Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We had such a wonderful Christmas. I wish I would have posted a little sooner though. So, Christmas Eve we went and spent with Morgan's parents and family in Sandy. It was definitely a full house, but it was fun. The boys had a blast seeing all their cousins and getting to play. Grandma and Papa got them some fun books to look at and some pajamas that they are so excited to wear every time they come out of the washer. :)Logan got a new dress shirt in his stocking and wore it Christmas Day, he was very handsome. Damon got him a Spiderman watch that he sported more of the day too, it's a little bit too big on his wrist and he just can't help himself when it comes to pushing the buttons, so the time on his watch isn't always terribly accurate.
Damon got a new pair of shoes (killer deal at Kohl's for about $3.00) in his stocking and they matched his Sunday outfit, so he got to wear his tennis shoes to church, but no more since they have now been in the dirt pile by our house. :)
Tragon got some socks in his stockings. I hadn't realized how much his feet had grown until I noticed that his heel on his sock was closer to the toe than the heel. :) And I was really surprised when the bigger size of jammies fit him. Damon is now passing clothes basically straight to Tragon instead of having to skip a size and wait a little longer. He sure has grown up fast. I guess I'm ready now for another baby to snuggle.
Damon, Daddy, and Logan were having fun with the Christmas Stockings. Logan used his like a hat and Damon and Morgan walked around the house for a while with them as booties.
We were all going to have a "sleepover" in the boys room Christmas Eve, but about the middle of the night it just wasn't working out, so I went back to my chair, Morgan took Tragon up to bed, and he did too. Still though, we were pretty wiped out the next day, as you can see by Morgan little cat nap before church.
Damon actually took the picture of me and Buddy. It was after several attempts though to get him not to put his thumb over the lens or the flash or something.
The boys love to help me make breakfast and most of the time they are pretty good with it. I think this was closer to New Years than Christmas. We were making some french puff pastry things for breakfast. They turned out pretty good, but I put a little too much cinnamon and sugar, so next time we'll know better.
They love to pull the chairs over and help me measure and dump and stir.
And like I said, most of the time they are pretty good, except for the time a few days ago when we were making apple/pear pie filling and Logan was taste testing the chopped apples and pears and came to a pear he didn't like and he spit it out in the pan with all the good apples and pears....I think I was able to get it all out, suffice it to say we didn't share those with the neighbors. :)
Logan is getting too old for me too fast. He wants to do everything on his own and can't understand why he just can't yet. I know I need to let go of some things, but sometimes I just want to do it all.
Logan and Damon are the best of buds even though they sometimes fight like cats and dogs. In the end they would be very bored if they didn't have each other. Most of the time Damon is willing to go along with Logan's scheme's but I've seen Damon really put his foot down too, or maybe I should say "sink his teeth in" when he disagrees or feels picked on. :)
Logan at the end of the New Year: 4 years old going on at least 7. His smiles and "good" manners are enough to allow him to do basically anything....if only he knew that. :) Most of the time he is a super helper and is very willing to help me around the house. He has a sneaky side to him and knows how to make mischief, but is still pretty sensitive to everything around him.
Damon: 3 years old going on....5. He thinks he needs to be in school with Buddy too. Good thing this new year we'll be doing "home preschool" He loves to play and still loves Thomas the Tank Engine. He's a great helper when he wants to be, but just as stubborn too. Again, when he uses his "good" manners and "nice" voice he could probably weasel anything out of me, but he's still perfecting that talent.
And Tragon at the end of the year is 17 1/2 months and ready to nursery, that's for sure. He's been going in with me on occasion when I do music time in there and has been really good. He'as a climber and jumper and follower of his big brothers. His vocabulary is exploding right now and he can communicate with us pretty well. He loves do be getting into things and mischief and has a sly little grin and glint in his eye when he does. He loves to be chased around, but is also a very independent person and is fine playing alone.

I love my family so much and this year has definitely been filled with it's challenges. We ended the year by watching "17 Miracles" and boy does that change your perspective and outlook for the next year. We are so grateful for what we have been blessed with and hope that we can continue to earn those blessings. Our goals for the new year center mainly on those things that are going to bring our family closer to our Savior and closer as a family.

We are excited for the New Year and all that it will bring along with it...especially our new baby boy who will hopefully make his appearance sooner rather than later. :) So, until next time....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Weekend

We have had so much fun having Daddy home for a couple days this holiday break. We've been playing lots of board games.And having lots of fun just being a family.
And enjoying some yummy treats (Nutella toast).
Candyland has been the favorite as of late. Morgan had Thursday and Friday off this week and so on Thursday I didn't have to get a babysitter for my dr. appt. or my dentist appt. and it was so nice. They played lots of fun games during that time.

In between my appointments we took the boys to do their own Christmas shopping at the dollar store. They have been earning money helping me do laundry and unload the dishwasher and they were pretty excited to take their money in. I'm not sure they quite understood the concept of giving their money away and there being less of that, or at least caring what that really meant. But it was really fun to see them pick stuff out for each other. I helped Tragon, but Logan was pretty in tune with what he thought his brothers would like. Damon still needed a few suggestions, but still picked out some awesome stuff and they'll have a couple surprises from each other. They did think it was pretty cool to hand the cashier all their quarters and coins.

We took them out to lunch at Chik-fil-a and they got to play in the little play place area for a while and really enjoyed that, but it was getting pretty crowded, so we came home to let Tragon get a good nap.

Thursday afternoon when Tragon woke up we were looking for something to do and since we have the pass of all passes and it was really windy and cold we decided to check out was everyone else, there were no parking spots and nobody outside, so we knew it would be too crowded. We opted to go "real" bowling at the new Jack and Jill lanes in Lehi. As a bonus I had a buy one get one free game too. The boys loved it. They had cool little ramps that the boys could put the ball on and then push it off. They were giving Morgan quite a run for his money. :) They only really had the attention span for one game, so we had to get a little creative to keep them into for the second game. We let Tragon play on the second game, the first one he just watch absolutely fascinated. He would give his hand a big kiss and then slap that ball down the ramp, it was hilarious. We got it on video, but it was on my phone and not very good quality so I didn't upload it.

After bowing we went to their arcade place since I had a few dollars in my wallet. We did a big wheel spin for tickets after doing some kiddie ski ball and Logan was only one square away from the 1000 jackpot for tickets, he did end up with 50, so we thought, sweet, let's get some more tickets. Damon ended getting us another 25, and of courser Morgan had to try and show them how it was done and ended up with 15. Haha. They loved it. We let them pick out some little trinkets and treats at the ticket counter and they thought that was pretty cool.

We came home and had some dinner and then we watched a movie together, The Incredible's, which the boys will now watch and request, slowly they are started to watch the movies that they used to love before they got too "scary." It was so nice to just spend the day together and have some fun with Daddy. The boys are going to be sad when he has to go back to work on Tuesday.

On Friday morning we all pitched in and got the house cleaned...thanks to my super scrubber Morgan who did all the tubs, showers, and toilets for me. The weather was beautiful...a little disappointing in the sense that we were really hoping to do some sledding and tubing this break, but alas, you need snow for that. Anyway, there was no wind so we decided to go to the park. I had a few books to get at the library, so the boys dropped me off and I picked up the books and walked up to the park. It was good to get a little fresh air and take a little walk. As I was coming up to the park and I could see my boys (Morgan included) running around on the playground playing tag and hollering and laughing, I just thought to myself how lucky I am to have such a great husband and father who loves his kids and loves to be with them and to play. They were having a blast. We stayed for about 45 minutes before they all started getting a little too cold and were ready for lunch.

Later that afternoon after many rounds of Uno, Memory, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, among others we were starting to get a little bored. So we decided to binge a little again and took them to Del Taco for dinner so they could play in that play place (seriously, this is usually a once a year occasion so they were pretty stoked, but that just happens when I'm exhausted and don't feel like making dinner and it's the holidays:) After that we decided to stop by Costco, mostly just to kill time, but also to check TVs. Eventually we'll get one for the basement, in the meantime we're just keeping an eye on prices, but maybe next Christmas. :) After the boys had played on all the display toys it was time to go, so we loaded up, came home and got the kids to bed. Then we decided to watch King Kong. We are seriously lacking any Christmas specials, so I'll have to look for some good ones during the after Christmas sale time. Anyway, I made it through the first couple hours before I fell asleep, it's a good thing I usually end up sleeping on a chair anyway, so I could just stay there for the night.

I'm really excited for the rest of the holiday, but I'll do that in the next post, this one is getting kind of long, so until next time......Christmas Eve and Christmas Day......

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season, I don't even know where to begin. I guess with some pictures. :)Tragon loves to color with the big boys...sort of. It usually ends with him on the table and the crayons everywhere. It makes a huge mess, but in the end he actually helps me pick them all up and put them back, so I don't mind too much. I do mind however, when one of the crayons sneaks downstairs and decides to paint a pretty alphabet mural on my hallway walls. I'm thankful for Mr. Clean magic erasers.
So far Tragon has been the only boy that will actually strip his diaper off every chance he gets. Maybe this will be a good sign for potty training. I think this day I was cleaning up the kitchen before bathtime so I just let him run around in his diaper and he came upstairs holding his diaper and trying to get it back on. It was too cute to pass up. And, he is a shoe thief, if there are shoes laying around, he will try and put them on and a lot of times he's successful, it's actually helped me to get my shoes back in my room instead of laying around the house where I can't find them when I need them. I'm thankful for all my kids' independence!
We went down to St. George for Thanksgiving and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We were able to eat Thanksgiving dinner outside and it was awesome. The boys all had a blast playing in the backyard with the car and leaves and everything else. I'm thankful for warm weather in the winter.
Morgan would push all the boys and cousins around in the car around the backyard and they loved it. Morgan got quite the workout too. In the end, he and my dad rigged up and welded a pretty sweet handle to push them around, then they could get a little air on the bumps because they could go faster. I'm thankful for a husband who loves to play with his kids!
Logan loved being outside and playing in the nest of leaves. My mom and dad raked them all into a pile one morning and the grandkids had a blast being eggs and then hatching. I'm grateful the Fall leaves and fund it brings!
My mom got to play with all the grandkids and they all love grandma. Her energy astounds me and her patience seems infinite when it comes to the grandkids. I'm grateful for a mom who teaches and shows me constantly how to be a better mom!
Tragon loved the airplane teeter totter, that kid has no fear. He did need a little help holding on sometimes, otherwise he'd just try to balance. He's got some mad balancing skills, but not quite that good. I'm grateful for all my kids' excitement and energy when they play!
On Friday we went to the rodeo to see my cousin do some roping. We went a little early and got to watch a few things. The kids had fun, we played on the playground and bit and they loved to see all the horses. It took a lot of attention to keep them all together, so no pictures of that, but afterwards, we went to my dad's hangar because the grandkids wanted to see his airplane. It was too cold to fly and would have been a little crazy with all the little ones running around, but we got the plane out and they all got to climb around in it. I'm grateful for my dad's and how hardworking he is and for the love that he is constantly teaching us!
Damon loved climbing around in the plane. In this particular plane, the passenger actually sits up front and the pilot sits in the back. I'm grateful for this airplane and all the fun memories we will have with it!
Logan is getting so big and independent. He could climb into the airplane all by himself. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is the oldest grandkid on my side, while being more towards middle and younger on the other side. He is growing up so fast. I'm grateful for Logan and for his eagerness to learn and his funny little comments!
Logan and Damon shared a seat for a while. Those two are just two peas in a pod. They love and fight like brothers and best friends. I'm grateful for the friendship my kids have with one another!
I'm not sure how long we spent at the airport, but I hope that next summer they will be ready to fly. We took Logan once already, but Damon hasn't gone up yet. He said maybe when he's four he'll ride in Papa's airplane. I'm grateful for family, immediate and extended!

Tragon was running all over the tarmac, so it was nice to finally plop him down in the pilot's seat where he couldn't go anywhere for a while. He loved looking and pushing all the buttons and controls. I'm grateful for his easygoing nature and his curiosity about everything!
Logan loved to put on the goggles and tell us that everything was orange. Sometimes he can be such a ham and clamor for attention, but other times, he's shy and timid. I'm grateful for the many personalities of all my kids.
My dad had to put some air in one of the tires and turned on his little air compressor. At first Tragon ran right for the noise delighted while the rest of the kids covered their ears, a little scared. After he saw everyone else covering their ears, he decided to as well. I'm grateful for the little things in life, that I can hear, see, smell, touch, and experience the world with all my senses and that my kids can too.
And there's Papa filling up the tire. I remember when he was first building this airplane and how much dedication and patience it must have taken. I remember how freezing cold that first flight was when I got to go up in January. I'm grateful for such a great example of so many worthy qualities!
We had a little cake and celebration for all the birthdays. Tragon especially loved the cake. :) I'm grateful for all the fun and silly messes we have been able to make over the years.
Damon is also growing up so fast. He's almost caught up to Logan in height and is getting a little better with his temper. I still have to remind myself that he's only 3. All my boys had such a fun time in St. George playing with their cousins, and grandparents. I'm grateful that we live close enough to make these memories with our family happen frequently.

Mostly I'm grateful for my husband, he is such a good daddy and husband, and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I wouldn't be able to take on these crazy boys without him. He is my partner in crime in every way. I'm grateful for my Savior who made it possible for us to have our agency so that we might experience all the joys, sorrows, and everything that goes with this mortal experience. I'm grateful for that plan that will allow us to return to Him and for the opportunity for eternal life. I'm grateful that families can be together forever, for mine means everything to me and I can't imagine being without them. It was a really great Thanksgiving and I hope that in the days, weeks, years, and tough times that will come that I will remember theses good times and draw strength from them to overcome my impatience and frustration and struggles, because I know that hard times will come...sheesh, I still have at least 2 more kids to potty train and one hasn't even been born yet. :) Until next time.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

It's been a while, but that's because we've all been sick and then getting better and then getting sick and getting better again. :) My birthday was on the 6th and it was during the recovery phase still. I had a good birthday and got some new winter boots that I was terribly in need of and now I can't wait to use them....well, yes I can.

This past weekend, my parents and a brother and fam came up for a cousin's wedding. It was fun to have them around and the kids have so much fun together. We didn't really take any pictures...I hate it when that happens. Next time.... Morgan had to work really late on Friday and ended up missing the reception, it was a really long day for him, but we played Monopoly that night and he totally whooped us all.

Today, (13th) is Morgan's birthday and the poor guy was up all night violently throwing up. I think he's thrown up twice in the last 7 years that we've been married. He thinks it might have been something he ate...I hope so, because I don't want to catch that bug. :( So, right now he's resting and taking a nap. I guess I'll have to do his special breakfast and other meals another day.

Here's to crazy birthdays. :) Until next time...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

My little lumberjack Tragon. This was before Halloween, and the shirt just barely fit him, so no this is not his Halloween costume, just him being cute one day and I grabbed the camera.
Here are my Halloween boys. Logan and Damon wanted to be bats for Halloween so they could run around and screech and boy did they. I latched on to the idea because I figured it would be a pretty quick costume to put together. I was going to have them turn their shirts inside out so they would be all black, but they wanted their shirts on the right way.
We had a leftover costume of Batman that fit Tragon, so it was perfect!
I was glad Logan was feeling good on Halloween. He went to pre-school and did a little trick or treat thing there, and then they had barely enough energy to go that night. He woke up pretty sick the next morning, but I think we're on the mend. Too bad he hasn't been able to enjoy his candy yet though.
This is us just before we left. We thought we would leave around 5:30-6:00 and go "early" and be back for the other trick or treaters, but everyone was out, so we pretty much missed everyone. It seemed to be a fatherly tradition to take the kids, so I think next year, me and the baby will stay home to pass out candy and let Daddy take the bigger boys. :)

I hope they pick easy costumes again. All I had to do was cut a little felt, sew on some loops to keep it on their arms and cut out and stuff some ears and sew them on to a beanie. And now I can take the ears off the beanie and they each have a new beanie for the winter. Hooray. I think Halloween is just going to get more fun as they get older. Actually, holidays in general are starting to be more fun. I love my boys, they wear me out right now, but they sure are fun!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goblin Valley Camping

Thanks to my wonderful sister in law I have some pictures now of our Goblin Valley Camping Trip.

This past weekend we went to Goblin Valley with the Hadlocks and it was a blast! It was the first time I had ever been down there and the boys had so much fun playing with their cousins. This was a pretty big family reunion seeing as how in the past 8-10 years there have been no camping trips or reunions that last much longer than a day. This was just Morgan's immediate family, except one sister who wasn't able to make it. We missed you Laura!

I started getting ready a few days before, I hate last minute packing and planning. I think I had all our bags packed Monday and Tuesday since that was laundry day, even though we weren't leaving until Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning we all headed up about the same time and stopped together at a rest stop in Spanish Fork Canyon. I thought I had been through that canyon before, but I hadn't and it was really pretty with the fall colors. Logan's favorite part was the windmills. We made really good time and ended up in Goblin Valley about 12:45pm. We got camp all set up and unloaded and then we went to the Valley of the Goblins.

The boys had so much fun running around and getting dirty. We were all pretty much covered in dirt for the three days we were there, but it was awesome. They were good little climbers and hikers. Tragon liked being in the hiking backpack and Morgan carried him around on all the hikes we did. Damon is usually the one that loses his energy first and he did pretty good that first hike I only had to carry him a little ways. I was surprised at how much I held up too being 5 months pregnant, but it was so nice to be outdoors and hiking and watching the boys have fun that I just sort of set that aside for a few days.

That night we had a campfire and made smores and visited. Tragon woke up with little croupe cold, but he was so good the entire time, especially for being sick. The boys were really good to go to bed when they were tired and we didn't have too many meltdowns. Tragon fell asleep by the fire with me the first night and I just enjoyed holding him. Most of the boys and older kids went down to play "Spotlight" in the Valley of Goblins. It sounded like everyone had a blast down there!

Friday morning we woke up and got some breakfast and packed some lunches and headed out for another hike through Wild Horse Slot Canyon. It was quite the hike and quite the climb in some places. Again our boys did great, Tragon slept most of the way in the pack. Logan loved being with the cousins and Damon was trying to keep up. This hike was a little longer though and I think I basically carried him the whole way home. We made up a game that I would hold him until I was getting out of breath, then I would make him walk with me while I counted to 100 and caught my breath. It worked out pretty well and averted any severe meltdowns. I was pooped by the end though. :)

We spent most of that afternoon hanging around the campsite and watching kids climb all over the mounds of dirt or up the little hill that hugged our campsite. We went to a little program, nature hike that the ranger put on and we got to walk around the Valley of the Goblins at night and hear little tidbits about it. Of course Tragon fell asleep in my arms and I think he doubles in weight when he's asleep.

At one point they asked for some volunteers when they were talking about the phases of the moon and had a little display with a big foam sun, and blow earth, and a little moon on a stick. Logan was devastated that he didn't get picked and when we were in the car and hiking back he kept saying through his tears, "I didn't get to be the sun, or the earth, or the sucker moon" haha, the moon display really did look like a lollipop. We really got a kick out of that.

That night we told stories and played "Fortunately, Unfortunately" around the campfire. Papa got a little carried away and scared a lot of the little kids with a spooky story, but I think we were able to convince them all that the story wasn't true. :) We made fire churros instead of smores and they were awesome! We're totally going to use that on our next campout. One by one people started going to bed. We were all pooped from the days adventures. They kids all went to bed pretty good and the second night was much warmer than the first.

On Saturday morning, Damon woke up sick too, so we decided to pass on the hike that we wanted to do and just headed home after we got camp all cleaned up. The kids slept pretty much the whole 3.5 hour drive home. They woke up about an hour in when we stopped for gas, and they ate a sandwich and then fell back asleep. Needless to say, it was a great drive.

They only real inconvenience I felt throughout the camping trip was all the bathroom runs, mostly for myself, especially middle of the night potty runs for me and my puny bladder being squished by the baby, but we didn't have any accidents from any of the boys and that was truly a blessing. Logan did not want to come home he had such a good time. He kept threatening to throw everybody in the camp's cars in the dump if they stayed when he had to leave.

I'm so glad that Morgan was able to get time off work so we could go down and go on our last camping trip of the year. It's our goal to take the kids at least once a year, even if it's just an over-nighter. I'm not sure what the plan is next year after the baby and when it warms up, but I think I will try to remember the camera. :) Until next time...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good, Bad, Bad, Good

Do you ever have those days where the kids are just rotten all morning, but then somehow turn into angels in the evening? We have quite a few of those, but today was just the reverse and I did not like it at all. We had a great morning and everything was super duper until about 2:30 and then it seemed like that good behavior and happiness all went out the window. We had rocks being thrown and hitting right on target, faces being bit and leaving quite the mark, screaming, whining, & tantrums galore...all times 3!

If I knew that I had to put up with some really rotten behavior, I'd rather it be in the morning so we can at least end the day on a good note, because I really don't like being in a bad mood when Morgan gets home or when we're putting the kids to bed. :( but I guess that's life with little kids and just part of being a parent, so until next time...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Itty Bitty Football

This past week Damon has been "participating" (I use that term lightly) in Itty Bitty Football. Logan did the Baseball and Soccer and I thought that it would be a fun activity for Damon while Buddy is at preschool. Damon has been really excited about it. What I didn't expect, but probably should have, was that Damon still has some attachment issues. He was always a very clingy baby until he could move around and follow Logan and I guess I didn't realize how much Logan was his security blanket for lack of better words.

The first day he hardly participated at all and kept crying and coming back to me. The second time he got progressively better throughout the stations, but for some reason the third day was just awful. I don't think he participated in one thing. He said he wanted to play, so I would take him to his team and as soon as I would leave to go sit back by Tragon he would start crying. So, I'd have him come back with me because if any of the "coaches" tried to console him, he would yell at them and cry harder. It was a very challenging day.

I'm still not sure the best way to help him. I don't know whether it's a tough luck kid, if you're going to cry, you just miss out and have to sit by mommy or do I cater to him and follow him around on the stations. I'm definitely not going to just let him cry and throw a tantrum and ruin it for his whole team. I'm trying to find a happy medium and that worked okay for the second day...I'm just not sure what changed that third day that made him so insecure.

He really has fun when he gets into it. So I'm not giving up. I'll still take him next week, he has three more days and it's really convenient to just leave from there to pick up Logan from preschool, so regardless of his tantrums we end up staying for the whole thing. I guess I just bought an expensive shirt that doesn't really even fit him. :) Damon, I love you and I hope I can help you get over your fears, I promise activities like this are good for you. Until next time...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Dentist

Logan and Damon both had dentist appointments today. Everything looked great and no cavities, just really tightly spaced teeth. Every time we go in, it's the same and teasingly, but seriously they tell me to start saving for braces.

Logan was a real champ and didn't cry at all, he fussed a little that he just wanted to pick his prize and not take the "pictures" of his teeth. Damon on the other hand as soon as they asked him if he wanted to watch Dora or Monsters Inc. started getting mad and yelling at everyone that he didn't want to watch anything. And then of course his answers for the rest of the time came out in an angry voice, but at least he still did what they asked and they were able to get everything done. They really were both troopers! I'm proud of my boys. I just hope they don't get my hopeless teeth and end up with lots of cavities later.

Tragon will have his first appointment in six months with the other boys, so we'll see how he does with that. I still need to get in for my appointment, but I keep putting it off.

Life just isn't slowing down and seems to be going faster and faster, but we're doing our best to keep up...until next time...I better go get my son off the table before he thinks he can fly off by himself....

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Park

The past few days have been pretty good. I'm battling a cold/sinus infection which just seems to linger longer when I'm pregnant, but hopefully I'll be able to kick it soon. We still had a pretty fun weekend despite not feeling good...thanks to Tylenol. :)Tragon usually pulls this face whenever the camera comes out. It makes me laugh.
He wants so much to be big boy. His latest antics include pulling out the kitchen chairs, which he can now climb on himself and then climbing on to the table to dance a little jig. It's cute, but when I try to get him he runs around and we've almost had a couple falls, but so far been able to avoid that. It's most annoying when I'm trying to get dinner ready and can't get to him really quick if my hands are messy.
On Saturday we took the kids to the park for a picnic. Mostly to get out of the house because we're sealing our driveway and it was messy and then boys wanted to be outside too. We found this little park not too far from our house and it's usually not too crowded and the boys love it. Tragon loves to try and climb up the slides after his brothers.
Those three boys sure keep me busy and on my toes, even at the park. I don't have to worry about Logan and Damon so much, but man, that Tragon, he sure loves to run around and get in to everything.
He's such a cutey and getting so big I can hardly stand it.
Damon and Logan called this one the train slide because they would go down together like a train.
Logan has a fascination with the camera and loves taking pictures. I think he was in the process of saying please can I have the camera now?
Damon is a lot more brave with his climbing and can do most of the ladders on his own.
This is Logan's silly face that he pulls all the time.
And of course Damon has to copy it. :)
Umm..trying to eat here. :) Actually the boys did pretty good to eat first and then play.
I sure love my family and spending time with them like this. The weather has been gorgeous and I wish that the Fall air would stay longer before it got too cold. We're just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully next weekend we'll get to do something fun too with it being Conference Weekend. Until next time....