Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 34

March 23rd - 30th

I'll start where I left off...the plumbing situation. There is good and bad news to that. The bad news, the pipe was nowhere near where we spent all that time and energy digging and we didn't even need to rip the deck out, the pipe ended up being on the other side of the deck far enough away that we didn't have to do anything there either. The good news, our plumbing was fixed and the sewer line was replaced and project completed in about 3 hours. They came Monday morning and got the job done a day earlier...and they filled in the hole for us that we dug. Man, we could have dug 7 feet and not found the pipe. I'm glad we stopped when we did, in all fairness though, we were just digging where they told us too, they were just as baffled as we were about the discovery. :) Now we have a giant dirthill running the course of our backyard.
The top is the side we started digging on, the bottom picture is the where the pipe actually was.

This was just the beginning of a very eventful week. On Morgan's side, he had school or work every single day and then had something going every evening too. Monday we went to a friend's house for dinner, Tuesday he had Youth Baptisms, Wednesday he had Young Men's, Thursday he had a late night Physics Lab, and Friday night he had to setup for a big Merit Badge Fair, and Saturday he was at the Merit Badge Fair practically all day. Oh how I missed my husband. My week, was slightly different, I just ended up getting really sick on Tuesday morning, I still have the hacking cough to prove it. Mom's just never get the day off, so it was hard to get better especially with Morgan having to be gone so much. He helped out where he could at night and in the mornings when I was the sickest, but I sure missed my hubby this week. And then late last night the Primary President called to remind me that I had sharing time along with singing time today and we would be having another family visit (they had 12 kids, but only 7 were primary age--which was actually a huge blessing because they sang really well with the 3 kids from our primary that normally would have been there) Today we are just recovering from everything. I don't think we have anything big coming up for a while until Grandpa and Grandma Goodman fly out for Logan's Birthday in two weeks, but ya never know what will happen in crazy Oklahoma, we could get hit by a tsunami, or tornado, or earthquake, or well, basically any natural disaster. :) So, we'll keep you posted. And due to the crazy week, we don't have many pictures of Logan, but we do have a few...enjoy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 33

March 16th - 23rd

Wow! We get two holidays on this post. Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Easter. We had to make sure that Logan had a little luck of the Irish on Monday so we got him a little green outfit.
We thought that Aunt Laura would appreciate the Froggy butt the most. :) St. Patrick's Day was also the day that Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock came to stay with us! We had a fun-filled week, so fun-filled that we forgot to take the camera basically everywhere we went. We went to the Cowboy Museum, the Bombing Memorial, a tour of Morgan's University and went to the best Steakhouse ever! (don't worry, we spread it out over the week and didn't try to do it all in one day). I don't think I can eat steak anywhere else after going to Cattleman's. Logan loved Grandpa's boots.

Now the other set of parents have been able to witness Morgan's handyman abilities firsthand, and they were both impressed at the great job he did with the kitchen. What a perfect week...almost.....speaking of houses, we got to experience another joy of home ownership. On Thursday of this past week, our plumbing decided to go out. :( Not quite exactly the funnest thing to have happen when company is there....or at all for that matter, but it really could have been a lot worse.

It started out as what we thought was just some slow drains and a little clog, so we put Drano to work...twice....nothing, except being able to flush the toilets a couple times. Then after that, things started going up, literally, through the tub and under the toilet. (I know, it sounds gross, but really it wasn't as bad as it could have been, it only filled the tub maybe an inch). So, we called the plumber and he comes over and they check things out and decided we have to go through the roof pipe to "snake" or clear the clogged pipe. We had to make an appointment for the next afternoon...well, that night, things started backing up again. I was just praying that we could get the plumber here sooner and lo and behold at 7:45am the next day, the plumber calls and says they are really backed up that afternoon and would like to come that morning. (The Lord must really love us) So Mr. tobacco-chewing plumber shows up and gives me the usual shpill that it might (*spit) not work, but we'd (*spit) still have to pay, but he'll do (*spit) his best sort of thing. (*spit) Yes, he really spit his chew out mid-sentence while talking to me...that was more disgusting than the fact that I had sewage coming back up in the tub.

Well, we had a little relief, but found out that the suuuuwuh pipe (sewer pipe) in the back yard needed to be replaced. He had found, branches, dirt, and other nastiness while he was trying to clean the clog, which meant that somewhere the pipe was already broken. He gave us an estimate of about $5,000. (What! are you kidding me!) We decided to look around for more bids and after calling about 10 different plumbers, no one would even come out to do the bid until Monday. (Pregnant women can't go that long without a toilet, it's a good thing we have nice empathetic neighbors). Finally on the last call, the plumber said he would be here in 30 minutes to give us a free estimate. His bid came in at almost half the price, and he was a lot nicer, I could actually understand what he was saying, and he wasn't chewing tobacco and spitting it on my roof.

We have it scheduled for replacement on Tuesday, but that doesn't fix the problem that Saturday it backed up again. So, we called the plumber and asked what we should do, he said he would try and push the job to Monday, but wasn't so optimistic. He said that if he came out, all they could do is dig a big hole, find the pipe, bust it open to the give some we started digging and digging and digging and after about four feet of digging and removing about 1/3 of our deck we decided that even if we found the pipe, it wouldn't really do anything to break it open except make a mess, we still wouldn't be able to shower. It's a good thing we have relatives here who are nice enough to let us borrow their shower. :) And it really was a good thing we didn't find the pipe, we found out later, it would have been a HUGE mess!
So, all-in-all, it could have been a lot worse and things just worked out so that right now, Morgan and I are definitely counting our blessings! It was a good week because we had the Grandparents here, it was an eventful week with all that we did, and slightly stressful with all that happened. What a great way to celebrate our Spring Break! Now I'm just going to put lots of cute pictures of Logan :)
Logan grew out of a bundle of pajamas this week, so he got some new Spiderman pajamas.
And we had a fun time playing with hats.
Yes, we have fun with the Little Buddy.
This was The Buddy's Easter outfit that finally fits him. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 32

March 9th - 16th

This week has been pretty good. Although we're more excited for next week because it's Spring Break for Morgan and Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock are coming to visit us! We got our new furniture this week, it arrived just in time.

The new recliner is soooooo comfy! The sofa is nice and big so me and Morgan can cuddle up and watch movies together. It's still a little stiff from being new and when I sit all the way back my feet don't touch the ground, it makes me feel like a little kid again, but it's very comfy. We go the ottoman last week, but I never took a very good picture of it.

It's the perfect place to store all of Logan's little toys. He loves pulling them out and putting them back in.....well, we're still working on the whole put them back in thing. :) He loves opening drawers and pulling everything out, as we saw earlier this month with his clothes drawer, but now it's moved on to the kitchen. I was doing the dishes and I knew he was playing in the drawer, but I was so focused on a pan I was scrubbing that I didn't know how much damage he had actually done. Usually he just pulls out the boxes, but not this time.

"Here Mom, I'll help you clean up, I'll give them to you, and you put them away" :) Good thing he's cuter than anything in the whole world. He likes to mimic facial expressions now and his favorite is the kissy face and show me your tongue.It was actually very difficult to get him to copy me when I was holding the camera, he was too fascinated by the camera, but he finally caved in. He also loves to play with balls. We have our little beach ball, a big exercise ball, and lots of little bath time sports balls. (And somehow, I think I've mentioned that before)We like to play Bowling for The Buddy with the big ball. He likes it too, we roll it to him and it just about knocks him over and he thinks it's hilarious. Then he rams it with his head and chases after it. It keeps him entertained for almost a whole 15 minutes by himself (that might now sound like much, but trust me, that's a lot of time for a mom).There's not really a story behind those pictures, he's just cute. Sometimes, I give him crackers to munch on. He's our cracker smasher. He'll take one bite and then he just likes to squish and smash the crackers and make a big mess. This time though, he actually got more than half the cracker down (or on his face) before smashing the rest into the carpet. Good thing we didn't splurge on expensive carpet while we're here. :)Cell phones, credit cards, computers, our kids are learning all this technology at such a young age. Pretty soon I'll be asking him why the computer isn't working. He loves credit cards and stole this out of my wallet. I didn't think he could quite reach the top of the desk, but apparently he's grown.

Well, that's pretty much been our week, pretty low-key, but I took more pictures this week to make up for last week. Logan is teething again and is always covered in drool now, but he's been pretty happy still. He just likes to bite, and he bites hard, and anything or anyone.

I know, I know, they all look pretty much the same, but he's just so darn cute I couldn't help myself.Oh yeah, I finally got the pictures up for last week's post too. Some of them didn't turn out too great, but at least we made up for it this week. Until next time.....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 31

March 2nd - 9th

This has actually been quite the uneventful week, but I'm sure I can pull out some tidbits of excitement. Actually I think my next story happened sooner, but I'm just getting to it now. :) Since we needed to make room in the baby's room for another baby now, we decided it would be better to have the rocker/recliner in the living room, but with a sectional, there just wasn't enough room. So, we decided to sell the sectional and they don't have here in Okie, so we used and in about 2 hours the sectional was sold and the people were on their way to pick it up. It was great. So, we moved the futon in the living room for now. We headed to a furniture store and were able to find a really nice sofa for just about as much as we got for the sectional, so it worked out great. The sofa and recliner won't be here until next week though, so I'll have to post those pictures later.

We also decided that our spinning table wasn't the safest after several crashes, so we replaced that with a storage ottoman. (we've been selling a lot of furniture and shelves that have just been sitting in the garage) It serves a dual purpose, it's perfect for putting your feet up and it hides all of Logan's toys....and even Logan sometimes. :)

Let's see, what else is new this week? I got really sick with a cold or something on top of being pregnant, that wasn't too fun, but I'm starting to feel better and I'm moving out of the worst of the pregnancy sickness stage, and I really haven't been all that sick, just a little nauseous, but mostly just exhausted. Morgan has been studying really hard for his midterms that are coming up next week. I can't believe we're already halfway through this semester. Time is going by so fast here....which I'm glad for. We're enjoying the experience while we can, but we sure miss seeing the family all the time.

Since Logan likes to run around naked all the time after a bath, I decided it was just still too cold sometimes to have nothing, so we tried the robe again, he still doesn't fit his homemade one from my aunt, but we'll get him used to it. :)

(sorry, fuzzier than I thought, oh well)

I think that's about it, until next time :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 30

February 24th - March 2nd (ish)

I say "ish" on the dates because some of the videos that you about to behold happened more than just this past week, it's just taken me that long to get them all ready to go. I've got a lot of digital scrapbooking to sort through. :) Anyway, this week we have some great videos for you to check out. I'll save the pictures for last, because there really aren't very many, I was focusing on the videos this week, I know, excuses, excuses, but hopefully you'll all feel it was worth it. :)

The first video is from a couple weeks ago, I think you'll remember that Logan was posing for a Mentos commercial (not really, but he could) and we just happened to get this on film.

The next video is of Logan showing off his mad cruisin' skills. The last couple weeks he has really started to go. He pulls himself up onto everything and wants to be walking all the time.

Now that he likes to walk around so much, we better start getting him into soccer, tee hee. We're starting of small, well big actually, with a beach ball. He loves to kick things. We're still working on the baby sized soccer ball and I'm sure we'll have some video of that soon.

We're also working on using a regular cup. Every time he sees us drinking from one, he is fascinated and always wants the cup. So, just before bathtime we do a little practicing, sometimes it goes well, other times, not so well, this was actually a pretty good trial. :)

And finally, my back was getting so sore from stooping over to help him walk that I decided he needed an early birthday present and we got him a walker (no, not the old man walker) so that he could practice on his own. This video is his first try at it. He was doing pretty good, then he didn't really like it so much, so we're working on it with him. It's so fun to see him growing up and getting so excited about things. I can't wait until this summer when we can run around and chase him in the back yard.

I guess that's pretty much it for the videos for now, we hope you enjoyed them. There really was only one picture this week that really turned out very good.

Yep, Logan will be a Big Brother in September (around the 21st-ish). We're thrilled! We looked forever for a t-shirt that said big brother and finally found one at Babies R Us and the smallest size was 2T (Logan wears 12 months), I guess Oklahomans figure people don't really have babies that close together. Now, if it were Utah, we'd probably find a 9 month onesie that says, I'm the Big Brother. :) We figured this would be the easiest/fastest way to get the word out. Thanks moms and dads for keeping our secret for so long, but I just can't wait anymore. :)