Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 23rd - May 29th

It's the last week of school!! I don't know who is more excited, me or the boys...probably me.  This was Damon's note for all the things to do at Father and Sons campout.  I think they did most of it too. :)

These boys of mine are crazy, wild, caring, fun, loving, stubborn, silly, playful, happy, and just awesome all around, I'm so grateful for my boys.
Damon was really excited for field day so he set out his clothes the night before. They were really excited to have free dress day the whole last week of school.
Sometimes I can get her to let me put a bow in her hair and she keeps it there for long enough to take a picture.

Her new game is hide and seek...but only when it's time to change her diaper.  As soon as she sees you getting the diaper and wipes she runs and hides somewhere.

We inherited some kid size recliners from my mom when she retired from teaching.  I think Rylea loves them the most, with Damon in a close second.

Play Doh time building 3-D shapes.
Tragon's kindergarten graduation.  :)  He did so awesome and has grown so much.  I'm really looking forward to one more year of growth though, we are still a little stuck in the tantrum stage.
Morgan found a great deal on a canoe and has been wanting one for a long time, so we went for it.  We had to put a little money in to it to repair one seat and to repair a patch, but we took it out to Sand Hollow this weekend and it was so fun.

The boys loved playing in the water even though it was pretty cold and they loved the canoe.  Damon and Logan liked it the best.  I went out once with Logan and it was fun, then right as we are getting out he leaned to far to get out and we both went overboard.  It was funny and not funny at the same time, I have a huge bruise on my leg from trying to catch myself.

The best part for me was seeing Morgan with his boys.  I love when we get a chance to do family activities.  :)

I'm sure we will be doing the canoe thing a lot this Summer and have lots more fun stories to tell.  Until next time....

May 16th - 22nd

We had a little head butt injury with Jaron and Auri.  They were running out to the trampoline and bonked heads and Jaron ended up with a huge fat lip.

It healed pretty quickly though, within a few days you couldn't even tell it happened.

We've been trying to do more fun activities at home to get through these last couple weeks of school.  Today it was a water color day.  :)

And lots of playing outside in the beautiful weather before it gets too hot.

Logan loves to be prepared for anything.  They've been doing Nerf wars lately with friends.  It's been fun, but I think we are almost out of darts.

Rylea's many faces.  When she is being shy or hiding from you she closes her eyes.

We got camping hammocks for our anniversary, Real soon we are going to have a sleep over outside and sleep in them  :)

We LOVE having grass in the backyard, it has really made a difference how much we enjoy it back there.

Damon's beautiful stencil art from school.

We were waiting for Daddy outside at church one week and Logan wanted me to take pictures.

I'm sure a lot more happened this week, but I kind of got behind on the blog, so I'm just playing catch up and going off our pictures.  We are definitely ready for Summer (not the heat though) so we can play and have fun as a family and spend time together.  Until next time...

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 9th - 15th

What a fun week!  I can finally do my baby's hair..sort of, when she lets me, and then if usually only lasts for a few minutes.  I think we ended up with half an hour with this bow in.  :)  She's cute with our without her hair done.

 We went to Logan's last baseball game of the season.  The coach was nice enough to buy all the players a snow cone after the game.  The kids did really well during the game and we found a nice shady spot to sit and they found a fun bush to play in.

 Logan's team was the Tincaps, coached by Ryan Turman.  It was a good season, if he decides to keep playing, he will have to keep up on his skills of his own accord during the off season.

 What, who doesn't suck on their toes while watching Dora?
 Morgan took the three older boys to Father and Sons camp out.  Apparently it was quite the experience.  They got a little turned around on the way up (along with everyone else because they didn't get the signs up soon enough).  Tragon had a really bad migraine for the first time and threw up all over Logan's camp chair.  That led to missing out on the fireside stuff, but overall the kids had a blast!!!  I stayed home and helped Jenny mow her lawn and then we ate Cafe Rio and watch Once I Was a Beehive.  It was a really cute movie.  We loved it.

 The weather is warming up and the water time is coming.  Saturday afternoon after the camp-out was just a free for all while we got cleaned up.  I'm sure there was a lot of mud and water that's kind of a blur.  :)

 Saturday May 14th was also Rylea's 2nd birthday!!!  I can't believe she's 2 already!

 Thanks Grandma Hadlock for all the cool stuff.

 The boys love her cooking set and she has to fight them off to play with it.

Look at those studly sons of Helaman.  :)  I Love my boys!  They are a handful, but so fun to be around.  Sunday was kind of a long day playing catch up from the crazy weekend, I think about 4 of the 7 of us (Damon, Tragon, Jaron, Dadd-O) all took a little nap during sacrament.  :)

Until next time...