Friday, August 22, 2014

And This Year Shall Be Known as the Picture Dump Year

I guess if nothing else, I can provide a few captions of pictures.  Time has gone by so fast this past three months.  This sweet baby girl has been an angel.

 Logan and Tragon got some bonding time in this summer while sharing a room.
 Grandma Great got to finally hold Rylea when she wasn't being so squirmy.
 One boy asleep on each leg, and I think I had Logan and Damon asleep leaning on me during our first 11:00 sacrament meeting after the building/time change.
 I'll admit it, I have a bow/headband/hair accessory obsession.  I can't help it, I know it won't last too long, so I'm just enjoying while it lasts.

 I love her pretty dresses for church.  Someday I'm sure she'll hate them just like her mama did, but until then I get to keep dressing her up.
 And that's what happens when I forget to take the headband off before naptime.
 Logan loves to wear a shirt and tie.  He likes to look like Daddy.  :)
 All the boys were posing this morning before church.

 Damon was a little sad that his picture was last, since he was the last one to get ready, hence the puffy eyes.
 He is such a sweety with baby Rylea.
 Family Home Evening Candyland outside in the wonderful warmth of Summer before school starts.

 Those Summer nights are what moving to St. George is nice for.

She's growing too fast.  I love seeing her learn new things.  I love her smiles, I love when she tries to laugh.  I love that she sleeps well through the night and sometimes I even have to wake her up in the morning to feed her so I get ready for the day.  I love the Spirit that she has brought into our home.  It's true that we all fell in love with Rylea.  Until next time....which hopefully won't be as long.