Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

Logan had his raingutter regatta for Boy Scouts and they built boats/rafts and floated them down a little stream that runs through one of the parks.  It was pretty fun.  The boys have gone back again to splash around in the stream with Daddy.

We had our big Goodman Family Reunion up in Heber at Solider Hollow.  It was really fun.  My boys were all old enough that I didn't really worry about them too much.  There were tons of trees to climb, places to explore and cousins to play with .  Ada and Jaron are being good helpers in getting the camp chairs to the tent site.

There were some rain storms and cold moments, but mostly it was perfect weather.  During the rainy times we came inside the kitchen/cafeteria area and played games.

Rylea enjoyed her first peanut butter and chocolate sandwich.  I think she liked it.  :)

There was a mossy pond and the kids loved going "fishing" with their big branches to see who could get the biggest fist.  Surprisingly no one fell in, I thought for sure it would be one of my boys.

We went on the Heber Creeper.  Our whole family took up almost an entire car.  I think the kids had fun.  It was nice to just "have" to sit down for a couple hours.  And we got a family picture...I couldn't decide which one was best, so they all made it on the blog.

I got to sit with Jaron, and Sequoia, and Rlyea and Tragon.  Tragon fell asleep within the first 5 minutes, it was a perfect naptime.

 We have loved doing swimming lessons with Aunt Patty again this summer, Logan and Damon can swim without life jackets and I bet Tragon will be there next Summer.  Rylea loves the water!

And she loves to play Peek a Boo.

Jaron loves stamp pads, but I don't think that he knows you're not supposed to kiss them...This is one of the many times he ends up with inked lips and face...and hands...we'll have to have a chat about tattoos a little earlier with this little guy I suppose.  :)

My Rylea girl is getting bigger and bigger.  She gets into everything she possibly can.  She can stand up all by herself, but refuses to take a step. She'll get there eventually, and I'm in no rush, she's get around just fine to make lots of messes for me.

Rylea girl hanging out with cousin Harlee at Grandma's house.  I've been going over once a week to do piano lessons with them in the mornings.

Rylea loves to look out the window at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We've been trying to get into a better reading routine before school starts back up, and I found Jaron joining in the fun the other day.  Haha.  He was dead serious about his reading time that day.

I love my family.  We've had a lot of fun this summer and we still have another month to go, but it's going by really fast.  A couple other noteworthy items.  Morgan finished his last semester teaching at Weber, the commute was getting too rough.  And I went through real estate school and got my license active again.  I'm excited to sell a few houses each year and hopefully make up the income we're giving up from Weber.  I know my first priority will always be my home and family, but now that more and more of my kids are going to be in school, I need something to do during naptime, right?  :)  Until next time.....