Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scout Camp = Grandma Time

This past week, Morgan has been at Scout Camp.  They went to Zion National Park, hiked the Subway, went to Red Cliffs, and camped at Far West, just to name a few places while me and my boys got to spend some time with Grandma.  

Originally I was going to go down the St. George for the week, but then our faithful Camry finally bit the dust.  It was quite the stress and ordeal, but we have now welcomed an '09 Camry to our family.  After some contemplation, we thought it might be easier and possibly more fun for my mom to fly up here and spend the week.  An added bonus was that Morgan could take the van instead of the brand new car to Scout Camp to get all stinky and dirty.  :)  However, because we couldn't all fit in the little car we had to get creative on activities that we could do without have to all go somewhere.  We had an awesome week.
 We had pancakes for breakfast, I think Tragon really liked the syrup I made....
 ....he must get that from his Daddy.  :)
 Damon has turned into a much cleaner eater, he used to be my messy guy, but now he always asks for a wet wipe, especially when we have pancakes.
 It's nice to only have one super messy eater in the house now...can you guess who it is?
 Logan has been growing up so fast lately and becoming so responsible.  I think we've finally started to settle into being a family of, that just sounds crazy to me.  4 Boys + Us = a family of 6.  Whew!
 On one of the days my mom was here, it was super cold outside.  It wasn't too bad in the morning, in fact I was able to get a little run in, but as the day went on it just got colder and colder, so we spent most of the day indoors.
 The boys favorite activity was the Kindle Fires.  They love to play Angry Birds and Where's My Water.  Luckily my mom has one too, so when they would get their messes cleaned up they got to play.
 They were so cute together playing and helping each other beat the levels.
 Speaking of birds...we were outside playing one morning, and Logan rides up on his scooter toting a dead bird.  Haha, he said they found in under someone's stairs.  I'm not sure who, but while he was washing his hands really good, I laid it to the garbage can.
 Another fun activity that my mom came up with was shaving cream finger painting.  We did really finger paints for a little while, but that just feels messier.
 The boys loved it.  And, it made the table smell like Morgan...that actually sounds kind of weird, but it's the shaving cream he uses, so it's one of his smells.  It made me happy, I was missing him this week, but we did stay pretty busy and time went by really fast.
 Damon really got into it.  I don't think I got a picture of it, but by the time he was finished he had a beard and mustache too.
 Logan liked making hand prints on the table.
 Tragon surprisingly wasn't really that interested in getting messy, so he didn't really play in the shaving cream...darn.  :)
 And my sweet mom, who helped me take care of my boys all week.  Jaron got some extra bonding time with Grandma and loved it, they both did.
 Oh, I did get a little bit of his beard in a picture.  It cleans up really quick too, and it wasn't as stressful as normal finger paints.  It did leave a little bit of filminess on the table, but I think I just need to scrub it a little better.
 One morning we walked up to the park near our house and the boys got to ride their scooter and tricycle.  We stayed for a couple hours and they were loving it.  My and my mom got to sit and visit and watch them play.
There were some other boys at the park too, that Logan immediately made friends with.  They played hide and seek and tag and ran around.  Then my mom looked up and saw some white little butt cheeks near a bush, and lo and behold, Logan was relieving himself at the park.  Haha, I guess one of the older boys told him not to pee on the bush because it would kill it.  There weren't any bathrooms around, so if he had asked me, I don't really know what I would have said, but I did tell him that you don't pee at the park or on the playground and that we only pee in the bushes when we are he wants to go camping.  :)

I love my boys and they were so good this week and we had a lot of fun.  Morgan made it safely home and then had to zip up to Weber to teach that afternoon.  I got all the camping stuff unloaded and put away and took my mom to the airport.  We came back home and finished getting things cleaned up.  Morgan came home totally wiped out and took a nap after dinner.  When all the kids were in bed, he gave me the summary of scout camp.  It sounded like a good, fun, hard, learning experience for everyone.

The next morning I got up early to run my first 5k of the season.  I feel like I did pretty dang good considering my recovery and all.  My goal was to not stop at all and to come in under 35 minutes.  I'm happy to report I never stopped, and I came in at 32:23.  Pretty good for a start and not having been running very much lately.  My sister in law ran with me and my friend.  She creamed us both coming in around 27 minutes I think, and my friend was around 33 minutes.  It felt good to be out running again.  Maybe in a couple months I'll want to do another one.  :)

On Saturday we got to finish the busiest week of the summer with the Hadlock Family Reunion.  I took the camera, but it got left in the car, so no pictures.  It was really cold this year, but I didn't hear one complaint from any of my boys.  They loved it and had a blast with all their cousins.  I love that they are getting older and will just go play, but stay within the boundaries of the park.  The baby did great despite the coldness and we even had enough people to play a little softball game.  I also got to go "fishing" with Damon, we caught a whale, a puffer fish, several swordfish, lots of sharks, a couple salmon, more whale and we cooked them all up and ate them. probably one of my favorite parts of the reunion.  :)

Needless to say, it was a crazy busy week and we're both glad it's over, but it was definitely worth it to now have the rest of the summer to not worry about scout camp and to just have some more family fun.  Until next time....

Summer Fun

Every Summer we try and do neighborhood BBQ's.  They started out pretty small last year, sometimes with only a couple families, but our kick-off BBQ this year was awesome.  We had about seven families there.  We actually came a little late as we were coming from a family BBQ earlier that day...this was on Memorial Day...and it was so fun to drive home and see everyone outside.
 Of courser the kids ran right to the garage to get their trikes and bikes.  We've had some more kids move into the neighborhood...all boys too and Logan has been loving it.
 Here are some of the boys ready to take off down the street.  It was so fun to be able to see them just play and ride around and have fun.  It reminds me a lot more of being a kid and being able to just go play and have fun.
 One of our neighbors had some extended family join the BBQ, so that boosted the numbers too.
 It was a good way to get to know the new neighbors a little more too.
 I hope Meghan doesn't mind my posting this, Adam is such a cutie and my boys love him.  Up until recently, he's been the closest in age to my boys.
 We had a lot of fun catching up with everyone all the happenings.  We all sort of hibernate during the winter, so it's fun to get to see everyone out and about again.
 Of course you gotta have burger and dogs for it to be a BBQ.  :)
 There was a great spread of food too.  Lots of yummy desserts and dishes. 
 A while back we got some donated bowling pins for an activity, so we brought them out and the kids had a ball (haha) setting them up and knocking them over.
 I think Tragon and Damon loved that the most.
 We also had to break out the Snitch Pitch (Ladderball if you prefer).  Luckily this time, there were no bloody noses.  :)
 Logan's new buddy that just lives up the street.  He's so excited to have more boys his age around.
 He was out riding his scooter earlier, hence the helmet.  Usually when the boys have been riding, they end up wearing the helmet for the rest of the day.
Lots of summer fun.  We're looking forward to more BBQ's and more good weather.