Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 38

April 20th - April 27th

For Logan's birthday he got some magnetic letters and we usually just have a mish-mash of them on the fridge (I'm sure half of them are under the fridge by now). Every once in a while, he'll actually get a couple to stick on the fridge after he has sufficiently slobbered on them. Get ready for a lot of pictures this post, I actually remembered our camera when things were happening. And Logan is just so cute I can't get enough of him. :)
That's one of my favorite pictures (above)

It's when he starts eating them, that we take them away, you can't tell, but he just had that letter in his mouth and we told him "no" (the grin is our usual response from him when we say no).
And because he kept trying to eat them and was done playing we had to push the letters up higher so he couldn't reach them anymore. "Please mommy, please, I promise I won't eat them anymore." (That and he saw the camera and really wanted that too)
Logan has gone through a couple phases where he decides he doesn't want to take naps for a couple days. So, I try everything to help him fall asleep on his own, even giving him his bedtime books. He actually did fall asleep about 10 minutes later on his own after very little whining. I tried the book thing again...didn't work, but happy to say, he is back to taking his naps like normal. :)
I finally remembered to bring the camera to the soccer games. Morgan ended up playing 3 games that night. Logan fell asleep on the way there and ended up sleeping through most of the first game (which they won). And it wasn't until Logan woke up that I remember the camera, so I don't really have a lot of pictures during the games.
I know, this is a very unflattering picture of me, but I'm plumpiliciously pregnant and hunched over, what can I say. (hmm, maybe I'll get Fergie to write a song about that, it's kinda catchy). It was really good weather, when the bugs started coming out, I was grateful for the long sleeves, even though it really was too warm for that.
Logan had a blast and did really good for being there so long, we took a picnic dinner and ate on our blanket that Grandma Hadlock made for us. (I love it!) It was Tuesday at the games that Logan finally figured out how to stand up without grabbing on to anything. I think because when he fell he didn't really like to crawl on the grass, so he had no choice, but to figure out how to stand up.

Logan loves his soccer balls, we're definitely going to have to look for a little league team once he's old enough, so I guess a few more weeks now, right. :)
He sets up for the penalty shot.

We have big patches of clovers in our back yard that kick with our toes while sitting on the deck every once in a while when it's good weather, so naturally, when he couldn't play with the soccer balls during the games he went straight for the clover patches.
We really had a blast that night. It was a great break from all the stress of work and school.
When he's not outside, or pulling things off all the shelves, Logan loves to play the piano, no really, I promise, I don't make him, although this picture suggests otherwise. I'll have to save this for when he really gives me that look someday.
He'll finally sit there all by himself, well, for a few minutes anyway, which is nice for to go grab the mail or something, or answer the phone.

See, there's his happy face. :) I think he likes pushing the control buttons right now more than actually playing, he likes it when I come sit by him and play around while he pushes all the buttons and changes the instruments and sounds. He's our little Beethoven, I guess. :) He does love music, and now he even dances around when he hears it.
And finally today! It was Stake Conference, so we were actually home around noon, instead of on our way out the door for church. We had lunch and I've been trying to get Logan to start feeding himself more, but he doesn't really seem to have much interest, so I usually feed him first when I know he needs to eat, then he can pick at the rest while me and Morgan eat.
And, this is how he decided to eat the mac and cheese. :) He's such a cute boy. Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures we sure do! Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 37

April 13th - 20th

I cannot believe that April is almost over, that's just insane. It finally started warming up here in Oklahoma. We had really nice weather all week. We're trying to enjoy it as much as possible before all the bugs come out. This week was pretty fun. We've been focusing on trying to get in the habit of holding Family Home Evening every week, and this Monday was two in a row. :) Yay for us. We decided that we needed to get more prepared in case of emergency, so for FHE we pack our 72 hour emergency kits, well, started too, we'll probably have to finish up a little bit tomorrow because there were a few items that we found were missing, but it does feel nice to at least have something in case a freak tornado hits us out of the blue.
On Tuesday, Morgan plays on a soccer team from school, it's just 4 on 4, no keepers, and small goals, but he's been having really fun. He's learning a lot about soccer too, since he never really played growing up. I'm a little jealous because I wish I were out on the field playing too, but as I'm in the process of making another baby, I don't want to take any chances. :) So, instead, me and Logan went and cheered him on. Logan was being such a flirt with all the girls (they are all co-ed teams). And, of course I forgot the camera, so I missed Morgan's awesome goal. The whole time Logan just kept on yelling Dad-Dee. It was really cute. He loves being outside, but he's not so sure about the grass, he'll sit in it, but it was quite the challenge to get him to walk on it. He just stands there like a stone statue when he's on grass. I'm sure he'll get used to it though, we go out and sit on the deck stairs in the afternoon and kicks the grass with his toes. The only thing that could have possibly been better that evening would be no wind! The wind really is an activity killer here. We had to put all our bags on the blanket just to keep it from blowing away, Logan didn't seem to mind too much, but all the same, I'm not a huge fan of wind.

I guess I should get some pictures of Logan up here before I get too long-winded and lose your attention. :) I think this was Tuesday before the soccer games. Anyway, Logan usually gets really clingy when I'm trying to do dishes, so, I finally found a solution to our probably, it's a little messy, but we have a blast.
I just stick him right up there with me on the counter, so far he's never tried to climb down while I'm doing dishes. I give him one of the scrubber brushes and he splashes that in the water and kicks his feet in it. Maybe it will inspire a love of doing the dishes and helping mommy with chores. (ha! I wish)

This being the first time I put him up there, after all the dishes were done and I rinsed the sink out, he just climbed right in and turned the water on, so what I could we possibly do, but take more pictures. :) It was quite the mess and we were both soaked by the end of it, but what fun! Now, we're a little smarter and I put a dishcloth under him on the counter, make sure he's not wearing any pants and I have a dish-towel in front of me too, so I don't get soaked from all his splashing, and finally we make sure that as soon as all the dishes are done we get him down from the counter before he climbs in the sink and turns on the water. :) He just loves water and I can't wait to go swimming with him lots this summer. I guess that means I better find a good prego swimsuit.

I guess I should finish up the rest of our week. Wednesday, Morgan had a combined YM/YW Activity, he's learning all about raising teenagers, and I think he's pretty glad that we don't have any yet. :)

This weekend turned into date/movie weekend. We rented a couple movies from Redbox (Dan in Real Life & August Rush, both were excellent by the way) and after we put Logan to bed on Friday we snuggled up and watched a movie, it was so nice, it's been a long time since we've been able to do that with our busy schedules and finals coming up for Morgan. Then on Saturday, Morgan had a Dosimetry Conference that he went to for most of the day, and then we both went to a Stake Youth Activity that was at the park. Our friends were there so we got to play on the playground for a little bit. (Of course, I forgot the camera, again!). Morgan was playing ultimate Frisbee with the kids, so Logan and I got to play with some of his friends and walk around. At first he wasn't too sure about walking on the concrete under the pavilion, but it only took him a little while before he took off. He would get right to the edge and could feel the little drop off and he just kept walking along side it trying to find a way to get down. When he couldn't, he just squatted down, leaned over and started grabbing all the dirt and the rocks. He is definitely all boy. He tried to eat several rocks/pebbles and I'm sure he got a handful of dirt or too in there, but he's still alive and well.

All in all, it was a really good week and we ended the night with another movie after Logan went to bed. I'm so glad Logan has an early bedtime. :) Well, this was quite the wordy post, hopefully when we have more of our adventures I won't be so absentminded and forget the camera all the time. I do have a few more pictures though.

Logan loves to grab his toys and stick them in his mouth and walk around the house. What a funny boy! ...till next week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We need your email address

Howdy ya'll. We have decided to make our blog private/protected for the safety of our information and family, but don't worry, if you want to stay in touch and haven't already sent me your email address, just comment with your email address, or send me a quick email. I know it's a little inconvenient, but we want to make sure we are keeping our family safe. Thanks!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 36

April 6th - 13th

What a crazy week! The week went by dreadfully slow as we were anticipating the arrival of the grandparents, even though it was pretty busy. On Tuesday nights Morgan has soccer games, he joined a club at the school. Me and Logan weren't able to go, but we'll make it next time and take pictures. Then, the rest of the week Morgan was planning a boy scout overnight camp that was happening on Friday.
But, finally the weekend came, we were planning on Grandma being here late Thursday night, but she wasn't able to get on the flight. :( So, we didn't get to see her until Friday afternoon. Grandpa showed up on Friday morning though, and had some great bonding time and got a chance to let Logan warm up to him again while we were grocery shopping. Morgan had to leave for his camp out that afternoon, just as we were leaving to pick up Grandma from the airport, and I was definitely glad I at least had my parents there with me while he was away at his camp out. Morgan and I have only ever spent a few nights away since we got married. I still missed him, even though it was only one night.
On Saturday morning, we went birthday shopping at Toys-R-Us. Grandpa stayed home and babysat, while the girls went shopping. Wow! They have some awesome toys, it's been ages since I've been there, and they were having a pretty good sale on stuff, so Logan definitely got a little extra spoiled this year between his two grandparents and us. :)
We got home and Grandma couldn't wait any longer, so we had to try out a few toys before Daddy got home. He loved the bubbles. We tried bubbles a while ago and he wasn't super excited about it, but I think with Grandma making funny faces and playing with him, he really started to get into the bubbles. We got some great pictures.
This is my favorite one, above.

The bubble popped.

I know all the bubble pictures look so much the same, but they were all so cute, I couldn't resist.

Logan is officially 1 year old now. I can't believe it. That was the occasion for the my parents coming out. His birthday was April 12th. Time goes by so fast! We had some fun celebrating. Morgan got home from him camp out at about 5:30, so we let him hurry and shower and get cleaned up and then we headed out to dinner. It was packed so we just ordered takeout and took it home, which was probably a good thing. Logan has been playing hard this weekend, so he was actually getting a little sleepy, but that all changed once we got the cake in front of him. :) We had some video, but the camera battery died and I don't have enough time to get it up today, so maybe next week. I did get a few before and after cake pictures.

"Oh my, is that for me! Oh, you shouldn't have."

"You mean, you're actually going to let me touch it...I'm not sure I believe you."

"They're not taking it away yet, I guess it's true, I can touch it, and eat it, and it's not that bad mom, good job."

"mmfphs, ooytmms" (Thank you)"A spoon, eh? I think I do better with my hands."

"I'll humor them I suppose."

"Thanks mom and dad, you're the best!"


Well, I think he had a pretty good birthday, we took him straight from the high chair to the tub and cleaned up the mess in the kitchen while daddy gave him a bath. After that we "opened" the rest of the presents and played with them for a while until he was so tired that about the time his head hit the mattress he was asleep.

Now, onto the this morning. We had to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport early, so Morgan stayed home and fed Logan breakfast, then later decided to get some of his own. I think last night gave Logan the idea that he could grab all the food in front of him.

No, Morgan did not have and "accident"...well, unless you consider trying to eat your cereal with Logan on your lap an accident.

Once it's done, it's done and there is nothing you can do, but laugh and grab the camera.

We didn't want him getting into the mess on the floor, so Morgan put him on the table and of course he went immediately for the Cheerios.

And, let me tell you, he was so proud of himself for eating all by himself. haha.

After such an exciting birthday, we're all pooped, Logan especially. Morgan put him down for his morning nap before church and he was stirring a bit and when it got quiet, I couldn't resist to see what he fell asleep doing. This is what we found.

Hehehe, Happy Birthday Logan, we love you so much and are so grateful that you are part of our family. You are such a wonderful blessing in our lives and we learn so much from you. Your smiles melt our hearts!