Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 20th - 27th

This week went by fast and slow and the same time.

 Rylea loves to put on a backpack now.  She is going to love school when she starts, she loves to do anything that her brothers are doing.  And I love the background shot of Morgan reading to Tragon, he is the best Daddy in the whole world.

 Jaron cheesin' it.
 Damon has been working really hard on piano.  We are getting excited for the upcoming recital.
 Auri and Rylea were playing climb around the chair, it kept them both entertained for quite some time.

 We had a fun Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house on Friday along with a brunch.  The kids had a blast.  We had two golden eggs, Lincoln found one and then Damon found one again.

 Rylea liked it once she realized what was in the eggs, they all had way too much candy.  We just need to remember that chocolate is a bad idea for easter egg hunts.  It all gets melted and messy.  :)

 On Saturday morning we had a family Easter basket with new swim goggles for all the boys a little treat and a new family game.  We headed off to a friends baptism.  Morgan had to wrestle all the kids while I played piano.  After we got back he went with Zak to explore some places to take the scouts.

 While he was gone we played outside.

Rylea makes me so nervous when she is on the wall, but she loves to be up there with her brothers.  After Morgan got home I went to the Women's Conference Broadcast with my mom.  After we snuck in a game of Canasta and then I did a little grocery shopping on the way home while Morgan was getting the kids in bed.

This Easter Morning has been really chill.  We have tried to keep our holidays simple.  We still have a special bag to look through while we do our scripture study, but I'm grateful for the family activities we get to do to make the holidays special so we can still keep them simple.

This Easter morning I must proclaim that I know my Savior Lives!  He lives with a resurrected body of flesh and bone just like us.  He atoned for our sins and I know that He loves each and every one of us and is aware of our needs and watching out for us.  I love my family so much!  Until next time...

Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 13th - 20th

The boys love to make "cities" in the toy room with all the toys.  They come up with some really cool creations.

 We pulled Damon's tooth out, he was one tough kid, it took us a couple tries to get it out, but he was determined that we get it.
 We love playing outside in this beautiful weather.
 I cleaned out our "locker room" and got all the junk from underneath, there was a ton of stuff.
 Auri and Jaron are having a "sleepover" movie during the day, it was pretty funny.   I thought it clever that they took the pillow cases off to make their perfect little sleeping bags.
 Morgan had a really cool youth night with a bonfire and swords.  That ought to be enough for him to remember the lesson.  :)

 Sometimes when we play outside we end up with lots of kiddos from the neighborhood, I'm so glad they have lots of friends to play with.

 This was the "store"

 We had a green potluck this week for St. Patricks Day.  It's a fun tradition my friend started last year.  We all get together at a park or somewhere and bring green food to share.

 The kids got to just run around and play.  It was a perfect day.

 No year is complete with out the mini-indy race.  We all went to Grandma's house this weekend while Morgan was at scout camp and the kids got to ride in the little indy race car.  They went with a Ghostbusters theme this year.

 Logan even got to drive the car all by himself.

 I love my parents.  The boys love going to grandma's house to play with cousins.

 Our haul from Bountiful Baskets.  I got a couple extra things this time around, but I think we are going to have to be vegetarians this week so it doesn't go to waste and I need to remind myself to eat the fruit and veggies for snacks instead of junk food.
 A few pictures from Morgan's campout.

 Rylea wants to potty train, but I don't want to yet.  :(  Or maybe she just wants to be more independent, but she is learning how to pull her pants up and down and put her shoes on all by herself, the only battle is now she sometimes takes her diaper off, no messes yet, but I'm sure they are coming.
 I let the boys play with the water on Saturday and they made a huge river and lake and dam and had a blast!

 We decided to do pizza at the park Saturday night too.  It was fun to see the kids play.  Rylea loves to slide and can climb the ladders now, it scares me.  She is getting so big and independent.

 This morning Rylea was just chillin and reading the scriptures.  Love it!