Monday, September 27, 2010

September is over?

I'm not sure why September has passed so quickly. We had a few things going on this month, but I just can't believe that it's almost over.Damo had his birthday and turned 2....and acts like it. :) We had grandparents over for dinner on his birthday and he got to open a few presents. We went down to St. George that weekend to visit my parents too, but I forgot the camera, so I didn't get any pictures. He got lots of train stuff this birthday. He loves trains!
He hated the fire on the candles, but loved the cupcake, at least the cupcake part. Logan would eat the frosting/top for him, and then Damon would finish the rest.
He loves his Handy Manny tool shop. We've had a few battles over this toy, but they are learning to share....sort of. :)
Logan is a good big brother. Not quite sure how the birthday thing works when it's for someone else, but that's okay because Damon needed a little help opening his presents.
Logan loves to "hold" Tragon. He sits on the couch with the Boppy. I love the look of admiration on Tragon's face. They sat like this for over 30 minutes. It was really cute.
He're some more birthday pictures. Logan of course, hamming it up.
Some animals from Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock. His favorite song right now is 5 Little Monkeys (teasing mister Alligator....I'll have to get a video of Damon singing it, it's hilarious).
"Oh wow! Thanks!"
Damon did pretty well opening the presents, but still needed some help to get them started.
Classic Damon. Logan always runs for the tissue, but Damon is content to wipe it on his arm. I have to be more diligent when he has a cold, or he ends up with a forearm covering in dry boogars.
More loves from Logan (my pictures got out of order somehow, but I didn't care enough to fix it)
This is how Logan watches his shows on the computer. Arms behind the head chillin' It's pretty funny when he falls asleep like that too.
And my sweet Tragon who is growing just wonderfully and sleeping through the night.
We were finally able to catch a few smiles. He is smiling more often now, but I never have the camera around.
He has been such a good baby. It is getting a little more challenging with him being awake more during the day, but so far we're still alive. I guess that's about it for a quick update to get me back on track. Hopefully I won't fall behind another three weeks. Until next time....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tragon's Blessing

I have loved getting some rain lately. This picture doesn't do it justice, but there was an awesome double rainbow over our house last week.I like how you can see the sun glowing off the raindrops.
This past week has gone by fast and been busy and fun. I have to explain the beanie as it is definitely not beanie weather yet.
Whenever Logan gets hurt, he refuses to wear a band-aid, but if he hurts his foot, he immediately needs a sock to make it feel better.
This day he bumped his head pretty hard and as he was calming down said he needed a hat. We got the first hat we could find and this was it. I think he wore it for the rest of the day, even though it was about 90 degrees that day. :)
Damon is my little cheeser and troublemaker. He loves to test his boundaries and has definitely reached the "terrible twos" but he is so sweet and innocent looking that it's hard to stay upset for too long.
And Tragon is so patient with his older brothers who "love" him so much. He sleeps through all the crazy ruckus and loves to be in the same room as his big brothers.
This past weekend we blessed Tragon. All three boys have been blessed in this outfit. We didn't have quite the photo op that I was hoping for, but we still had a great day and Morgan gave a great blessing.
He's starting to get a little chunky and feel less breakable.
I love this little almost-smile. He has shown us a few big smiles, but I've never been able to get it on camera.
We tried to get all three boys, but Damon was not cooperating, so we had to settle for a few with Logan. We'll have to get some family pictures done here pretty soon.
We had quite the gathering at our house for the blessing and had a blast. It was fun to get to hang out with family that we don't see too often for a few days.
Of course, there was also a little napping going on. We did have 7 kids age 3 and under all together and considering that, they actually did really well together. Logan and Damon loved playing with their cousins.

Papa got some good quality snooze time in with Tragon.
Kashlynn snuggled right up to Morgan and read stories.
At one point I think he had about 4-5 kids around him listening to the stories. The kids were so worn out from running around, that most of them fell asleep while listening to stories....even Morgan. :)
Everyone headed home Sunday night, so we had Monday to recover before work started. We got a few errands done, I got a nap in (trying to get over another cold...blah) and the weather was perfect. We were outside playing with water, so we decided to wash the cars.
It actually kept the boys entertained for almost an hour, but we did realize that they only have the attention span for one car. We tried to wash the van too, and they just ended up splashing all the water around.
They felt so big helping daddy wash the car.
They were both soaked to the bone by the time they were done, but had a lot of fun. Other updates include the basement. Morgan, my dad, and brother worked pretty much all day on Saturday before the blessing and really hammered out a lot in the basement. We are very close to having all the framing done. I think Morgan could probably finish it with about 2-3 more good Saturdays of working. After that we'll get the rough electric done and then the rough plumbing. It's so exciting to see it all coming together. I know it's still going to take a while, but we are really making some good progress.

Logan has been doing great at potty training. We didn't last very long with the little potty, he goes on the big potty with a little potty seat now and I very rarely remind him to go, unless it's been quite a while since he's been. It's helped that he only gets a treat when he poops and not when he pees, I think that cut down how frequently he went by half. :) He still refuses underwear though, so he's my little commando boy. He's already trying to teach Damon how to use the potty, which is great, I only have to potty train one, and then they can teach each other.

I'm looking forward to some cooler weather and hopefully the Fall will be long and drawn out and we'll get some good times in before it's the bitter cold of winter. I love the snow, but I hate driving in it. I might have to cut my grocery shopping down to once a month in the winter. :) Anyway, until next time...