American Idol and we'll be able to watch it at all.

We FINALLY get our car (covered in scratches and other things we have to make note of), but at least they did have a car seat available for us. Woohoo - there was the silver lining, even thought it was kind of crappy and dirty it still worked. We head out and if we really push it and have good luck with traffic we might still make it for the end of Idol.....except for the fact that because of all the delays in getting the stupid car, we are now stuck in Vegas rush hour. I think it took us about 30 minutes just to get past the strip, which should only take maybe 5. Our hopes are dashed, but again, at least it's recorded and we'll have good ol' KFC waiting for dinner. Poor Logan has hardly eaten anything good or at all for that matter on this trip and must be starving. I give him some crackers to munch on and that seems to tide him over, I don't even care that he and the car seat are now covered in cheese and crackers. He really didn't like the car ride and was exhausted by the time we got to St. George about 5 hours after we thought we would (and we thought a 3 hour plane delay would only put us there 3 hours late).

We brought our luggage in and my brother was there with his wife and their little girl who is only about a month younger than Logan, but they are both walking and jabbering and Logan perked right up and got his second wind. He usually goes to bed around 8:00 every night, I think we finally got him settled down around Midnight (OK time). He sure did have a blast exploring Grandma's house that night though.

So after we gobbled down some KFC we turned on the recorded American Idol and sat through almost the entire 2 hour special when during the last 2 minutes, it stopped recording because FOX went over time but the DVR stopped at the designated time. All that and we still don't know who the Idol is?!?! What?! Thank Goodness for the Internet (again, there's the silver lining). We were able to watch that final two minutes online and see the reaction of (Caution: spoiler if you don't know yet) David Cook as he was announced the new American Idol. I really didn't know who was going to win this season, I think they will both have very bright futures ahead of them.

And that my friends was Day 1 of our week long visit to Utah. :) If only this post ended there. teehee, there is so much more to go, probably not as dramatic, but still more adventures.

The reason we went to St. George was for the big Goodman Family Reunion and the small Goodman Family Reunion - basically one for all the extended family, and then a small one for just my parents and their kids and grandkids.

For the big Goodman Family Reunion we had planned to go to Cedar City and help Grandma and Grandpa with some big projects (mostly cleaning) on the their farm. We were expecting really hot weather all week, but for the first few days it was actually quite chilly, I'm glad that I decided to grab a couple pair of pants and jacket at the last minute for Logan before we left. On Saturday everyone worked really hard and got more done than we all thought we could and the weather was perfect, just chilly enough to not be working in the hot hot weather, but it was still warm enough that Logan and I went outside (he had his jacket and pants) and we even got a little sunburned. Cold weather can be very deceiving that way. I ended up having to get the lunch ready by myself (not completely true, I did recruit a couple cousins to help, Thank you SO much!) since everyone else in the family was really dirty from working outside all day and our family (my dad's family) was in charge of the meal. It ended up being the same scenario with the cleanup too, but it wasn't too bad and I did have some great help with Logan while I was getting that done. And at least I had a great excuse for not having to do the hard manual labor in the farmhouse, I love being pregnant. :) Logan's got a crush on my brother's girlfriend now, she took him outside and played with him while I was cleaning up lunch.

After a day in Cedar (Saturday) working and playing with all the kids we headed home to play games until the wee hours of the night, it's impossible to get my family together without pushing our curfew to the limits with games. Good thing there are a lot of toys to play with at Grandma's house now to keep the kids entertained, and it's good that there are only 3 of them right now. :)

On Sunday we all headed up to Cedar for church, since we were going to be meeting at the Grandparents (meaning great-grandparents to Logan) for games and family fun. It's good it was warmer that day because I think Grandma said that with everyone there it would be 27 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren (or maybe that was just what the total would be at the end of the year because I don't think there were THAT many people there?)....that's a lot of kids to have in one house. We stayed and visited and played for the rest of the day and it was so nice to see everyone and their kids and catch up on everything. And again, we headed back to St. George that evening for more games. :) And apparently this day there were some big storms and several tornadoes that hit Oklahoma...good thing we were gone....don't worry, we did have a house to come back to. :)

Monday was Memorial Day and that was the day designated for the small Goodman Family Reunion since everyone and their spouses/children/girlfriends would be in town and together. It's hard in my family to get us all together because I have one brother in Seattle, one in Wyoming, we're in Oklahoma, and two brothers in St. George. It was really nice to see everyone. A few people went golfing that morning. Morgan and our sister-in-law Kim teamed up for a game and they won! That alone probably made Morgan's day. :) After that we had some badminton and snitch pitch tournaments, I think we had the unfair disadvantage with me being all preggo, but we did come in second for Snitch Pitch. Then we had delicious dutch oven potatoes and chicken and some excellent steak that my brother grilled up and topped it all off with Peach Cobbler and homemade ice cream. It was the perfect weather to be outside and pretty much the most perfect day of the whole trip.

On Tuesday a lot of the family was parting ways and heading home. Morgan and I got to go on a little date and saw Prince Caspian (which was excellent by the way) while my mom babysat Logan. It was really nice to go to a movie just the two of us....and it literally was just the two of us. We were the only ones in the theater until about 2 minutes before the show started. I guess that's what happens when you go in the middle of the day while everyone is back at work. :)

On Wednesday morning we got up bright and early and got everything packed up. Logan actually slept in that morning, so we were almost ready to go by the time he was up and fed and ready too. We packed up the car and headed to Vegas again. I'm starting to wonder if Logan really likes facing forward, or maybe it was just this specific car seat, but he wasn't super happy on the way down. He did sleep for about 45 minutes though. We got to the rental car place and dropped off the car...never will we rent from Payless Rental Car again! We pull up in this garage clear on the opposite side of where we need to be and the guy checking in cars basically says get out and get your stuff out very gruffly. We confusedly (I think that's a word) get out and unload our two gigantic bags, a baby, a diaper bag, and a laptop (we decided to ditch the baby carrier at my parents since we probably won't do much hiking with Logan this summer with me being pregnant and it might be fun to go to Zion over the Christmas break when we're back again). He just looks at us like we're dumb and says you're done, you can we go and begin our trek across the gigantic parking garage to the shuttle to the airport. It wasn't until we reached security and Morgan was emptying his pockets that we noticed we still had the key to the rental car. Haha, must be karma. So we called and told them we had the key and they said okay, just mail it when you get to Oklahoma. Then we get a call later while we're already in Denver (yay no plane problems the whole way home and Logan slept through both flights...we found out later that he really wasn't feeling good and that's why he was so fussy and sleepy on the way home). Anyway, it turns out that someone has already lost one key to the car and they don't have a spare and they want to try and get the key back before we get on the plane...uh a little late for that now. They even threatened making us pay for a locksmith to come and make a new key for the car since it was just stuck there in the, I'm not going to pay for a locksmith because they didn't have the business sense to have a spare...yes, I know there are faults on both sides, but after our terrible customer experience with them, you have to draw the line somewhere.

So, we tell them we'll ship it overnight and get it there asap. There is a post office open 24 hours right by the Oklahoma City Airport, so we just went straight there after our flight. So far we haven't seen any extra charges on our card, although we did forget to fill up with gas before we got there, it was only about 2/3 full, so we'll see. I guess ultimately, we learned a lot from this trip, travel wise and we just have to chalk it up to experience, but hopefully our Christmas travels will go a little smoother since we'll have 2 babies by then. :)

We finally make it home and for some reason it feels like we never left except for the fact that we're completely exhausted and I have a whole lot of work to catch up on. On Thursday, we got to go do our ultrasound. It was so awesome to see our little Damon again. We even got to do some 4-D pictures. We have a really cute one of him sucking on his toes. We still have to scan those and get them in, so they might be on the next post. Everything is normal and healthy and on track with the little one. We are so grateful for that.

Morgan had to work on Friday and that was when reality and hit and we were really back into the swing of things. For summer he's basically doing full time clinical hours 8 hours day 5 days a week, except he doesn't get paid. That's a bummer, but we only have 3 semesters left and summer tuition wasn't too bad and our financial aid finally came through for the final year of school. The Lord really is looking out for us, although, I don't know that we always deserve it, but I know we wouldn't be where we are and making things work without His help.

Saturday was a busy day. We had to get some desperately needed car maintenance done..oil changes, fluid flushes, etc, but you've already heard enough negative with our rental car story, so I won't bore you with the craziness there, I'll just be grateful that both our cars are still running and will hopefully keep running for another couple of years. We went to an Elder's Quorum Social that afternoon, it was fun, there wasn't a huge turnout and it was hot, but Logan had a lot of fun running around on the grass and chasing soccer balls and the food was delicious. After that though and Morgan mowing the lawn, we crashed. I went and rented a couple chick flicks from Redbox and got some ice cream and Morgan and I settled down for a nice relaxing evening.

And then Logan wouldn't go to sleep....he's been extra fussy at bedtime since we got back from our vacation, I think he's still adjusting and it doesn't help that he was sick for a day or so with some fever and diarrhea. He's over that now, but he still has no appetite, which is a little stressful since we're already worried about his lack of weight gain. Hopefully that will come back in the next day or so as well. I know they go through phases and he's had quite the past week or two, but I'm his mom, of course I'm going to worry.

So, we put the movie on hold for a while and then we got a call from Nola, she needed us to watch Brayden for a couple hours while she went to rescue her step-son and family, their car broke down about 40 miles out of town. We let Logan run around outside for a while as we waited for Nola and Brayden to get there and chatted with the neighbor while Logan talked to the dogs. We finally got the two boys to sleep and finished our movie. (Logan was still being a little stinker, Brayden fell right asleep in about 10-15 minutes) All is well in the land of Oklahoma. Even though Oklahoma isn't our favorite place to be, it's home, and home is where we are truly happy.

Thanks for hanging in there on this gigantic post. Hopefully I won't ever get this far behind, but it's tough keeping an online journal when a lot happens that you want to write about. :) We had a lot of crazy adventures and learning experiences the past couple weeks, and in the end everything always seemed to turn out okay and there was something positive about it all. We love our family and already miss you! It was so fun to hang out and see our niece and nephew and Logan was a super traveller. It was a much needed vacation, but as with any vacation, it was also good to come home. Maybe someday we'll be able to move a little closer and coming to visit won't take an entire day of travel. :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 41

May 11th - May 18th

This week has been....what's the word for it, chaotic, stressful, overwhelming, to say the least, a CHALLENGE! This is one of the rare moments this week that Logan wasn't fussing over something. :)
For the most part Logan is always very happy and makes us smile all the time, but this week was rough, I ended up having to work more because of things going on at work, and Morgan worked all this week since he didn't have any classes. (I have to brag here a little bit, my smarty pants of a husband got an A in his Physics class that he thought he was going to fail...and apparently according to everyone in that Physics program you have to do really really well to get an A. So, YAY for Morgan-that class was a big stresser and worked really hard for it.)

Anyway, so because I had to work more, Logan spent more time playing by himself since he doesn't take as many or as long of naps anymore and "emergency" phone conferences aren't something I can just put off and do later when daddy gets home. Sometimes his toys will keep him occupied for a while, like his ducks.
But for the most part during the day, he just wants mommy and as soon as he sees me go into the office or get on my computer, he has a total meltdown - and it's melting my heart! I feel wo terrible with him looking up at me with those big tears in his eyes, and me not knowing what to do. I walk around with him while I talk, but sometimes even that won't make him happy. Usually, I only work when he's napping or early in the morning before he's awake or when Morgan is still home to play with him. I felt like such a terrible mom this week because I think the TV spent more time with him during the day this past week than I did. :( He's really good and enjoys his Letter Factory Video during snack time, but it only last for 35 minutes, so when that's over he wants to play. He's also at that clingy stage where he wants to be held all the time, but when you hold him, all he wants to do is get down or have you take him here or there or go outside. (1 year olds are really hard on a pregnant woman's back :) We're also at that awkward stage where he knows what he wants, but hasn't quite figured out how to tell us other than pointing and crying until we figure it out. We're trying to work on sign language or some form of communication, but the patience hasn't been there this week. It's been quite exhausting and it doesn't help that I'm pregnant and tired, and stressed from work as well. My patience has been hanging on a thread, I'm sure all of you moms out there know exactly what I'm talking about - but seeing all those great moms out there does give me hope that I will survive and overcome. Especially when I catch one of these big smiles from Logan during the day.
Then I know that he is okay and will forgive us of our shortcomings and for not being perfect all the time. If only we could all be like little children and forgive and forget so easily. I don't know what I would do without my boys in my life, and as hard as it has been this past week I still can't wait to welcome another one into our lives. Those trying moments make the special ones so much more meaningful. And Morgan sure has been a trooper putting up with such a tightly wound preggo wife this week.

So, we're headed to St. George this week on Wednesday for a Family Reunion and we'll be there for a week and I can't tell you how excited I am to leave work and stress behind and rejuvenate myself and re-focus on what's most important and making my home and family happy. You know the phrase, when momma ain't happy, nobody's happy....I think that is really true, I think Logan has been especially whiny this week because of my own temperament, so I'm really looking forward to that re-adjustment and being able to bring peace and happiness into the home again. I've realized how important it really is to keep your home free of anger, impatience, stress, and unnecessary worrying, and all the other negative forces I have succumbed to this week. It's amazing the things we learn from our children and being a parent!

And for an explanation of this last picture, on top of everything else, our home is being invaded by killer ants (not really killer ants, but they give me the heeby jeebies, I'm allergic to them, and not really invaded, nothing a can of RAID can't cure, but still, where's the drama in that?). We caught them starting to come in the kitchen so we attacked them with Raid and haven't had any problems since-and we now make sure we sweep and mop real good every night to get all the crumbs from Logan. This however was attack of the ants in the office. Being pregnant requires that I eat frequent snacks and I usually have time to do this when Logan is napping and I'm working, thus in the office. I decided to indulge in a small bowl of ice cream one hot afternoon. I forgot to take the bowl in the kitchen, but didn't think anything of it. I didn't remember it until 3-4 hours later when Morgan and I were going to watch a movie and I wanted some more ice cream, I went in to get the bowl and it was covered in ants. They had come in through a crack somewhere in the wall or window, made their way up my computer cords and onto the desk into the bowl. I freaked out, covered my mouth and basically unloaded and entire can of RAID on them. (So, far I haven't noticed any damage to my computer or the electronics that were around.)

We let the room air out for a little while and made sure me and Logan stayed out of there, then later that night when Logan when to bed, Morgan helped me deep clean the office and make sure I hadn't left any crumbs anywhere else. It's been a couple days now and only an occasional ant will show up and I smash it with great pleasure (sorry to all you ant lovers out there-this was a great way to relieve some stress :)

So, all in all, I hope this wasn't a depressing entry. This is the story of our lives and our adventures and what an adventure this week was! I just know there are other mothers out there who I'm sure have had weeks like mine or worse...and we will survive! We are women, we are MOTHERS! And it really is all worth it. :) ..till next sunny St. George.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 40

May 4th May 11th

Happy Mother's Day! I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day last year when Logan was born. He was four weeks old on Mother's Day and it was also the day we blessed him. What a wonderful memory. I'll get into more gushy Mother's Day stuff later, but I have to tell you about the rest of our week first.
This is one of Logan's new outfits. He's basically a full-time walker, but still working on it. He has a problem with watching where his is going and just stepping all over whatever gets in his way, notice the umbrella, about two seconds after the picture he slipped and was on his tush.
I love his big ol' grins and smiles. They make every day a good day.
His teeth are really starting to come in too. I can't wait they are all in and we're done with the whole teething thing...but then again, with another one on the way, I won't be completely out of that phase for a while...oh well.
I couldn't resist posting this picture. Logan was trying to walk all over the backpack and fell, but he just did it so gracefully and then struck a pose.
This was one of Logan's birthday presents, we got the foam blocks instead of the wood building blocks, very good in Logan's case, he likes to hand (throw) his toys to you. And sometimes those big block books hurt, but these blocks, not so much. Morgan was finally done with his finals this semester so he was playing with Logan while I was getting some work done. :)
We decided it was time to start getting Logan into a toddler bed so he doesn't feel like Damon is stealing his crib. Isn't it so cute, it's so tiny.
He seemed to really like it. We played with him on it the first day we got it and had it set up and we were trying to teach him the right way to get off the bed.

He even took a nap on it. He did this for about three days and took his naps with no problem, I was thinking, man, this is easy!
Then he figured out that he could get out of the bed himself. This is a not so graceful fall, but now he actually braces himself and does a handstand off the side of the bed then a little cartwheel fall onto the cushy blanket that we put down, knowing in advance this is what would happen. Now, Logan is king of his naps and if he's not ready he climbs out of bed and walks in the room with a big grin on his face like, hahaha, I got out of the bed, neener neener. So, now we just wait until he's good and tired and he'll sleep in his bed. I think it's just that time where he's transitioning into one nap anyway, so we'll just take each day as it comes, hopefully we'll be back onto a pretty good schedule before Morgan has a lot of school and work.
Our 4 Year Anniversary was this week on May 8th. We decided to actually get out an do something. We decided that it would be fun to check out a baseball game. I'll admit, I've never been to least not one that I remember, so if I ever have been to a baseball game with someone...sorry, I blame that memory lapse on Damon. :)
Logan had a blast! He was so good, the weather was perfect, we had yummy (but expensive) pizza and overall, it was just a really fun experience.
We made sure Logan wore his cute little baseball outfit. There was another little boy sitting next to us that was yelling at the teams and Logan was trying to copy him and was babbling at the players, it was really funny.

And of course, he is just so cute! He got up on the big screen twice with Morgan.
This is where the seats were that we actually bought. We were right behind home plate. I for some reason thought that would be a safe place, but there were about 5 foul balls right around us in the first couple innings.
The stands weren't overcrowded, so about 1/3 of the way through the game we decided to move to better seats where we could see the whole field. No problem with foul balls there and I think Logan liked being up higher.
Our growing family. It was a really fun family date.
Good food, good seats, and good times. Between one of the innings they were launching shirts to the crowd and mentioned that some might even have money in them. So, Morgan grabbed Logan and went down to the front (we're still on the second tier of seats up pretty high) and tried to catch a shirt...well you can see, he was successful. The launcher shot the shirt basically right into Morgan's hand, he caught it one-handed while holding Logan. I was just glad he didn't drop Logan trying to catch the shirt. :) The shirt didn't have any money in it, but I think we'll remember this little event for a long while to come.
So, I'm done with pictures, but not our week. Since Morgan was done with finals on Thursday, I basically got Mother's Day Weekend instead of Mother's Day. I have to brag a little and sorry if I make a few of you jealous, but I woke up Friday to Morgan's wonderful eggs. (He makes the best fried eggs). I had to work that day, so Morgan took care of Logan all morning, so I could just get my work done in one chunk of time. And during that time he also did all the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned our bedroom, and straightened the rest of the house, changed poopy diapers, got Logan down for his nap, fed him lunch, etc. Then about noon when I was finally done working I hopped in the shower and we decided to go get Logan's 1 year/Mother's Day pictures. They have a place at Walmart, so we got the grocery list ready and the photo place was booked (big surprise there) so we did the grocery shopping. Morgan brought in all the groceries and put them away for me.
We finally found a place to go get pictures and Logan was being a little stinker, but we did end up with a few good shots. When we went back to pick out the proofs that we liked there was another little girl there with her mom getting their pictures, she was about 6 maybe, and she started playing with Logan and had him smiling and laughing and playing, if only she had been there an hour earlier while we were doing pictures. :) So, we picked out our pictures and got dinner at the mall food court. I also got a pair of good maternity jeans, yes! We came home and Morgan gave Logan a bath and put him to bed and then I got a wonderful foot rub....and this is all on just Friday!
So, Saturday rolls around, the chores are done, and we basically just get to relax and I get more of the same pampering I got on Friday. We ran a few errands and things and stayed pretty busy, but still had fun. This morning I made some raspberry waffles while Morgan fed Logan and took care of him and then Morgan played with him and kept him entertained so I could get my Primary stuff done. I just have to say that he is the most wonderful husband and father in the whole wide world and I don't know what I would do without him!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Did you really think we'd make ya'll wait?

Come now, anyone who know us would know that we wouldn't possibly be able to wait a whole week to tell everyone the news! In fact, it's only been about 20 minutes since we got back from the Dr.'s Office and got this scanned:

And he's definitely a boy, and you can tell; no doubt about it! We're so excited! This is definitely going to save on the clothes department for us. I think the only thing we'll have to get to prepare for this one is a toddler bed for Logan and we're going to have to replace our infant carseat, but that sure beats a whole new wardrobe. :)

I think we'll make you wait to find out his name........just kidding, we already know that too! We're going to welcome Damon Jeremiah Hadlock into the family on or around September 21st!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 39

April 27th - May 4th

And April is officially over, I can't believe it. Although, I would love for time to continue flying by until Morgan is done with this semester, he's still working a Physics final that is a real killer. we did have some fun this week though. I didn't take more pictures, but Morgan's soccer team ended up placing 2nd in the tournament! YAY! We had a lot of fun going to the games and getting outside. Logan loves it outside! Logan also love his backpack. I think I got it as a free gift when I did a Scholastic thing for a while, and he found it in his closet this week.
He looks like he is all ready to go to school.
We decided we'll pack all his church stuff and let him carry around his own "diaper bag" since he loves wearing it around.
Someday he'll really be wearing one and be off to school. I hope that day doesn't come too soon though.
We got to have Brayden over for a morning while Nola was at work. The boys played really well together.
Logan was even showing and sharing his new favorite book with him.
It was actually nice to have them play together, I had to referee a little bit to make sure they didn't climb all over each other and get hurt, but they ended up taking their naps at pretty much the same time, and they kept each other fairly entertained most of the time they were awake. It's nice now that both of them can move around. Logan can run away if Brayden is crawling on him, and Brayden loves chasing Logan around the house. It was really fun to watch them. It makes me really excited for the Goodman Family Reunion coming up and we finally get to see our newest nephew Lincoln and let Logan play with his cousins that are his age.
I had to take a picture of this, it was hilarious. I have a drawer in the kitchen that I let Logan play in that has all of our baggies and tinfoil and stuff like that and he got a plastic baggie stuck to his foot and he walked around for about 30 minutes trying to get it off.
This is what he looks like most of the time when I'm trying to do dishes, clean the house, or do anything that is not giving him my undivided attention. :) Luckily he is really good if I put him on the counter with me for dishes, and most other chores I can strap him into the sling and he loves walking around the house while I clean up, and he's even starting to put things back into his toy bin....but then of course he takes out about 5 toys for every 1 that he puts in. Slow progress, but we're working on it.

We were trying to get some good pictures of him in his hat. It takes about 10 tries on his head for him to leave it on. He just looks so cute in a hat I love it. He's teething again right now, so he tries to chew on all his toys, and just about anything that will fit in his mouth. A couple teeth finally popped through, but I don't think it will be much longer before the rest arrive.
He loves his soccer ball and will kick it all over the house, and then when he gets bored of that, he brings you the ball and wants you to throw it so he can go get it...yes, we play fetch with our son. :)
This morning we were playing with some of his toys and Morgan dumped them all on his head and then they would put them back in the "Christmas Fudge Tin" (Hadlocks will know what I'm talking about-it's come in very handy)
He loved it so much he started dumping it on his own head. What a fun new game, he even helps put them back know, 1 in, 5 out. :)
And of course, he now does Hooray! on command. It's so funny to see. He'll be eating lunch or just doing something random and we clap and say Hooray and he lifts up his arms and gets a big grin on his face. We sure love our little guy. And we're sure excited for Baby #2. We both sort of think it's going to be a girl, but Moe is still hoping for a boy. :) Hopefully we'll get to find out tomorrow, so there will be an update next week....I know, torture, I'm going to make everyone wait the week while we get to know tomorrow. hehehe. Until next time.....