Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oct 18th-Oct 24th

Brittyn left her doll here on Monday and this little girl loved it!  She walked around the house for two days carrying the baby.  I think I know what to get her for Christmas this year.  :)

 I'm the 3rd Counselor in the Primary Presidency and we have a huge primary and are still growing really fast.  One of the projects I took on was to make some seat covers for the teacher chairs so parents and subs would know where to go.  I can't say they are super professional, but I can say I have really done my best and I'm pleased with how they are turning out.  We have a little pocket where we can print of a quarter sheet and stick it in.  We are already thinking of multiple uses for these covers.  This calling is probably going to be more demanding and time consuming than being Relief Society Secretary, but I'm working with some great ladies and I'm excited and think it will be a really fun calling.
 This Little Foot loves to go down the stairs forward now, it scares me to death, but she's pretty good.  When she can't reach the rail, she just uses the wall to keep her balance.

 Morgan had his last combined activity with the ward we just split from.  They got to watch a question and answer interview with the Piano Guys, I was a little jealous.  I love Piano Guys.  Even though we split we still have the majority of the youth too.  Morgan was called to be Deacon's Quorum Advisor again, so he stayed in the same spot, so did most of the other Young Men leaders, so he's happy about that.
 We've been really focusing on Tragon to help him not be so violent on his tantrums and to listen the first time we ask him to do something.  I'm happy to say he's definitely improved, but I think because we've been focusing and giving Tragon so much positive attention that this fella right here is getting a little jealous because this week the volume and anger from Damon has increased, so I guess next/this week is his turn to make some anger management goals.  I don't really feel like Morgan and I are angry people, I'm not sure where they get it.  Either way, I'm feeling the challenge of having so many kids and trying to help them through the tough stages and give them all enough attention.  I know if we are trying the Lord will help us and bless us to find the time to help them, but it's really hard when you feel like they ALL need you RIGHT NOW.
 My favorite part of the week was Friday when Morgan came home and said his boss had a couple extra tickets to Piano Guys at Tuacahn, which of course I said yes we are going and I had about and hour and a half to find a babysitter.  We did and it was awesome!  It was so nice to go on a grown up date with my man.  And it was really cool watching them in person.  There is something about music that is able to take you beyond our mortal comprehension and give you a glimpse at the divine.  It was a really neat experience and I'm glad I got to share it with my eternal companion.
It doesn't look like it from this picture, but we actually had really good seats, we were close enough to see facial expressions without having to rely on the screen.

I hope this video works out okay, It might be sideways, I always forget to turn my camera the right way so I don't have to adjust all my pictures and video..for some reason, I thought that was automatic?  Anyway, Tragon loves his little sister and has always been one to make her laugh.  I love when the kids have fun and laugh together.

We finished up the week getting some cleaning done around the house and resting, Morgan has a cold and hasn't been feeling super great this week.  Speaking of updates there, I guess I ought to post for posterity, he went in for another brain MRI and also did a spine MRI, the brain came back just like last time, so no changes there, just the same 3 lesions, but the spine was clear which sort of but not completely rules out MS.  Either way, it just means a different direction to figure out what is causing all of his health problems.  I have faith that we will figure it out. In the meantime we are trying to learn patience.

Until next time...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Half of October

My goal is to update our blog once a week now that we have 2:30 church time...we have plenty of time before church to work on family history.  :)  This is two weeks worth of pictures, so hopefully next week I'll have it down to 1.
 When Rylea hears the microwave and knows it's her bottle she rolls over and lays down for it.  This day she didn't quite make it down the stairs before it was done so she just found a nice spot on the stairs.  Haha.

 For Conference weekend we went up and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Hadlock and took family pictures.
 The boys had a blast up there.
 They played hard and took more frequent naps.  :)  I think this was during or in between a session.

 Rylea didn't sleep too well during the night, but she would take a couple naps if we held her during the day.

 We went up to the condo in Snowbird and the boys loved it.  We will have to make that a tradition each year.

 The boys slept quite a bit on the way home.
 This was too funny not to post.  Damon was learning about body systems at school and this was his digestive system picture, complete with waste disposal.  :)
 A rainbow, the picture isn't too awesome, but it was beautiful.

 Rylea's pony tail lasted about 3 seconds before she pulled in out.  Her hair was so crazy we ended up cutting it all off so it can have a chance to grow in a little more even.
 And then I chopped my hair too!  I like changing things up every couple of years.
 I love my new haircut, its super easy to do and I don't get the headaches from my heavy ponytails.

 And just for the record, I hate selfies, but these ones weren't too bad.
 Logan earned his Bobcat at his last pack meeting.

 That kid is going to be a good scout.  He's very by the book about everything.

 Me and Raquel bottled some apples.  I've been on a bottling craze lately.  I've bottled chicken, peaches, apples, and beans.
 We found a tarantula in the neighborhood.

 The boys all took turns petting it and wanted to keep it.  (uh, no thank you)

 Damon loves to read to Rylea and play with her.

 We love hanging out at the park.

 The boys' school had a carnival last weekend and we went, they had fun roaming around.  Logan Washington

 Damon Washington
 Logan Washington
 Tragon Washington

 We had cupcakes for something...not sure what, but Rylea loved it.

 We are starting to gear up for Halloween, Jaron is Crusher from Skylanders

 We decorated Halloween cookies at Jenny's house.  It's become an annual thing.
 Some lady drove her car into Morgan's office.  Luckily he wasn't sitting there, but was still in the room.  It was pretty scary.

 Fall Break at the park again after a walk.

 Rylea sneaks food from the pantry now, her favorite is cereal.  I love that she figured it out all on her own.

 Yesterday to finish off Fall Break, Morgan too all the boys on a Father Son hike while I went grocery shopping with Rylea...hmmmm, might be a good pattern, boys off hiking, girls off shopping.  :)

 I love those boys.  And they love to be with their dad in the great outdoors.

 They hike up to the airport hill and got watch planes take off and land.
 Then they marched down like a little army troop back to the house.  I was surprised at how long they were out and about and everyone came home happy.
I know that I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I know we have our challenges and struggles, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.  Until next time....