Sunday, May 31, 2009

So, You're Telling Me Tomorrow is June??

I can't tell you how fast May has gone by...well, yes I can, in about a blink of an eye is how. The first week of May was crazy getting ready for Morgan to graduate, the next week I was down in St. George while Morgan WAS graduating, and then our friend from Oklahoma was with us for almost a couple weeks until last Friday. We have had a jam-packed and fun-filled month, but I wouldn't be too sad if things slowed down just a smidge. So, here's our past week of fun:
On Monday we hiked Ensign Peak for FHE. The boys had a great time and I'm glad that we were able to do at least one hike while Ashley was here, because you can't come to Utah and not hike, sheesh! :) (I love that face on Logan saying, ewww, mom, dad, kissyface)
There was a single's ward group up at the top when we got there and there were also a few dogs, Logan got to feed this dog a treat, it was really cute. He loved being up in the mountains. It did get pretty chilly up there and the wind started blowing. We were up there for the sunset, so it was later in the evening.
On the way down you can see the Salt Lake Temple and Logan pointed to it and said "castle" Neither Morgan and I taught him that word, so I have no idea where he got it from, but I guess in a way he's right, it is a castle that does house royalty. It's amazing how much you learn from you kids. :)

On Wednesday we did some running around and we stopped at the zoo really quick to get a zoo pass which I'm totally stoked for, so if anyone wants to go to the zoo, give me a shout, I'm really excited to go at alot this next year and get my money's worth on the pass :) We also stopped at "This is the Place Monument" (photo above of Logan pointing to the "the place")

I really liked going to these monuments and places with my family this week (yes that includes Ashley and Sam too ;) it really made me appreciate Utah even more and get me more excited to go out and do things and learn more about the wonderful things we have around us.
After the monument we went to Cafe Rio for dinner and went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and had a picnic. We all loved it. It was beautiful weather, a little chilly towards the evening, but it was so peaceful and wonderful to be up in the mountains, I'm looking forward to more picnics up the canyon this summer.

On Thursday we went to IKEA, a store I am deathly afraid of after going once when it first opened. I don't like big crowds, and it was packed and confusing, and I'm not a shopper by nature. But it was actually really fun and I even ended up getting some awesome kids' kitchenware that I love. We met up with my sister in law and went through the store and then stayed for lunch at the restaurant which was really good. After naptime with the boys we went up to Gateway Mall to see the fountains and to our dismay (and after 1 Hr 30 Minutes of thinking we had missed the show 3 times) they weren't doing the water show with the music because of some other dance recitals going on there. It was a little disappointing, but still fun to walk around until Logan got a little out of control.
Throughout the week we also made a lot of trips to DI, Deseret Book, and the LDS Distribution Center, all things that I take for granted here, but are just unavailable in Oklahoma. Ashley found some great stuff to take home with her. :)
On Friday morning we took Ashley and Samuel to the airport. It was sad to see them go and we had such a great time with them and hope our families can get together again soon. Now, I think the rest of the pictures are just from the last couple days. I was trying to make sure that Ashley got enough pictures this week that I failed to take as many of my own as I wanted, but here are some of my cute boys anyway.

Damon is soo happy when he wakes up from naps or in the morning, he gets this really big grin in his face and his whole body just wiggles with excitement as you cross the room to get him.Logan loves getting in the crib and playing with the music maker, Damon, and the window...pretty much in that order too. :) He's getting better at not squishing him when he climbs in. Sometimes when Damon is napping, Logan really wants to see him and will cry by the door saying, Damon sleeping, Damon sleeping, sad, but cute, since I have to make him wait until Damon wakes up to play.This is Logan with his new magnet car book that we got for a good deal at Deseret Book. I know why I'm not a good "shopper." I feel like if I go into a store I have to buy something and I can't "just look" so Logan and Damon ended up with some goodies this week from all our shopping. :)I know he looks mad/slightly crazy, but he was really excited to have all the Disney stickers on him and was walking around the house admiring himself.As we were leaving the house to go up to Grandma's for a little bit on Saturday we found Damon munching on something, I thought it was some jam that I had spilled on the floor, but he had actually found a blackberry on the floor and was doing a pretty good job of eating it. Damon loves food, and for that I am grateful.

Well, it's been real, it's been fun, and it's been real fun, but I'm exhausted, so I think I'm going to go take a nap. :) Until next time...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

The fun continues this week. Our friend Ashley flew in from Oklahoma on Wednesday night and we've had a lot of fun showing her some of the sights of Utah....we still have another week left, so if you know of any good places to go or fun ideas, let me know (We're trying to show them how great Utah is, so when they're done with school, they'll move out here) :)

We went up to Temple Square on Friday and go to look at a lot of the sights, I didn't realize how much there was though, we could probably spend another couple days up there, but the babies can only handle so much. They have been such good troopers through all of our running around. It's also been really nice to have another adult to hang out with during the day when Morgan is at work. On Friday evening we drove through Little Cottonwood Canyon and it was really pretty and nice drive...well minus me getting really carsick and babies crying toward the end of the ride. :)

On Saturday, Ashley and I woke up early and went and did a temple session in the Salt Lake Temple, it was really nice. We left all 3 babies with Morgan and he did a great job with them. We let him go play a round of golf with his buddy to show our appreciation and give him a little break from the rugrats for a bit. For dinner we went to the One Man Band Diner in Lehi, and it was really good food, a little on the expensive side, but Morgan really like the jukebox.

This is a cute video from today, Damon has a really cute laugh, but it's just not as boisterous as Logan's was. Damon will always smile, but he is a little harder to make laugh.

Here's Logan, Damon, & Samuel (Ashley's baby that she brought with her)Logan and Damon before bedtime.Damon wasn't very happy with Daddy's suggestion for dinner. ;)

Damon and Samuel are only 5 months apart and are going to be pals growing up together.If you've never had BubbleBread, you're missing out. I taught Morgan how to make it when we got married and it's pretty much been our traditional Sunday breakfast ever since, but he has really perfected the "bubble" part. This is the biggest BubbleBread he's ever made, it was delicious. Well, we're bound to do some fun things this week, so until next time....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a Week

I have lots of pictures to post, since I pretty much like almost every one I took. I spent the week down in St. George with my parents while Morgan went to Oklahoma to graduate...I'll let him tell the story of graduation though. :) I'll just tell what we did to keep ourselves busy so I wouldn't miss him too much. Soooo, here's some pictures and then I'll fill in soem of the details.

Logan and his cousin Kashlynn loved playing the piano together. They would sing and turn the pages of the book, it was really cute. They got to spend some good quality time together this trip.We had some friends over to play in the water one day and Damon wasn't too happy about being left out....So, I put him in the pool and he loved it!

Kash and Logan loved playing with the water octopus.
And Damon just loved being outside and playing with everyone.Of course, we did do a little shopping and grandma got this cute outfit for Damon.Logan loved watching papa play wii. He would sit there probably for hours. He was fascinated.On Saturday we took Logan for his first flight in "Annie" He had a good time and I'm sure he'll have even more fun next time :)
He loved wearing the hat/earmuffs.Hopefully we'll get to do more flying now that we're back in Utah. 2 years is just too long to go without taking a ride in the airplane.
We got to celebrate Kashlynn's birthday while we were down there, I would have taken more pictures, but I was chasing Logan around and trying to avoid tantrums. Damon did pretty good just chillin' until he got hungry.Logan loved the cupcakes, he kept going for one several times, so he was really excited when we finally said, yes you can eat it now. :)My two sweet boys who were so amazing this week. They really missed their daddy, but had lots of love from cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to keep them happy.My sweet Damon is getting soooo big, so fast I can hardly believe it.
Logan is my talker and my singer. Most the time I can't get him to stop. My mom laughed when I was trying to get him to whisper, she said, I don't think I've ever heard him whisper. :)And they both sure love their papa, who actually did quite a lot of babysitting while my mom and I got to spend some time shopping or running errands. Thanks papa!One of Logan's favorite things at Bama's (Grandma's) is the garden full of dirt. Just about every day that we were outside he would pick up handfuls and dump it on his head. He did get some nice scalp massages during bathtime this past week. hehe.He also loved to just run around the yard. Someday we'll have one of our own.....someday.Damon and I got to hang out on the blanket outside a lot too. I'm glad my parents have some nice shade trees in the backyard, it was so nice to relax out there and let Logan run around.

This is Logan and Kashlynn playing the flight simulator game with papa, Logan loves airplanes.And we finally made it home. We had such a great week, minus the part about being away from Morgan for so long. I was able to get a temple session in with my sister in law which was really nice. And I was able to really do everything that I wanted to do that week. I kept myself as busy as possible so I wouldn't be so lonesome, but by the end of the week I could hardly wait for Morgan to come home. Thanks to Nola we were able to get him home Monday night and I ran out and jumped on him when I saw the car pull in (I had been staring out the window every 5 minutes to see if he was home yet once I got the call that he had left the airport).

Both kids were pretty much already in bed, I was just putting Damon to bed when he got home, so we were actually able to talk and spend some time together without the kids screaming for attention too. Morgan has today (Tuesday) off, so we are making the whole day a family day and spending basically every second together and it has been so nice.

I love my husband and I am so proud of him for all the hard work he has put in for our family!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Husband is the Greatest!

Well, it has been the final week of "real" school. Now Morgan just has to study for his finals and pass those :) (He'll do just fine I'm sure, but I think he's a little nervous). Let's start with some pictures from this week:
I got this idea from my friend in Oklahoma. I took some of my old soccer socks and cut them and put them on Damon's legs. He's a real scooter now and his knees get pretty hammered on the carpet.
And these help when it's too hot to wear anything but a onesie. :)
Logan favorite toy lately has been his Thomas train. He turns in on and follows it wherever it goes, but he's been putting it under the couch and I have to keep pulling it out to find Thomas, so it is now resting on a dresser out of sight and out of least until we get some more batteries for it. :)
Me and my cousin DeAnna and her little boy Donovan went up to Tibble Fork Reservoir for a picnic this week. It was a little chilly, but otherwise a blast. The kids had a ton of fun throwing rocks in the water and getting wet. I love this picture of Logan's smile.
The kids got a little wet, but didn't complain, well, until we were ready to leave and go to the picnic site.
We propped Damon up so he could stay in the carseat, but still see what was going. He actually did really well with that for the most part.
This is the only picture I got at the picnic site, it was quite the task keeping them nearby since we were by a road and the water, both very tempting for little boys.
And this is just a random picture I was able to capture in the moment. :) That's all for pictures, but not my post. This week Morgan and I got to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. I can't believe that we have really been married that long, but looking back on everything that has happened it makes sense. We had a good day and that night after the kids were in bed my cousin ShayLea came and babysat (well, got to sit around in our house and watch TV while the kids were sleeping) while Morgan and I actually went on a date. We went and saw the new X-Men movie, which was awesome! It was so nice to go out without the kids and has become a very rare treat for us. He was also so wonderful and brought me home some purple roses (my favorite) for Mother's Day/Anniversary.
And now for today, I love Mother's Day, but mostly because I have the best husband in the whole wide world! He made breakfast for us all this morning, helped me get the kids ready, took care of the kids while I took and extra long shower and got ready for church. Then he took care of the more rowdy child...Logan...during sacrament and even changed his smelly bum. Then after church, I was exhausted and really wanted to take a nap, so he took care of Damon while Logan was sleeping so I could rest, he even go Damon to sleep for a while and got a little catnap in for himself.
After naps we usually take a walk, and he went with my while I delivered my visiting teaching assignments, then he came home and made dinner. Man, he's the best. And he's pretty much changed all the diapers today too....although he did mention something about remembering this for Father's Day :)
And because it's Mother's Day I do want to pay tribute to all the mothers in my life, especially my own who taught me so much and I only hope that I can be as good a mother as she was to all of us. Happy Mother's Day! Until next time....