Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Staheli Farm

We went to Staheli Farm last night for FHE with Steve and Kim and we had a blast, here are a few pictures from our adventures...and just from the camera from the last couple weeks. Logan, Damon and Grandma, playing in the dirt pile.
Damon and the tunnel.
Grandma and Damon
Papa and Harlee

Kim and Kash, riding the horses.

Mommy and Logan teeter-tottering with Steve and Kash.

Logan cheesin' it.
Steve and Kash.

We got to go for a horse ride. Logan was petrified, but once the horse started moving and he could pet it, he was okay.
Damon did pretty good too on the horse.

Harlee on the horse swings.

Kash on the swings/carousel thing.

Logan had a blast.

Papa and Damon.

Logan, looking around making sure no one is staking a claim on his mini John Deere.

Papa reading Logan and Kashlynn a bedtime story. (We are now into just pictures from random time throughout the past weeks)

Logan and Damon playing with the spinning top with Papa.

My hyper little Logan.
My stubborn mama's boy, Damon.
Logan in mama's pink shoes. Hehe. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

Damon 1 Year Pictures

I probably should have posted these a while ago, but I'm just remembering them now. These are some of the pictures we got for Damon's 1 year birthday. There are more, but the internet is being too slow this morning. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy, but fun week!

This past week we had a lot of fun things, but I don't really have the time to go into too much detail about all of them, just know that they were fun! :)

On Tuesday I got to go see Aida at Tuacahn with my brother who was in from Seattle for a while. It was a really great show. I think it would be really fun to do something like that, but I was just always too busy with sports and such growing up that I never really did get into it.

On Thursday night Morgan came down since he had Friday off, it was sooo nice to have two full days with him. We took the boys to the park, tried to go to a movie, didn't work too well. I thought it would go better than Tuesday's experience. My brother took us to go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and they boys did really well for the first hour, but then they both turned into mama's boys, so we headed out early, but I figured with me and Morgan we'd be okay. We lasted about 15 minutes. Luckily though, we were able to get passes to come back later that evening when the kids were in bed. We saw Where the Wild Things Are and I really liked it. I don't really remember the book, but the movie was good. I'll have to find the book now though.

We also played a lot outside, it was great weather, well, a little on the hot side, but still good. Sunday was sort of a chill day. Some neighbors came up to visit and play some Wii Mariokart (which I stink at). It was pretty crazy. Morgan had to leave in the middle of the craziness. I miss him already. :(

Today we had play group and I hosted. It was such a nice day that we were able to be outside the whole time. And, they had fun playing around with everything, I totally forgot our little activities, oh well, I guess I have something for next time. Well, this is about as good of an update as I can get in while the kids are still napping. I'll try and get some pictures up next time though. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time Flies

No pictures :( The camera is in the boys' room and they are sleeping and I don't want to wake them up, and I missed pictures of all the highlights anyway.

The week went by pretty fast and soon it was Friday and Morgan came down. On Saturday morning we were able to go to the Temple and do some sealings, it felt so good to be there. After that we came home and took the boys on a picnic to the Snow Canyon sand dunes. They had a blast. Dame just played in (ate) the dirt with his pail and shovel, and Logan was running around trying to convince all the other kids there that he was there friend. :) It was pretty cute. I hope he always stays so friendly and outgoing. It's good for me, and him.

We left just as the sand was getting hot. The kids took a nap while Morgan got to help my dad and brother work on the airplane a little bit. My dad's in the process of building his second airplane and Saturday is his day to work on it. That evening after giving the kids a bath and finding mounds of sand behind in ears, in pockets, and every other hiding place, we went on a date.

It feels kind of weird living apart during the week and really does make it feel like we're dating again, that aspect is kinda fun, the whole being apart...not so fun :( Anyway, we decided to go bowling, which was technically our first date we ever went on. Ahhhh memories. :) We both bowled terrible the first game, so we made the second game interesting and Morgan was such a good sport with my antics. We each got to choose a crazy way to bowl each frame....sadly I think I did better when I was bowling crazy. Morgan ended up winning both games. We played a quick game of pool...which I won, Morgan thinks I'm a pool shark, I think I'm just lucky. :) Then we raced in an arcade game...which I won so we ended the night even. :)

After working up an appetite, we headed to Chili's where we had a nice dinner without the kids and even ordered dessert (it was part of the special). It was so fun to have a nice day together with the family and just by ourselves. At this point in our situation we both live for the weekends and I can't wait until Friday or possibly Thursday night if he can get Friday off. :) I love you babe!!!! See you soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Damon Jeremiah

Hmmm...what's this?I'll just taste a little...hey wait a minuteThis stuff is delicious...mmmm, more...mmmm..
I think Damon's birthday is officially over now. We've done the whole cake and ice cream, which he absolutely loved! He still had a little bit of a cold while we were up in Sandy, so we didn't get to go and hang out with any friends, but we ate the cake anyway. Here's a little bit about my Damon since he just had his 1 year check up:
Height: 30" (I think he was in the 25% ish percentile)
Weight: 20.5 lbs (17%)

He dropped a little in the weight category, but that's a combination of him being sick and that he walks all over now and is just go go go go go go ..... go go go go go ....well, you get the idea. He loves food though, so I'm not as worried and this is about the same time that Logan hit a little wall as far as growth too.
Damon is such a happy baby and did great for his one year pictures, despite being such a momma's boy. Now that he can walk he is starting to let me go a little bit more each day, but that's mostly just so he can make his way to somewhere or get into something that he shouldn't.

He's starting to talk a little bit, he says uh-oh, whoa, and he says "da" for dog, and you can tell that he's trying really hard to say something.

My favorite times are when Logan and Damon are playing together and giggle and laugh and chase each other around, it's usually Logan that can get Damon really laughing.

Logan Elijah

This past week we were up in Sandy with Morgan and it was so nice to see him ever day for a whole week. We had some funny things happen with Logan that I want to make sure I keep track of.

- Logan was walking around in circles around the van with Damon and he stopped at the back of the van and said "S-I-E-N-N-A--X-L-E spells, Momma Van!" it was hilarious, he was as serious as you could possible be for a 2 year old. He loves letters, so when he sees words he likes to spell them and then we usually tell him what it spells. I guess he's really picking up on things. :)

- Logan is fascinated and frightened by the vacuum. He loves to look at it when it's not turned on, but freaks out when you tell him you're going to turn it on. Well, I was vacuuming the house and he was having his usual panic attack and when I was done, I said, "see Logan, that wasn't so bad" Minutes later I hear him talking to Damon, "see, Damey, it's not so bad" and "see Papa, it's not so bad"

- Our challenge with Logan right now is still eating, he's super picky, but there are some days that he does really well.

- My favorite thing about Logan is that he loves to read stories now, not just flip through the book, he'll actually let you read the story and occasionally he'll repeat it back to you or spell the words. I love it!