Monday, June 28, 2010

Umm, Basically the rest of June in a Nutshell

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted and quite a bit has happened. Having our baby is not one of them, but hopefully soon, I'm growing very impatient to have our little Tragon in the family. Anyway, so clear back to June 12th. Morgan flew out to Minneapolis for almost a week to take his big final Dosimetry Board Exam. YAY it's done with!!!!! We won't know the results for probably another 6 weeks or so, but we're pretty sure that he passed, but if he didn't he feels like at least he knows a better way to study and a little more how to go about things. It was a pretty busy and stressful week not having him there and we missed him so much.

I have some wonderful friends who helped out with the kids while I had appointments. I finally had my last dentist appointment for what was about a year long procedure. YAY! And we even had some friends come over about midnight while I went to go get Morgan at the airport Wednesday night.

Just after Morgan got home the kids both got a really bad eye infection. It started with Logan, then it got his other eye, and then it got one of Damon's eye's. The dr. never said it was pinkeye, just a bacterial infection. Those eye drops were torture to put in and they sure put up a fight. Logan has some seriously tough eyelid muscles. :) Then after the eye infections cleared up we all got colds. Logan is pretty much better, but Damon is still hanging on to his cough, as am I after about a week. Morgan has been pretty busy lately too, but on Saturday I was finally able to take a"rest" day and Morgan took care of us and I think I'm starting on the uphill now.

On Friday 25th we had the Hadlock Family Reunion. It was fun and our kids actually did quite well for not feeling well. We locked the keys in the van and Morgan had to get a ride down to Lehi and get the spare key ( he was gone for about an hour and a half, maybe two hours) least we had a spare key...and we got the diaper bag out before the doors closed. :) As tiring as it was, it was still fun.

Me and Damon stayed home again on Sunday (the Sunday before because of eye infections). Logan made it through one hour of nursery before he was ready to come home too, so we watched some movies until Daddy got home. I got to take a nap and then we had some friends over for dinner and games. They smoked us at Monopoly Deal, so I think there is definitely a re-match on the horizon.

I have a doctor appointment today in just a little while. Today is the day we talk about different labor options, and as much as I would like this baby to come on his own and be patient, if I can have him a little early, I'm all for it. Logan was induced a day or two after his due date and Damon was induced a week early and still bigger than Logan, so at this point I'm all for it, it's all I've known. Being pregnant in the summer is tough...being pregnant in the summer and sick with a bad cough is even worse. I'm afraid I'm going to cough this baby right out. :) So, hopefully my "due date" will get bumped up just a little bit. Until next time.....when I have the energy to post some pictures.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A/C or Heater?

This past week we had some fun. We had a picnic in the park during one of Morgan's study breaks. It was really good weather.The kids know exactly what happens when we get the blanket out and Damon will crowd around the lunchbox to see what's inside.
Then he found the camera and thought that was more interesting. :)
I'm not sure why Logan was clinging on to Morgan, someone might have come over and said hi and he went all shy, but I thought they were sweet pictures.
Both the boys have started to balance out their mommy's-boy vs daddy's-boy and we get to both enjoy those times.
And of course Logan's silly cheese smile.
I think this was actually on Sunday and we decided to have a picnic dinner on the porch. We had popsicles and of course made a mess, so we figured it was warm enough to whip out the hose and clean off the porch and sidewalk.
Both the boys loved playing in the water and especially getting drinks from the hose. I can't wait until the weather is more consistent and we can do this more often.
I was actually surprised at how much Logan loved being in the water, he usually hates to be messy or wet.
And Damon wanted to be just like his big brother.
Logan is telling us about the ants that we washed away on the sidewalk. They like to talk to the bugs and the ants...and then they stomp on the them. I'm allergic to ants, but I don't know if they are, but I don't want to really have to find out the hard way.

Our air conditioner was having some glitches, but we got that fixed and it was sooo nice to have cool crisp air flowing through the house....and then yesterday, I had to turn on the heater...yes, I had to turn the heater back on in the middle of June! I woke up and our house was like 60 degrees. And it turned out that we ended up just leaving it on for the day and it's still on, but I'm hopeful that by the end of the day I'll be able to turn it off again.

We woke up early today and took Morgan to the airport. He takes his big Dosimetry Board Exam tomorrow in Minneapolis. Then he'll be there until late Wednesday night at the big annual Dosimetry Conference. We're sure going to miss him and be praying for him that he'll pass his test the first time (which I'm sure he will). Once it's finally finished we'll get to breath a sigh of relief and school will really really really be done. Our next big event will probably be the baby and then we're going to try and get started on our basement this summer. I'm excited, anxious, and ready for both to happen. :) Until next time...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Goodman Family Vacation

These past couple of weeks have gone by pretty quick. We had a really good Memorial Day and Goodman Family Reunion. First off though, are you jealous, this is our morning view while we're eating breakfast. I love it. The sunrises have been really pretty with the clouds hanging around still. :)

The Goodman Family reunion was over Memorial Day weekend. On Thursday night my parents and brother & fam came up and spent the night so we could leave early Friday morning for Albion, ID. There's a little historical site that has been turned into sort of a family reunion gathering place. It was really neat. We got there and it was quite chilly. We had been hoping for some warm weather all week, but it was rainy and cold the first day. That actually turned out to be okay though, it gave everyone a chance to visit and catch up and sort of get settled in to the place.Saturday warmed up a little bit and Damon loved being outside. That was probably the word he used most...outside..outside. Morgan took him out on the banana bikes and he loved going for rides. Even if he was as frozen as a popsicle, he still wanted to be outside.

On Saturday a lot of the cousins (those my age/generation) got together and had a little airsoft gun game, Morgan said it was fun and didn't hurt as bad as he thought, at least through his jacket. After that several of the guys - including Morgan - drove up to Burley, ID (about 15 minutes away) and played some golf. After that he took up watching the kids while I played in the Minute to Win it game that we had. It was really fun, I wish I would have taken some more pictures. I got out pretty quick though, my reflexes just aren't what they used to be...I'm definitely ready to have this baby (and I still have 7 1/2 weeks to go).
So, while Morgan was away, we tried to play outside when it was warmer. The boys like playing with the tether ball, until Damon got hit in the face, cold nose, hard ball, yeah, it hurts.
But he did enjoy it when he was able to play by himself. And there was a lot of open space to just let them run around. We had a big bounce house set up, but I don't think my kids like those very much, at least not when there are a lot of other kids playing in them.
The wind kept coming and going making badminton quite a difficult task, but on Sunday they were able to get some good games of volleyball and badminton going.
Logan and Kashlynn loved playing on the stage and came up with quite some funny stories and performances for me. I wish I could remember them all.
There was one about tying shoes and Logan attempting tying his shoes that were already tied. Something about a monster and a carousel and his shoelaces???

Anyway, Sunday was a gorgeous day and a perfect way to end the reunion. We had softball games going, volleyball, indoor games and tons of fun, despite several people getting pretty sick. We were lucky enough to avoid the worst and Damon only ended up with a fever for a couple days, which was probably a good thing because even when he was tired and slowed down a little for that, that little boy had sooo much energy and just loved to get into things.

After the reunion my mom came to stay with me for a couple days. I had a dentist appointment and a doctor appointment that she was here for. It was nice to have an in-home babysitter for a while. We're going to miss her. She'll be back end of July though when I have the baby. Thanks for all your help while you were here mom!!

Morgan only has 1 more week until he takes his big test and we both can hardly wait. It will be so nice to have my husband back and I'm sure he's looking forward to having a lot of stress off his shoulders. He's been working so hard and I'm pretty sure he'll pass the first time, even if he has his moments of self-doubt. I love you honey!

Well, I guess that's all for now, I better go turn on Thomas the Tank Engine before Damon has a total meltdown and so I can get the kitchen cleaned. Until next time.....