Thursday, May 20, 2010

Other Tidbits

I'm trying to be better at taking pictures so that I can remember silly things that my boys do or things that have happened. Ever since we got this little table for Logan's birthday the kids eat at it for at least one meal - except dinner :) This day, it was breakfast. They are both pretty good to stay clean and not spill, except when Damon decides he's ready for a drink of his milk. Then he will take out every single piece of cereal, set it on the table, drink some milk from the bowl, and then put the cereal back in the bowl to eat it. It's pretty funny. I think Logan ended up having about 3 bowls of Cocoa Puffs this morning. I'm not sure if that's because he really loves Cocoa Puffs, or because he ate no dinner the night before...something I forgot until they were already eating. Usually I plan for oatmeal or other healthier, but less desirable breakfasts when I know they will be hungry in the morning.
Yeah, he knows he got away with it too. Silly mommy!

I love that I can just get them a meal and they can eat by themselves, that will definitely help when I'm going to be feeding another one soon.

Logan has been having this weird rash pop up on his tummy off and on for the last month, so the other day I took him in. We thought he might be getting allergies since we've been outside more, or that spiders are getting him at night since we've seen an increase of those around the house, or that it might be some kind of infection. Well, it turned out to be folliculitis, or basically ingrown hair type infection. Most likely it has been caused from his skin getting irritated or chaffed by his clothes and then the hair follicles get irritated and infected and sometimes spread, don't worry, it's not contagious, and he really hasn't seemed to be bothered by it and it usually goes away within the week. It's probably been because we go outside, and there is a lot of wind and heat and his skin gets sweaty and his clothes rub on him. There's not really a whole lot to do to prevent it, and as long as it doesn't bother him and goes away the doctor said it's not a big deal. I'm just glad we figured out what it was.

If only he would have been that nice and happy at the doctor's office. I had to take them both again, and last time, it was a nightmare, this time, only a bad dream. They sort of calmed down once they realized that they didn't have to get any shots. Whenever we would ask Logan what bit his tummy he would always say, "Daddy bit me", or "My shirt bit me". The doctor got a kick out of that.

After a grocery shopping trip in the afternoon - which we rarely do - Logan fell asleep on the way home at around 4:00. He was so tired. I plopped him down on the couch and he just kept on snoozing. Usually he'll wake up once we get inside and want to play, but I guess he was just tuckered out. It was pretty nice though, it was leftover night so I didn't have to make dinner and I got to just cuddle with him for a little while as Damon happily played with cars, books, and puzzles, and occasionally came up to give me and Logan loves.
This week and neighbor friend and I decided to meet up at the park for a picnic, our first attempt was thwarted by rain. Today it was a little chilly with the wind and the sun hiding every 5 minutes or so, but it really was a fun day and the kids had a blast.
I only got a couple pics of them on the blanket eating lunch. As soon as I get the blanket out they know it's time to eat and they come and hover around the lunchbox excited to see what's inside. Today, bologna. Even though I can't stomach it right now, my kids love it and it's one of the only "meats" I can get them to eat, so it works for me. :)
I'm just so grateful for my boys. They are growing up so fast and becoming such fun little people. Hopefully we'll have lots more fun in the coming weeks before we add another one to the fam. Until next time....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Still Small Voice

I have to write this down and record this experience before I forget the feelings or forget the instance.

The kids are in bed, I'm in my bedroom listening to the radio and cleaning out some cupboards in the bathroom (nesting). I know that the kids are playing in the other room, but they usually just get back in bed and go to sleep. I kind of feel like I should go check on them, but I decide to finish the cupboard I'm working on.

It's getting more awkward to get up and down when I'm sitting on the floor and I want to just finish the rest of my project, besides I can't really hear the kids that much, I sort of hear Damon a little, but it sounds like he's by the door whining and I usually don't give in to that. Just as I'm about to start the next cupboard I decide that okay I'll go check on them, and hopefully that will be it for the night and then they'll go to sleep, I can finish my project and then just go to bed and not have to go in and turn on the light anymore.

I walk in the door and Logan is cowering in his bed. I can't see Damon anywhere, but I can hear a muffled crying. They have their dresser cupboard that they like to play hide and seek in, but Damon is not there. Then I realize what had happened. Damon and Logan had been playing with a big storage container that I have been putting Damon's clothes that he grows out of in. The top of the container is latched shut. I open it up and there is my Damon scared to death and ridiculously hot from being stuck in there who knows how long. I know it was an accident and I'm sure both of them were taking turns climbing in and out of the box.

I got pretty upset with Logan and after consoling Damon I talked with Logan and apologized for getting so mad, but tried to explain to him how dangerous that was and that Damon couldn't breath....I think he got the message, I hope he did, I was sobbing by then.

I think this is one of the first times and true testament to me to how soft the Spirit whispers and I was lucky enough to be granted a second chance to listen. If I had not gone in there I probably would have later that evening when all was quiet turned out the light and not even really checked to see if the kids were in bed and Damon would have been stuck in the airtight container all night and I can't imagine, or at least don't want to imagine what could have happened.

I am so grateful to a Father in Heaven who loves his little boys enough to help me hear enough to take care of them. I have since moved the container into the closet where they can't get into it, I'm just glad something worse didn't have to happen to teach me that lesson. I know that I will definitely be listening a lot more closely for those little promptings that sometimes don't even really feel like a prompting.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love Springtime

I just lost my post, twice, so here goes, third time's a charm I guess. Here are just a few pictures. We had some fun this week, but of course I only took pictures on one day. Oh well. The boys love the train tracks and they do pretty good together playing if I make the track big enough.
They've also got a nice system going when they play cars and usually have fun for quite a while before one of them decides to get greedy with the cars.

I was trying to get Logan to smile normal, but he insists on saying cheese now and that gives him a weird face if I don't catch it right. He kind of looks like he's in pain, but he's really happy. :)
We were trying to get Damon to look at the camera, but he kept looking at Daddy instead!
So this past week has been pretty fun. We're basically over our colds, just a little runny noses here and there, so we've been keeping the tissue handy.
I had a doctor appointment and everything is looking fine, only 10 more weeks to go (seems like forever, but I'm sure it will go fast). I was a little anemic though which helps explain why I've been so exhausted the past couple weeks despite being sick and everything else, so now I take a little extra iron with my prenatals and within a week I've really been able to tell a difference. Thank goodness for modern medicine.
On Saturday it was beautiful weather and we wanted to take advantage of that. Morgan and his brother were fixing a leaking pipe at their parent's house, so we went up early and had a picnic lunch in the yard and watered the garden and played until his brother got there. Then my SIL and I entertained the kids while they got their projects done and they headed out to grab a bite to eat at the park. We were able to fly kites for a bit, throw the frisbee, kick the soccer ball, and play on the playground. We had a lot of fun, even if there were a few tantrums. :) That's just to be expected.
We sure wore the kids out though, they fell asleep within about 5 minutes of driving and then when we got home were able to change diapers and get them into pajamas without them waking up. It still didn't help them sleep in any longer, but that night Morgan and I just sat out on the porch and it was so nice to just sit and relax in the nice weather. I hope it lasts a while before the hot summer hits. This week has another good outlook, so hopefully I will get more pictures. Until next time....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

6 Years Later & Still in Love

Morgan and I celebrated our 6 year Anniversary yesterday and it was such a good day! I brought the camera with us through all of our fun stuff and didn't take one pictures, but oh well. I had been planning a surprise to get tickets for a REAL Salt Lake soccer game because Morgan has been dying to go, so on Friday night I surprised him with his RSL jersey shirt that he's been wanting so he could wear it to the game that he had no idea about until then. It was a good surprise since he'd had a hard day at work.

The next morning we woke up and I made a new pancake recipe and some delicious syrup. It was sooo good even though I messed up the syrup once had to start over and spilled flour all over me and had anything else gone wrong in the kitchen I probably would have thrown it all in the sink and said we're having cereal today. (I've been getting a cold and pregnantly emotional and tired on top of that and just wanted everything perfect and it just wasn't working, but we pulled through and by the end of the day I'd pretty much forgotten about the little mishaps at the beginning).

Morgan cleaned up the kitchen and the boys while I got ready for the day and then he headed up to his parents to help plant the garden we're sharing. I got the kids ready and packed our snacks for the day and we went to the airport to pick up my brother and his wife so they could pick up a car they bought and drive it home. It was fun to see them a visit for a while. After we dropped them off in Orem we headed back to Sandy and Logan and Damon got to play with his cousins for a while and eat a picnic outside in the beautiful weather.

The RSL game got re-scheduled from 7:00 to 2:00, so it actually worked out perfect for us. We headed over to the game, found some parking and ended up with great seats. It was such a beautiful day on the way in that we left our jackets in the van...bad idea. As soon as the game started a little breeze blew in. The temperature was fine, but the breeze made it really chilly and you can't leave the stadium once the game starts, so we were stuck. It was pretty cold, but it was a really good game and RSL won 3-0. Damon ended up falling asleep after a while and Logan was a little cold so he was nice and cuddly and we all stayed warm enough, so despite that chill and lesson learned it was a really fun game.

After the game we were still debating whether or not to go out and eat since we had a gift certificate. Initially we were going to drop off the kids and go by ourselves, but decided to just take the kids with us so we could get there earlier. It was perfect. We walked right in to Outback Steakhouse and were seated immediately. The kids colored and were actually pretty well-behaved and they even ate!!!! It was such a good night out.

After dinner we went back to Morgan's parents house for a little bit to visit and we had to pick up his car anyway. Logan and Damon got to play with their cousins for a little while longer. We headed home, got the kids ready for bed and then crashed. It was such a good day and I love my husband so much and I'm so glad that I married him. He takes such good care of us and works so hard for us. Especially today on Mother's Day, me and the boys all have a really bad cold and we stayed home from church and Morgan made breakfast and has been taking care of us. It's actually been the best day to be a little under the weather since he can be home with us. So much has happened in the last 6 years and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for the next 6 years and the next and the next and the next for all eternity! Until next time...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A couple weekends ago we went down to Provo to visit some friends. Morgan's buddy and his wife just had their first baby, so we went to visit and then we went to visit our other friends that were ready to have their second baby any day. Morgan's friend lives on BYU campus and around the apartments they have little playgrounds and Logan was just dying to go on the slide and play. So we went and played for a while and the kids had a blast. It was a perfect little playground for toddlers. And I even remembered the camera. I was going to take some pictures of the new baby, but forgot until we were at the park, but at least I did get some pictures of my own boys these past couple weeks.
Logan has a lot more fun on playgrounds now that he is a little more brave. He'll actually go on the slides without any encouragement now and doesn't wait until the last minute.

He still has a weird fascination with pine cones. On one hand and at certain times he's absolutely petrified and won't touch them, but will make sure to point them all out and wants you to hold them for him. And other times he'll actually pick them up. I think you can tell by his expression, he's just not sure about this one and is ready to put it down. :)

My boys love being outside and the crazy weather lately has been, well, crazy. One day it's beautiful weather and warm and sunny so we go outside, the next day it's snowing. Sheesh! We're taking advantage of the good days though.

Damon is so happy and loves to climb on things and try to do whatever Logan is doing. It's making me feel like Damon is growing up a lot faster than Logan did.

Logan has quite the imagination and lately is really into imaginary food...despite his lack of appetite most of the time. And oddly enough, whenever he is "sharing" food like this, it's always broccoli, or carrots, or tomatoes, or grapes, the only one of which he'll actually eat is grapes.

Logan had a blast when Morgan was chasing him around the playground and down the slide.

And Damon is going to be the happy, lovey, peacemaker of the house. He's always ready and willing to give loves and kisses and makes you feel so good when he sees you and shouts Mama, or Daddy with so much enthusiasm.
He's pretty good with slides, but sometimes still needs a little push. He doesn't like the twirly ones as much because a lot of times he gets turned around and ends up upside down at the bottom.

The boys love bathtime. We've been breaking out the foam letters again and Logan was sticking them on Damon.

Damon actually liked it and tried to put them on himself.
He's such a funny little boy.

His favorite letter right now is "B" Anytime he wants us to draw something, the first thing he says is "B" and then he gets really excited when he sees it.

And on the home front. I'm glad we haven't finished the basement yet because it flooded again....
I called our warranty people and was expecting a huge runaround and trying to get out of it and lots of garbage, but they had someone out to the house within a couple hours to look things over and had a plumber over that afternoon to fix it. There was a little bit of blockage in the main drain which could have been caused by multiple things, some of which is that a lot of debris gets washed down there during the construction of the home, but the main thing was that our expansion tank on the water heater was busted, so the water heater would build up pressure at night and then when we would use it in the morning it would do an emergency drain so it wouldn't explode from all the pressure (that's what the expansion tank prevents and regulates). But I'm grateful for the clogged drain, because if the drain wasn't clogged and backed up when it tried to drain all that water we wouldn't have known there was a problem. Luckily the plumbers had a replacement tank and everything is all fixed and ready to go and I only had to make one phone call and it was all taken care of. So, that's pretty much life right now. Until next time.....