Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day

This week was lots of fun. I had my camera with me the whole time too, but didn't take very many pictures. Logan is such a copycat and I'm sure I've said that a million times now, but the other day I was giving Damon some juice and Logan kept saying, juice, juice and ran in the living room and laid down like Damon. It was too cute. They are such good brothers for each other.
Our life would be terribly boring without them. :) So, after all the fun last weekend, we spent the first couple days just catching up with everything, cleaning, laundry, sleep, etc.

Damon still loves his food. I can't wait until we finally have a dining area without carpet under the table! Lunch time is now quite the process between getting them both fed and cleaning up after them...well mostly Damon.

He's so happy when he gets to feed himself. He loves any kind of fruit, but as you can see on his tray he does like his peas too.
On Thursday morning I got the kids packed up and headed to Green River, WY to have a sleepover with my sister in law and my mom. My mom had been up there helping with the new baby and they invited me over, so I figured, why not. It actually wasn't that bad of a drive, the kids were really good.
We got there and went to a splash park, it was really fun! I was too occupied with the boys though that I didn't get any pictures. :( Damon loved sitting by the water and once Logan got wet he enjoyed it more, until he got stuck in a water sprinkler, I think it scared him when it splashed up all around him and he gets cold really quick too when we play in water. He didn't last as long as I thought he would, but we still had fun.
We had lunch and then 3 of the 4 babies took a nap while we played some Canasta and Logan watched a movie. I got slaughtered, but I made up for it by winning the game we played later that night when all the kids were in bed. :)
After the nap we went for a walk. Lincoln didn't get too far before he got too pre-occupied with stuff, but Logan was doing surprisingly well, so Quel and Linc headed back and Me, Logan, & Damon continued around the block. This was the first time he's done really well with a walk without the wagon, it really gave me hope for doing this more often. We hung out some more and then got the kids to bed and of course played more Canasta.
I really had a blast and I'm glad that I made the trip up there. I brought my mom back to Lehi with us, we left early in the morning so Quel and her babies could sleep in. We stopped at McDonald's and got breakfast and headed home. With grandma in the car helping keep my kids occupied the drive went much faster.
That evening we went to a Hadlock group birthday party. Nola and Brayden were in town, so we celebrated his birthday too. I can't believe he's almost 2! We stayed for a while and played until Damon was getting pretty tired and ready to go, so we headed back and watched some TV with Grandma and Papa, my dad had come up to drive home with my mom. They stayed with us Friday night and babysat our kids while Morgan and I went to the Draper Temple early Saturday morning. It felt soo good to be there.
We got back from the temple and my parents headed home, and Morgan helped me the clean the house a bit before headed over to his brother's house to help with some tiling in their basement. Nola came over and played for a little bit and we went for a walk, then me and the boys just hung out for the day and relaxed. This weekend went by a little too fast for me again. I can't believe there is only one more week left of July. It's crazy, where did the summer go? We'll just keep cramming in the fun though while it lasts before Morgan has to start hitting the books to study for the boards. Until next time...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Goodman Family Fun

What an awesome week! I have quite a few pictures too, so this ought to be a fun post. We had some free meals at KFC an so we went there a couple times this week and let me tell you Damon LOVES the macaroni and cheese. He actually loves just abut any food, especially if it's from your plate, but he devoured this. And you can tell he was pretty happy about it.
It sure does make a mess though. I love his little teeth. He has 6 right now, 4 on top and 2 on bottom, but I'm thinking he's getting ready to bust a couple more out. :)

Damon and Logan love to play in the laundry baskets when I'm doing laundry.

Damon had pushed this into the kitchen and I was trying to unload the dishwasher and he kept trying "help" me, so I put him in the hamper and Logan climbed in with him. It was great.

Despite the fact that it looks like Logan is going to take a bite out of Damon's nose, he was really giving him great big kisses.
We had the Goodman Family Reunion this weekend, so on Thursday night my brother Steve and his wife Kim and kids Kashlynn and Harlee came up along with my parents to stay with us until the reunion. We went to the zoo on Friday and we had a blast. We started off with a little train ride.

This is Damon and Harlee chillin' while we're watching the elephant show. Damon didn't like to be sitting still for very long, so I ended up holding him for the show.

Logan is getting ready to see the elephants. My mom was so excited to come to the zoo with us, but she got sick and had to stay back at the hotel room and try to recuperate. We missed grandma, but we tried to take lots of fun pictures for her.

This is Dari, the oldest elephant at the zoo, and I think they might have said the oldest at any zoo. She is 49 and the average elephant age is about 42.

This is Logan getting ready for the bird show, which was soooo cool. If you go to Hogle Zoo, go see the bird show, it's so worth it.

Damon did pretty well too, he was a little squirmy waiting for the bird show, but I think he had fun once it started.

Logan and Kashlynn posing with the gorilla.

Don't mind my husband, he thinks he's raising Tarzan I guess. Damon wasn't fooled though, he knows his real mama. :)

Logan loved the giraffes. I think that was probably his favorite part.

I love that big grin of his.
Things were winding down after lunch and few visits, so we decided to hit the carousel before we went back home to do some swimming.

Steve and Kashlynn on the polar bear.

Morgan and Logan on the lion. Damon and Harlee were too tired for the carousel. We got home from the zoo and were hoping the kids would sleep longer, but no. So, we suited up and headed to our pool. It was really nice weather for swimming and we were there for probably a good 45 minutes or so, which is about all that Logan can handle anyway. I forgot the camera, so I don't have any pictures from that. But we sure had a fun-filled Friday.

On Saturday we headed up to Heber for the annual Goodman Family Reunion. We have several unicyclers in the family, Kim, my dad, Dustin, my Uncle Glen, and probably more that I'm not aware of. It was fun to watch them all.
We had a huge bounce house up there. Logan had fun, and Damon really loved it. Neither of them are in this picture, but they both had a blast.

We also had a huge inflatable slide. Morgan took Logan on it a couple times, but the water was cold that Logan didn't like it, especially when Morgan "let" Logan go by himself. He was pretty clingy after that. The water slide was great though. Morgan went down and where the two pieces of the slide connect he disappeared under the tarp and you couldn't tell where he was, it was a hoot.

This is my brother Mike taking his son Lincoln up. Lincoln actually really liked the water slide. He went on it several times.
More unicycling. This is my dad getting ready to go again.

And he's up! We all had such a great time at the reunion. This was a really jam-packed, fun-filled weekend.

This is a cute video of Logan and Kashlynn jumping all over. My parents got here before Kim and Steve and had brought Kash with them. I kept Logan awake because I knew he would want to play. You wouldn't think it, but he was almost asleep before they got there. The two of them sure had a ton of fun this weekend! Until next time....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Timpanogos Caves

This week was filled with lots of fun and some pretty good pictures, so I'll let them tell the story. This is how Damon likes to watch TV. Unfortunately he is a TV Junkie and will watch anything, while we were so ecstatic when Logan would finally sit through Cars. He's always on the go though, walking back and forth in front of the TV.

I can't resist his cute little face.

This is Logan at our swimming pool. We've been trying to go more often to get out of the house and just to have some fun. Logan is so dang skinny though that he's always freezing within a few minutes, even if it's really hot outside. He can float by himself for a while when he has his arm floaties on too, but he gets nervous and starts reaching for me saying, mommy mommy, mommy, that's really the only time he even calls me mommy, it's usually momma.

Damon loves the water and still has an extra layer of fat to keep him warm. :) He's really content to just play with a few toys and kick around in the floaties, which is nice because then I can handle taking them to the pool by myself.

This is just random of Logan. I think he's hitting that phase where he likes to "dress up" He puts stuff on his head and calls anything a hat and lately he's been putting my shoes on too. :)

I baked my very first pie ever, it was a scrumptious apple pie and it turned out sooo good. I made another one for Morgan's work, I hope it's as good as the first one. It was really fun to have another little success in the kitchen. :) It's keeps me motivated to try new things.

My boys, just enjoying a snack while I'm cleaning up my mess in the kitchen after breakfast one day.

Damon is stealing Logan's graham cracker. Most the time Logan is actually really nice to share, which is great, except when he tried to give Damon a whole grape...not so great, good thing I was right there when he was trying to give it to him.

I sure love my cute boys!

This weekend we got to go to the Timpanogos Caves. It was soooo awesome!!! We are going to make it at least a yearly tradition.

It was really nice to have both kids in the packs, although we did underestimate the steepness of the hike to the caves, but we both still made it.

I had to give Damon my Camelbak straw so he would stop grabbing at my hair. :)

Logan had a good time, but I think Damon enjoyed it more overall. Logan really wanted to get down and run around.

Damon was resting his head on mine for a lot of the hike, it was really cute.

At the top we had to wait a while until our actual tour time, so the kids got to run around a little bit. You can't take the big backpacks with you, so we did have to carry the kids a little ways up.

This was a cool stalactite.

There are several little pools of water in the caves...the pictures totally don't do it justice.

Me and Damon in the caves.

The heart of Mt. Timpanogos. The guide told us a really cool story, but I don't remember all the details, so I'll have to look it up again.

Our family picture in the caves.

Logan has had an increased appetite for books lately...which is great, because I'm re-reading the Twilight Series right now, so one day we spent a good half and hour reading books on the couch while Damon was sleeping. Logan just kept getting more books and "reading" them out loud, I should have gotten some video of that.

I hope he keeps that love of reading as he is really learning to read. :)

Damon really likes books too. These are some of my favorite times and make me extra grateful for my husband who loves to read books and spend time with our kids. I love you Morgan!! Well, I think that's about it. Until next time....