Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015

This Rylea girl loves her papa.

We had to get two of Logan's teeth pulled because the permanent tooth was coming in crooked and way back behind them.  They weren't getting very loose either.  I'm afraid this is going to be the trend for this kiddo.
He was super brave though.  My favorite part was after his mouth was numb with the shot he said his lip felt like a whoopie cushion.  Hahaha
We got a new double stroller for our adventure in Legoland coming up in March.  Rylea loves it so do I!  It's really nice to go for a walk and have her right there and outside with us, but not rolling around on the ground.  :)

Her brothers sure adore her and try to get into every picture with her.  I love my silly boys.
I was trying to get a cute picture of her new boys that I can up with, but she just would sit still.

Tragon was playing with some toys of the neighbor and came up a little distressed because he got his fingers stuff in the wiffle ball, or pickelball, I'm not really sure what kind of ball it was, just a ball with holes big enough for him to put his fingers in and get stuck.
It actually took me quite a while to nudge his fingers out.  I was afraid that I would have to destroy the ball to get his fingers back.
The boys love to help me out whenever they can.  Damon was feeding Rylea this night.
One night I after I finally had all the kids in bed and was sitting down to read a little, I heard the pitter patter (I mean elephant stomping) of Damon coming down the stairs.  This was about the tenth time that night, so I didn't have very much patience and kind of ignored him.  He eventually went back upstairs, but then I heard a blood-piercing scream.  Logan and Damon both came running down.  Apparently Damon was coming down to tell me that he needed help fixing the bunk bed.  He was on the bottom at the time and trying to bug Logan, so he was pushing up the top bunk and he got it high enough that it slipped off the dowels.  When I ignored him, they decided to try and fix it alone.  Logan's pinky got pinched/smashed by the bunk bed.  (I know, horrible mom moment, but I think they (we) learned a good lesson.
Luckily nothing was broken and he was fine by the next morning even though he thought he was going to die that night.  I guess it's been his month for the "injuries"
On Valentine's Day was decorated cookies with my neighbor.  It's become a fun tradition whenever a holiday worth decorating cookies comes up...which we could probably think of one at least once a month.

Tragon is a pro on his two-wheeler bike now.  It's been so nice to send him outside to go ride bikes pretty much everyday.  :)

And we go for walks on occasion too.  The weather has been getting so nice.

Jaron got hit in the face with a rock from a neighbor.  It was a bummer, because the adults were all telling the kids to stop throwing rocks and to come home, and I was hollering at Jaron to move because he was right by the bucket they were throwing rocks into, and well, boys are a little deaf sometimes.  I'm just glad it missed his and eye and we didn't need any stitches.  Just mostly a scratch.

And, it SNOWED!  We had an actual snow day and it was so fun!  School was "cancelled" (officially it was a late start day, but after being home for a couple hours we decided to skip school).  We played and played and it was so fun.

Logan made and awesome snowman in the front yard...I'm pretty sure it had a name...maybe Bob or Fred, I can't remember, but they would check on him every morning.  I think he lasted a few days before they went and kicked it over.

He was a good snowman with Oreo eyes, celery nose, and a banana mouth.  Eh, it was the best we could do.  Looks a little like Sid the Sloth.
Rylea girl is a rolie polie.  She got herself wedged into a corner and couldn't figure out how to get out.  She eventually did when she remembered that she can roll both directions.  :)

We had a sleepover with cousins.  It usually always ends with a movie.  :)

 So, looking back through pictures and I realized that I can't find any pictures from Jaron's Birthday, well, except for a few of Rylea...I know they exist, I just need to find them  :)  Then I will add them later.
 But in the meantime, Jaron is 3 now and that is crazy.  We will officially start potty training after the Legoland vacation.

 Jaron likes to swing at the park and do underdogs.

 The older boys got to go on a little hike with dad at Dixie Rock, it's such a fun place to explore.

I had hopes of really staying on top of the blog and doing weekly posts, but I'm still trying to get all my other resolutions into habits before I can.  I'm shooting for June, maybe by then my blog will be weekly instead of monthly, so until next time....