Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last Month in a Photo Review

Whew, a lot of pictures and fun stuff to catch up on.
 I love my Bear's kissy faces.

 Jaron loves to play with his brothers.  I found him one day stuck behind the bed.  He didn't want to come out either, he kept climbing right back in.

 He loves to put the backpack on and go to the door, and wave good bye, this little boy is already wanting to be a big kid.
 My two sweet boys Tragon and Jaron make the worst messes.  It doesn't help that I have to keep some of our food storage in their bedroom.  The diapers I don't mind much, but the jar of powder....ugh.

 It was awful and stinky, and sticky, and I was sooo angry.  But again, at least it was something dry that I could vacuum up and not honey, or canned goods.

 We took the boys to McDonalds one morning for breakfast and it took us a long time to convince Logan to climb into the blue rocket.  You can barely see his head poking up in the window.

 In the back yard where we are staying there is a basketball hoop and our boys have been loving it.  I can't wait until the weather is just a wee bit cooler and we can spend more time out there.

 One of the best parts of being down in St. George is being close to cousins.  They get to play together a lot and they are so close in age that they all just have a blast.  And I get to have my little girl fix with all my nieces.  :)

 We've been exploring some of the parks and now that it's getting cooler I think we'll get a chance to go to even more of them.

 We got to babysit Ada a little bit this past month.  It was so fun.

 Although, when you play at our house with all boys, you get baseball caps and basketballs to play with.  :)  She was such a good sport with all the boys lovin' on her.

 Logan loves the big pretzels at Grandma's house.

 My little Einstein is almost ready for a haircut, but not that his hair is so long, I can't bring myself to cut it.  I love it!

 Wood Creations is finally open and we have been having a lot of fun doing different crafts.  I never thought I would get excited about that stuff, but I am and I love it.  Morgan helped me make the cabin craft.  Someday when we actually have a house we'll find a place for it.  :)

 Damon wanted me to take a picture of his cool lego creation.
 Oh yeah....I think I'm not even worried about the powder all over the room anymore.  The eggs were by far the worst mess ever!!!!!  I was only in the bathroom for a few minutes and I heard them in the fridge, but usually they just take everything out of the door and I make them put it back, well, this time Tragon decided to head up the task and go the full case of 18 eggs out and the two of them went to town.

 Fortunately I had enough time to do a quick clean up before school and it got me to really deep clean the kitchen because it smelled like raw eggs for several days.  Then it just smelled like bleach and clorox.  :)
 Another fun Halloween craft I did.  I got to do one for my mom and I liked the same one, so I finished mine while I was at it.  I've never been big on Halloween decorations, but I have found a lot of fun projects to do in the next few weeks.  :)
 Jaron can now climb up on the top bunk without help.  AAAAHHHH!!!!

 We went to a soccer game with grandma.  She had six girls that she teaches 2nd grade to playing that day and it turned out that three were on one team and three on the other.

 This is Logan's school magnet board that I made.  I put up all his announcements and reading records and homework and stuff from school.  Much better than getting kicked around all over the kitchen.
 Damon has been loving his gymnastics and Tragon gets to start this week too.  We made a barefoot craft for the gym to display.  (I know I'm shameless at promoting Wood Creations right now).
 Logan had a cowboy dress up day for school because of the rodeo down here.  I had every intention of taking them, but it never happened, oh well, next year, right?
Whew, and that's about it.  It might be another month before I get to posting again, but until next time...