Monday, June 3, 2013

Phone Dump

Wow, it's been a while and a LOT has happened.  I probably have a lot of details, but some captions here and there.
A few weeks ago, Tragon landed right on his teeth on the edge of the couch.  It jammed one tooth almost all the way back up.  We did what we could, but we just had to wait until the next day (Monday) to go in and get x-rays.

 Luckily, everything was okay and he didn't damage his permanent teeth, but he will be a little redneck for a while.

 It could take several weeks for the tooth to come back down.  Then, the next day, he bonked the other tooth back up a little bit, poor kid.  It's going a little dark, but the dentist said that is normal and it should be fine.  Good thing these are just the baby teeth and he'll lose them anyway.  :)
 My kids love playing outside on the big dirt mounds that pop up every so often when a new home is being built.
 Logan had a research project.  He chose to learn about cats and told all the parents all about them.  He has had so much fun this year in Kindergarten.

 Tragon eats on the side of his mouth now because of his teeth.  It makes for some really fun messy faces.

 We went to my nephew's baptism and got there a little early so the boys (yes, husband included) decided to go play on the playground for a while.
 Jaron is my monkey.  It's really hard to get anything done because he's climbing up on things.

 His favorite is the piano and the table.

 The boys found a fun game to play outside until they broke the cups.  :)
 A little snuggle time with Bear, it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I love it.

 The safest way to get anything done, is putting all the chairs by the couch so he can't tip them over.

 Jaron and Tragon love playing around on the bridges that we make with chairs.

 Logan saved up his money and bought this VW van painted in the German colors.  He wanted to take a picture for Sabrina, our German Exchange student that stayed with us for a while.

 Jaron wants to big a boy...mostly he wants to be outside all the time.

 Every once in a while Jaron likes to snuggle with some stuffed animals.  It's really cute.

 I had Tragon in time out and he sure showed me.  He got into the diaper box and squeezed Desitin ALL over the room!  I was so mad because we were showing the house in just a little bit, so then I was scrambling to get it all scrubbed out of the carpet...not an easy thing to do.  Oh did eventually come out.  I was just grateful that I have a lighter carpet that sort of blended with the whitish goo.

 We also had a Memorial Day vacation/reunion down in St. George/Cedar.

 The kids all got to play with cousins for about 4 days.  It was really crazy, but really fun too!

 My dad is retiring and opening up a business with two of my brothers called "Wood Creations"  (I'm sure I'll be posting more about that later).
 We got to go to his retirement party.  He sure is an awesome guy!  Skywest was truly blessed to have him for as long as they did.

 Logan also graduated from Kindergarten.  I didn't get a very good spot to get any good pictures of him, but oh well, at least I was there with my three other boys.  I'm lucky I got any camera shots off.  :)

 He had such a fun year and loves school and loves learning and I am so grateful for that.

 I took the boys to IHOP after graduation to celebrate while the car tire was getting fixed.  It wasn't too bad, I thought the boys did really well eating out.  :)

 We also got to meet up with some friends at a NY pizza place.  It was just so so.  Tragon really loved the cinnamon bites for the dessert though.

I love my boys and I'm so glad I have them.  We are in for a lot of changes in the next little while, and I'm doing my best to have faith and pray that things will work out how they need to.  For now, what we know is that we are headed to St. George.  We still need to sell our house in Lehi, so if you know anyone looking around right now, let me know.  :)  Until next time....