Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Days

I can't believe how few pictures I took during the Christmas holiday.  It was an awesome Christmas, one of the best!  This was my favorite tree so far, the boys did such a great job decorating it.

I loved my Wood Creations Christmas crafts this year.  The boys have been doing surprisingly well not to mess with them on the shelf.
Tragon was showing off his train track making skills.
Tragon loves his baby sister and is always around her making her happy.

This little cutie pie is just getting so big so fast.  She is such a sweet girl and such a good baby.
We did a little Christmas light looking.  There are several houses that really go all out, this is one of our favorites to drive by.
We made gingerbread houses with our friend this Christmas, the boys had a good time even though they just really wanted to eat all the treats.

Jaron doesn't usually take naps and hasn't for a while, but occasionally, he just can't take it anymore and crashes every once in a while.
My hair is getting longer and longer and I love it.
The boys with their new jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock.  Jaron would wear his all day every day if I let him.

We spent most of Christmas over at my mom's house.  With only a few incidents, one being the candied yams starting a fire in the kitchen.  It was hilarious, and we just scraped off the blackness and ate them anyway.  :)
I was taking Jaron grocery shopping later in the evening one night and the poor kid just could not stay awake, it was so funny watching his head bob around.  I finally got him to rest his head on his arms.
This Christmas was full of fun family times, miracles, blessings and answered prayers.  I will probably have Morgan write down his story, so I can get it in our book for the year.  I still need to catch up on this year, but I'm not too far behind yet.  I love my family and we are looking forward to one of the best years yet, I can just feel it!  Until next time....

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November in a Nut Shell

The boys adore their baby sister and take good care of her.  They are always willing to help when I ask them to help Rylea with something.  :)

Ada and Rylea

We got to go to Time Out for Women in Las Vegas this year and it was so good!! I loved it and I'm already planning on going next year to the St. George session in November.  It was a much needed break and rejuvenation.  Now I just need to keep going back to my notes to remember stuff.

This is the dress that she never actually wore.  I saw it at the store and though it was so cute, I put it on and glitter just falls like crazy.  I put it on and after a couple minutes everything was covered in glitter, so I snapped a picture and changed her clothes.  :)

Logan is still my pickiest eater by far.  This was a night when he was particularly grumpy about trying something, so I snapped a picture of his best grumpy face, he though that was pretty funny actually and it helped keep some peace at dinner time.

I love my little Jear-Bear.  I think this mustache was from a drinkable yogurt.  He liked them for about a week and then didn't like them anymore.  So fickle.
Logan worked really hard to earn and save up money.  He went to the store with about $60 and came out with his own remote control car.  After this experiment I decided I'm never buying toys for my kids (unless it's birthday or Christmas) because they take such good care of their stuff when they were the one that had to buy it.  I love it!
The kiddos love playing with the Legos at Grandma's house.
Logan loves his baby sister.  As far as looks go, these two look the most alike.  Sometimes when she's in the high chair and I'm feeding her I think it's Logan for just a split second and then she makes her unmistakable squeal and I know it's my Rylea-Girl.
For Thanksgiving we went up north to celebrate with the Hadlock side.  The weather was gorgeous and such a blessing.  The kids were able to play outside a lot without even a jacket on.  It was great!  We went to the new museum at Thanksgiving Point the day after Thanksgiving.  It was pretty crowded, but the kids still had a blast and it was something fun to do with family.

We had a good November.  Next year I think one of my goals is going to be to keep more on top of the blog and try to get back into doing a weekly blog, since, this is my journal and we are at a really awesome time in our lives and I want our kids to be able to look back on our blog books and have fun memories.  Until next time.....

Friday, October 31, 2014

October Fun

One of the cutest smiles we've caught on camera.
Daddy and Rylea lovin' some General Conference.  :)

Jaron playing outside with a buddy.  I love that it's October and we are still in flip flops and shorts.

Logan was having a particularly hard day with life and decided he would just run away.  When Damon brought the note to me, I just busted up laughing.  I just kept laughing until Logan finally came out of his hiding spot to ask what was so funny,
Logan is such an awesome big brother.  He sure has grown up a lot this past year.

I love those crazy boys of mine.  They just can't get enough of the outdoors.  I'm glad we finally have a wall up in the back yard so I can send them out to play in the dirt.

We did a family home evening by the fire pit.  It was really fun.  A lot of work, but fun.  I hope it's a memory that the boys will remember.

Just playing some Plinko at the GWA Carnival.
Yeah, we found a tarantula in our backyard, and that's a quart jar, not a pint jar.  Eeeek!

This is what happens when Jaron doesn't want to take a nap.

Cutest pumpkin in the world.
Tragon was Spiderman for Halloween this year.  I opted to just buy costumes since they have been enjoying dress up play time lately, I figure it's an investment since three of them wear the same size practically.

And, bad mom moment, I don't think I actually got a picture of Logan and Damon in their costumes.  Hopefully Morgan did and they will someday eventually end up on the right post.  :)  Damon was Ironman and Logan was a vampire.  Halloween was fun this year, the kids did great and our neighborhood had a little party.  I'm looking forward to many more fun times and being better at blogging starting....tomorrow...until next time....