Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zion Narrows & Annular Eclipse 2012

We had a super fun weekend.  We went down to Cedar City to visit family, go to Zion National Park, and watch the Annular Eclipse.

The baby slept during most of the hike, which was nice.  He was so good.  When we first got to Zion we went to the gift shop and got the younger boys their official Zion hats.  We have loved the ones that we got for Logan and Damon so we got a couple more.  Jaron still has to grow into his, but at least we have it now.

We got there right around lunch time, so after we bought the hats we found a nice boulder to sit on and eat.  The weather was perfect.  Last year we were battling the caterpillars for ground space, this time we were battling the cotton for air space.  Luckily none of has debilitating allergies from cotton.
The boys actually ate their lunches really well, I think they were excited to get back on the shuttle bus and get to the hike.

Tragon was in the backpack until we actually made it to the mouth of the Narrows, but after that we let him loose and he loved it!  It was a much longer hike than I remembered and that was just going to the "start" of the hike.  It was fun though and the boys were troopers.
 When we got to the water we played for a while.  Tragon's favorite part was throwing rocks into the water. Logan was brave enough to go in the water even though it was pretty cold.  And Damon fell a couple times and got totally soaked from the waste down and surprisingly he handled that very well and didn't totally freak out.
It was nice to take a little break before trying to head back down.  We knew it would be the most challenging part of the hike.  Tragon ran about halfway before he gave up and wanted to go back in the backpack.  I had Jaron on me and followed Tragon while Morgan took turns carrying Logan and Damon like a sack of potatoes as he ran to catch up.
 Another favorite part of the hike was all the smiles that we got from people.  I think almost anyone we talked to asked if we had twins, one even asked if the three oldest were triplets.  Nope, that would have been nice to have fewer pregnancies, but I don't think I could really handle true multiples now.  The boys loved riding on the shuttle bus and were chatting up the other passengers.  I was pleasantly surprised how friendly they were.
 Back in Cedar we stayed at my brother's house.  The boys all said that their favorite part of the weekend was playing with cousins.  They ran around the the house, through the house, and all over the house and they had a blast.  It was tough trying to get them to go to bed at night.  We tried doing a "campout" one night, and that didn't go over so well, but they still enjoyed it.  We decided we better stay inside that last night so we could get some sleep before the drive home.
 On Sunday, the evening of the eclipse we play a baseball game and the kids loved it.  Logan got smacked in the arm by one of the adults and had a little fit, but I was glad that he jumped back in and played, albeit with a very angry attitude for a while, but at least it didn't make him scared of the ball.  He had a nice little welt that evening.
 The eclipse was pretty awesome.  We had some glasses and took turns watching it as it progressed closer to the center.  It made some pretty sweet shadows on the walls and trees.  The camera just doesn't quite capture how cool it was though.
 Throughout the hike we saw hundreds of squirrels I'm guessing and every time we saw one the boys made us take a picture.  Damon was actually able to go up behind one and pet it.  We didn't get a picture of that, but the squirrels were probably the only thing that got them to finish the hike up.  They would have a sudden burst of energy and run to the squirrel..and then want to be carried because they were getting tired.  :)

 We let Damon take the camera for a little while one evening and he came back with hundreds (literally) of pictures of the cement, and while those might have some photographic meaning someday, I decided to only post the ones that actually had people in them.  I doubt Rachel even knew he was taking her picture.
 This is actually a decent one of Logan that Damon took.  Someday we'll invest in a nicer camera and let the boys have fun with our old one.
And, I'm sure Damon told my mom to do a silly face.  She probably won't like it that I posted this picture, but I love that it captures her silliness and that she is always willing and ready to play with the grandkids.  We had such a fun weekend and we're getting excited for more fun things to come this summer.  So, until next time...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Boys at Play

Wow, I can't believe it's really been a couple weeks since the last post.  We've just been playing around and enjoying the weather.  My baby Jaron is growing so fast and sometimes doesn't feel like my newborn baby anymore.  He's already being introduced to "snack time"
 Jaron finally fit into one of his cute new outfits so I was getting some pictures of him and figured I might as well get some with the other boys as well.  Here's all my boys lined up.  Pretty soon there won't be as big a difference between my two youngest.  They are closer in age than Damon and Tragon.
 Tragon loves the camera now and loves to give me some good cheesers.
 Jaron has held onto his blue gray eyes.  I really hope that they stick.
 And he gives some awesome smiles.  I love it when I get him in the morning and I'm greeted by his big grin.
 We're still working on getting him to really laugh, but he does love to smile, especially for his brothers.
 Tragon has been a really sweet big brother and I have a feeling they will be as close and Damon and Logan are and be best buds, especially when the older boys are in school together.
 Logan pulled a crazy face just as I pushed the button.  I didn't even realize it until after, that's so my Logan.
 Damon loves Jaron and loves to talk to him, but isn't always the first one to offer to hold him, but he sure can get some big smiles from him.
 Morgan took the older boys to a Father's and Sons campout last weekend, so I got to spend it with just my babies.  We ended up watching Cars together.  It was pretty awesome.
 Jaron loves to sit in the Bumbo...well depending on how hungry or tired he is and whether or not he has a dirty diaper.
 Tragon loves the lawnmower and treats it like it was his bicycle.  He chases the boys down the street with it and gets really upset if someone else is using it.
 This past week I got really sick...basically right after Mother's Day.  :(  but I did get an extra day of sleep, just not quite how I wanted it to be.  Morgan took the day off and took care of all of us and the boys went outside in the afternoon and played in the mud.  That's pretty much a daily occurrence at our house these days.  The price of the wasted water is well worth the attention they give it and the fact that they stay put.
 Tragon is not usually the one to jump right in the puddle, but he still loves being around it with his brothers.
 In the video at the end you'll see that Logan and Damon couldn't get enough of splashing in the mud puddle.  They were pretty dirty when they came in.  I'm glad I was taking a nap and he ended up doing all the dirty work.  :)
 With it being Mother's Day this past weekend, I couldn't help but be so grateful for my boys.  Yes they are a challenge, and yes sometimes I feel like I'm failing and I'm at my wits end, but at the end of the day I still get a hug and kiss goodnight (well, most days anyway) and know that tomorrow is another day to try and do better than the one before.
 These boys have taught me so much through their short little lives and I'm so glad that I get to be a part of theirs.  I'm also grateful for my mom, who is the best mom in the world and raised me so that I could be a mom to my boys.
One thing that I just need to remember when things start getting crazy, is that no matter what I do, boys will be boys and for that I am grateful.  :)

 Yeah, the day ended in a mud fight.  The boys had such a fun day with Daddy and get all dirty and muddy.
I'm grateful for my husband that helps me to be a good mother to my kids by being such a great dad himself.  There are plenty more adventures on the horizon, so until next time...