Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Days

I can't believe how few pictures I took during the Christmas holiday.  It was an awesome Christmas, one of the best!  This was my favorite tree so far, the boys did such a great job decorating it.

I loved my Wood Creations Christmas crafts this year.  The boys have been doing surprisingly well not to mess with them on the shelf.
Tragon was showing off his train track making skills.
Tragon loves his baby sister and is always around her making her happy.

This little cutie pie is just getting so big so fast.  She is such a sweet girl and such a good baby.
We did a little Christmas light looking.  There are several houses that really go all out, this is one of our favorites to drive by.
We made gingerbread houses with our friend this Christmas, the boys had a good time even though they just really wanted to eat all the treats.

Jaron doesn't usually take naps and hasn't for a while, but occasionally, he just can't take it anymore and crashes every once in a while.
My hair is getting longer and longer and I love it.
The boys with their new jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock.  Jaron would wear his all day every day if I let him.

We spent most of Christmas over at my mom's house.  With only a few incidents, one being the candied yams starting a fire in the kitchen.  It was hilarious, and we just scraped off the blackness and ate them anyway.  :)
I was taking Jaron grocery shopping later in the evening one night and the poor kid just could not stay awake, it was so funny watching his head bob around.  I finally got him to rest his head on his arms.
This Christmas was full of fun family times, miracles, blessings and answered prayers.  I will probably have Morgan write down his story, so I can get it in our book for the year.  I still need to catch up on this year, but I'm not too far behind yet.  I love my family and we are looking forward to one of the best years yet, I can just feel it!  Until next time....