Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Morgan's Picture Dump

These pictures are all from the last three months from Morgan's phone.
 This was from our crazy fun New Years Eve cousin sleepover.  Good times...good times...:)
 It's a real treat when the boys get to use the jetted tub.
 It gets pretty crazy with all the bubbles, Jaron almost got lost in them a couple times.
 Bear and Daddy getting ready for church.
 From our crazy winter adventure at the "Inn" in Filmore.
 I hope the boys remember how much fun they had.

 Because I'm not so sure this was the funnest part.  :)
 And somehow that one rotated on me again.  But I love my four little boys.
 Logan on the day he broke his arm.  His cast comes off next week.  Wahoo!
 Damon at his gymnastics review

 Tragon at his gymnastics review.

 They both have had a lot of fun in gymnastics.  We'll be taking a little break for soccer and the summer, but then we'll see what happens.
 Bear is our little couch potato

 Jaron's Birthday Party getting ready to eat.
 Opening some fun presents.

 He loved his dump truck
 He also loved his Ice Cream Cake
 Bear and Damon getting ready for movie night.
 This is typically how Jaron sits in "his" chair to watch a show
 Morgan took the boys hiking up behind our house one Saturday, they had a blast.

 I sure love my boys.

 We had some pretty bad wind storms and we got these ALL over in our grass, so sad.  :(
 Damon had a super reverent awesome Sunday a few weeks back, especially since we had two meetings to go to and drag them along after church.  When he wants to be good, dang, he is good!
 Mr. Bear again in his morning time spot.  He usually gets to watch a show while I'm helping the other boys with homework/piano/chores/etc in the morning.
 And over Spring Break, Morgan got to go shooting with some friends from work.
He had a good time, to be honest, I was a little jealous.  Maybe one of our first postpartum dates needs to be some target practice.  :)

With only 9 weeks left until we have our baby girl with us, I'm starting to really feel pregnant and waddle around.  I just hope she comes on her own and we don't have to do another c-section.  Until next time....

Monday, March 10, 2014

Catching Up on the Hadlock Shenanigans

So over the past month or so, here are a few noteworthy things...or at least things I got pictures of so I can remember them better.  :)
 We finally got our Solar Oven.  It has been really fun to experiment.  I'm even more excited with the time change though.  The sun will be in a better spot at better times during our scheduled day.  So far we have tried cookies and zucchini bread.  They both turned out really good.  Down side, stuff takes quite a bit longer to cook, plus side, I don't have to heat up the house with the oven, especially when it's going to get really hot here in the summer.  And it's just a fun toy to play with right now.

 We've been trying to read more with the boys and have some reading time each day.  Tragon's favorite books are Thomas the Tank Engine Books, Damon love Hot Wheels, LEGO, and Dr. Suess books, and Logan likes Flat Stanley, Magic Tree House, and whatever else he can find.
 Jaron and Tragon are laying with a fun toy that Grandma Hadlock sent for Bear's birthday...probably should have put that on the birthday post, oh well.
 This picture doesn't quite capture it, but when Damon falls asleep in the car his eyes usually stay open.  Kinda creepy and funny at the same time.  I love when all the boys fall asleep in the care when we pick Logan up.  I even go extra early so I can have some quiet time in the car.
 Tragon was throwing a major fit one day and I told him to go clean his room.  He thrashed around for a bit and yelled and screamed and then it stopped, so I went and checked on him and he was dead asleep.  :)  I guess every once in a while even he still needs a nap.
 One of our FHE activities was building towers with blocks and trying to knock them over with the Nerf darts.  The boys love it.  We found out they stick to jammies too.  hehehe

 I almost took my thumb off with our veggie slicer.  It was a big enough piece that I found it later too.  Kinda gross I know.  It's healing up quite nicely though.  And luckily I did not pass out or come close until after I changed the bandage that night before bed and Morgan was home with me to help.
 Tragon had another fight with his face.  He was running up the stairs and tripped and hit the corner of the stairs with his lips.  I was on the phone with tech support and it didn't look too bad, so I kind of ignored it.  It mostly looked like his chapped lips had cracked, but he was crying bloody murder.  I turned back a few seconds later and his mouth was full of blood and dripping on me.  Needless to say, I ended my conversation pretty quick and got him cleaned up.  His teeth split his upper lip pretty bad.  The pictures don't quite show the fatness of his lips because they were both pretty fat, but it was pretty funny to hear him talk for the next day or so while the swelling was going down.  I'm surprised at how fast the mouth injuries heal though, it was just a couple days until he was back to normal.
I love my wild and crazy boys, we have a lot of good times.  :)  Here's to more this year and staying more up to date on our blogging journal.  Until next time...

My Bear Turns 2

My little Jear-Bear is 2 now. It's actually been kind of nice not already having the baby in my arms now. :)  We had a fun family dinner for his birthday and he got to see all his cousins.  Not all of them are in the picture below, in fact I don't really even know if that was from his birthday party, but oh well.

The Saturday before his birthday we needed to go get his ice cream cake (he was so excited, walking around the house saying, ice ceem cake, ice ceem cake).  We decided to make a lunch out of it at Dairy Queen.  Jaron decided that it was more effective to just drink the BBQ Sauce and Fry Sauce.  He's the only boy who likes sauces on everything...just like his Daddy.  :)
Britters and Bear love to watch shows together.  Especially Dora and Oomi Zoomi.

I got him a birthday outfit quite a while ago, thinking I would still be in cold weather in February.  He's only been able to wear it a couple times before the weather has warmed up so much that it's already in the back of the closet.  Maybe he will still fit it when Winter rolls around again.

Jaron is such a Mama's Boy.  Whenever he is hurt or wants anything, or even sees I'm in the room, he comes to me.  Morgan will get lots of baby time with baby girl because of this I'm sure.  I think Jaron is already jealous.  

Jaron has quite the vocabulary now and is understandable for the most part.  He loves to play with his brothers, but would watch Ooomi Zoomi all day long if I let him (shhh, sometimes I do, hey I'm pregnant and he's a heavy boy to carry around all day now.)  He loves to make us laugh and tries to copy and do everything his "boys" do.  He still loves his blankie and I haven't the heart to break that bond yet.  It's better than a binky I suppose.

He loves cars and Thomas and right now he loves to sleep on the floor next to the fishy night light.  He definitely likes to be the boss and tell everyone what to do.  And don't even think about sitting in "his" chair.

He loves to give hugs and kisses and run around like crazy.  He loves to be outside playing in the dirt or riding Tragon's tricycle.  :)  He's a very sweet boy and fun to be around and we are so glad that he is part of our family.  We love you Jear-Bear.

Until next time...