Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 29

February 17th - 24th

We have some fun pictures this week. We have some fun video too, but we're going to make ya'll wait until next week when I can get them all done on one blog. :)

Logan loves bath time, but lately, he's been really struggling with the whole getting dressed after bath time gig. I guess he's just a free spirit.

Look at that cute little butt and skinny little legs.His favorite "toy" is the little tube of Desitin. Usually I have to let him play with it in order to get any clothes on him."I think I'll skip the diaper tonight mom, no thanks"

Logan is starting to crawl around on all 4's now like your "typical" crawler. He used to slide on his belly to go faster, but now he's realizing that he can go just as fast on all 4's and it's easier to grab things and climb on things when he's like that. He loves chasing balls around the house. We have a big beach ball, a basketball, and a giant exercise ball that he loves.I think he got his definitions of "dribbling" confused.

Logan loves to go outside. He especially loves looking out windows and doors. He likes waiting by the door when daddy is bringing in the groceries. I can't wait until it's consistently warm and we can go to the park and play.We have to be careful coming in the door though, or he'll go kersplat on the porch. He'll get all the way to a standing position, but not on the day that I was taking pictures. He also found the toilet paper roll and how to get it all on the floor. Luckily I caught him before it happened, I think I was in there blow-drying my hair. I took a picture, but it just didn't quite turn out, but I'm sure you can use your imagination. (Just imagine a sparkling clean bathroom, :)

The other night I was getting him ready for a bath, and letting his butt air dry, he's been getting a little rashy lately, and he peed on the floor. So, I cleaned it up and decided we should at least put some pants on him until it was bath time, then his butt could still get some air and he won't make a mess on the floor if anything else were to happen.

His first order of business was getting to the dresser and opening his drawer to pull out all his clothes.

Then he got his fingers smashed. :( He couldn't open or close the drawer and was getting very angry.

His shorts were a little too big, they were just the first pair I grabbed that he had tossed out of his drawer.

He finally got the drawer open and was standing up.

He looks like he's ready for a pool party! Yay, actually some friends are coming out this next week and we probably will go swimming, so you'll have some other pool pictures to look forward too. :) Until next time........

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 28

February 10th - 17th

This has actually been a good week, exhausting, but good. :) Logan is getting up to a standing position on his own a lot more lately, and his happier now especially since he has learned how to sit down from a standing position. Sometimes he still gets a little frustrated though. He use to love playing in his bouncer toy and now he just likes to stand on the outside and play around it.

He still gets in there occasionally, but prefers the outside, he can leave if he wants too that way, when he's in the jumper he's stuck in one place.

I've decided that Logan is just going to be a lightweight, tall and skinny, just like his daddy and there is nothing I can do about it. He eats really well (according to me) and he for the most part is sort of sleeping through the night and he hasn't lost weight, he just isn't gaining it at a tremendous speed. Then, I found out how daddy feeds the buddy......

Apparently, most of the food gets "on" him and not "in" him...maybe he is starving......:) (not really, Morgan is really great at feeding Logan when I need him too, but what is childhood without a few pictures of food all over you)

Logan has been doing better at his naps, I can usually put him down awake, but he's no good at putting himself back to sleep on his own if it's a nap, so I usually go get him and by the time I'm back to the office he's asleep. On this lucky day I got to put him down and he actually stayed asleep for another hour while I worked. He just laid there all sprawled out on the futon. :)

So, for our next adventure, Morgan and I got roped into doing a dance competition. I know, I know, me, dance, sounds ridiculous, but we actually won 1st place!!!! We did country swing dancing at stake activity called "Dancing with Our Stars." We actually had a really good time and were even able to get it on tape. (Click on the video, and then click play)

We were both exhausted by the end of the dance since we had only gone through the whole thing maybe once in our practicing. I was dying for air by the end, but we had a blast. Dancing is a wonderful cardio/muscle workout and we'll have to do it more often to keep in shape. And, surprisingly, once I finally just let myself go, I really really enjoyed it and had fun.

While we were there, we were sitting with a couple from our ward. They were so nice to entertain and hold Logan while we were dancing. And by the end of the night, Rodney had even gotten him to sleep. :)

So, that's about it for our adventures this week.

We had some leftover Mentos from my trip to the store yesterday, we thought we might send a few of these in and Logan can be the new spokes-baby for Mentos, the Freshmaker. :)

....till next time.... :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 27

February 3rd - 10th

Wow, February is almost half over! This week Logan has reached the next shelf in our living room which means his favorite toy this week is all our movies.

Of course he looks so innocent, but he got caught red-handed.

The pile just got bigger and bigger.

It wasn't me mom, it must have been Casper.

I have a good news moment................Logan slept through the night for two nighths in a row!!!! He still woke up about two or three times, but I never had to go in and put him back to sleep. YAY! But alas it did not last. :( Last night we were up from about 3:00am-5:00. We did sleep in until 8:00 though, I was very very grateful for at least the two nights and we'll keep working on it.

Logan takes after his dad in that he loves my hair. He will try to eat it any chance he gets. Well, Morgan doesn't try to eat it, he just likes the smell.

I know, not so great a shot of me, but Logan had a big-ol' chunk of my hair in his fist.Logan's hair isn't long enough for me to eat, so I'm satisfied just eating his cheeks. :)

Logan went to the doctor this week for a checck up and one shot. He did really good. He's been eating so well the last while that I was sure he had put on some weight. Last time he weighed 16 lbs, this time he weighed 16 lbs 15 oz. Not as much as I had hoped, but at least the numbers are getting bigger and not smaller. He did go from 27 inches tall to 29 inches, I guess that's where all his growth is, vertical. He's in the 75 percentile for height and we got distracted with weight so I never found out there. We'll just keep feeding him and feeding him. :) At least he likes food now.

Since Logan's new standing ability, he'll play in his crib for about 30 minutes while I breeze through the house and get it straightened. He found his music player the other day.

I love the time I get to do a couple chores while his music is playing. Well that's about it for this week. We've almost got out taxes finished and are looking forward to a nice refund, maybe we'll get to do a few fixes in the bathroom this summer, or buy some plane tickets for Christmas, or go on a camping trip, I hear they actually have some mountains in the far south(west or east) Oklahoma. Well, I guess this is the end for now. Till next time...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 26

January 27th - February 3rd

I guess the first news we heard this week was that President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away, which was quite interesting given the fact that just a few days earlier Morgan and I were talking about how if any of the apostles or if the prophet died it probably wouldn't be in our news out here and we would have to rely on someone from the church or someone from Utah telling us. Then a couple days later Morgan's mom called to let us know that President Hinckley had passed. Some of you may take this the wrong way, but I couldn't really feel any "sadness" at his passing, all I thought about was how happy he was now to be with his wife and eternal companion and that he was getting relief from all his physical ailments. I'm so grateful for his leadership and messages and I'll never forget them, and while I will really miss him, I'm really happy for him at the same time. What a party they must be having in Heaven right now. :)

Anyway, the rest of the week has just been going at it's usual pace....very fast. We do have some fun pictures of Logan this week. His top right tooth finally popped through on Groundhog Day (yesterday). We don't have any good pictures because you can barely even feel it and see it, but I definitely know it's there. (OW!) Maybe once both of his top teeth are finally through he'll be a little happier and sleep better (though I'm not counting on the sleeping part)

Since Logan's new favorite place to play (when we forget to close the door) is the bathroom, we figured why not start now making him interested in the potty! Heheh, I know, it's a little early for that, but he was just so happy sitting up there like a big boy.

Logan loves to play the standing game. I have to use two hands to hold him up, but Morgan is a show off and only has to use one hand. :)

Logan is getting pretty good and standing and starting to cruise around on things, only a couple steps, but he gets very bored with sitting now. :(

At least when he is playing around, he gets around and moves a lot. He loves to play "Hooray" Most of the time he only does this when he's eating, but now he's doing it more often.

Logan LOVES books. He'll sit there and look at a book on the couch with Morgan for at least 30 minutes. (Not with me though, Mommy has to be reading the book to him) I had a picture of that, but Morgan was in his undies and we thought we better not post that. :) Your welcome. Hopefully Logan's love for books will continue as he gets older. It's so fun right now to sit down with him and read some books, he's starting to get involved in turning the pages now too. His favorite right now is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" I think we go through that one at least 20 times a day.

He still has no fear and will go head first off any bed, couch, and eventually I'm sure we'll hear a big thud and find him on the floor next to his crib. I wonder what will happen the first time we're not there to catch him?
So, we bought a convertible carseat a while ago, but Logan wasn't quite ready for it. It's been sitting in our office as of late becuase it's a pain to install and it's easier to just switch the base of the other carseat between cars. Anywho, Logan was just getting into everything so we decided to put him in the carseat and see what he would do. He was happy and played and jabbered to the cell phone for almost an hour! It was great. Morgan got some studying done and I got some work done and didn't have to worry about him getting into something he shouldn't. We'll have to use that more often. :)This morning Logan was climbing on the tool boxes to get the Sour Patch Kids on the piano bench, so Morgan decided to see if he would walk to them if he put them within Logan's reach.

Closer, closer, I can see his mouth watering....

Almost there, just a few more steps.
"Hey, what happened, where'd they go? No fair, I walked all the way there only for them to be put somewhere else. Alas, I am not destined to have the Sour Patch Kids at this time."

He's still our happy little camper though.

Awww, doesn't that face just melt your heart?

Ttttthhhatt's all folks! Tata for now. Until next time, Au Revoir, So Long Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, & Goodbye.