Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 18th - 24th

Logan hit a home run at his game this week.

 And then some other boys were messing around in the dugout and a stray ball hit Logan in the nose and he got a massive nose bleed, it left a nice pool of blood in the dugout.
 Morgan got an Eagle at his most recent golfing for charity event.
 He had scout camp this weekend too.  Hammock Camping is the latest trend.  I'm jealous, I want to go hammock camping with him...just without all the other kids.  :)

 Rylea is starting to watch TV more...its a good and a bad thing.  I'm trying really hard not to let it be my crutch during the day, but sometimes I just need to get something done and need both my arms.  :)

 We had a fun ward activity on Saturday, the kids had a blast.  I was helping the Primary do a cake walk booth, we had a lot of cupcakes to give away thanks to our activity days girls.  It was so fun to see them excited about the cupcakes they decorated.

 The boys made "Crawl City" this morning.  It's actually been a more pleasant Sabbath today. I was able to spend time with Logan planning his Faith in God requirements now that he is 9.  And they have been working together with very little fighting on their city.

 These are little out of order, but this week for preschool we did hopscotch with our shapes, numbers, and alphabet.  I made them stay out for at least an hour, the weather was wonderful!

 And the sprinklers came on so they played in the water for a little bit...another reason to stay outside longer, they needed to get dry before we came back inside for lunch.

 For FHE, the activity was jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath.  The boys loved it.

 They kids had a water balloon party at the neighbor's house.  I love my friend Jenny, she's so awesome!

 Rylea loves Disney, but we only have it on the computer and this is her latest spot to watch.
 This weekend I let Logan mow the lawn all by himself while Morgan was still at scout camp.  He got home just as we were finishing, but he did an awesome job.  He really wants to be a grown up, so I guess we gotta start giving him more grown up jobs.

Until next time...