Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015

You know those days, where you feel like you just can't win...this was that day.  I'm not even sure how I managed to spill a whole bunch of rice in the fridge, but rice is a pain to clean up.  

Logan had his first Pinewood Derby race.  He had fun painting and making his car.  I was so happy for him when he won 1st place in one of the heats.  Overall he did really well, I think about 10th and had he been a Webelow, he would have placed in the top 3.  He was pretty excited about that.

Over Labor Day Ty, Rachel, Ada, and Seth came to visit.  We had lots of fun playing together and hanging out.

I'm a sucker for the scholastic book flyers that get sent home with my kids, but this is why, they love when they get new books.
Rylea loves her veggies and dip...actually mainly just the dip, she'll eat it with a spoon if I give her one.

She's recently found the boys sunglasses and thinks she's pretty awesome with them.  She is so much like Logan was it's crazy!

And, she's a climber.  She loves to sit at the actual table, but I'm not quite ready to give up the high chair.
Her first little ponytail, it lasted about 3.2 seconds before she was pulling it out.  :(
Morgan was trying out a hammock so I let the kids get inside.  They thought it was pretty cool.
Jaron the cowboy.

This is disgusting.  Jaron's Popsicle fell off his stick, so he decided to just lick it up off the garage floor...yuck! (and of course, I didn't stop him, but encouraged him to do it again so I could get a picture ahahah)

We love practicing hair with Britters.
Note to self: Don't give Rylea a pen when you are waiting during carpool, especially if she doesn't have any canvas to write on but herself.

Sometimes she will only eat at the table and not in her high chair.  *sigh*

I love her looks that she gives us.

She loves yogurt and she loves feeling like she's a big girl.

Until next time....