Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 47

June 22nd - 29th

This week was actually pretty slow. We finally are getting back into the swing of things, and because not much happened, I think I took a total of 4 pictures and even then not all of them turned out. We did have a new couple move into the ward, so Logan has another new buddy to play with. We went over for a couple hours on Thursday and he had a blast. He was a little shy at first, but then he really warmed up to everyone. His buddy is almost 3 and they got along great. I think I need to do more play-dates with Logan and his friends to get him used to having other kids around, it's really nice at his friends because they also have 7 week old twins, so he got some exposure to having babies around.

We did try a couple times to go to the park with some of his other friends, but our crazy schedules and sicknesses got in the way, but we are planning to go to a park tomorrow and play, so I'll try and remember the camera to have some fun pictures from that.

Oh yeah, we did go to the pool this week. (I think I would have forgotten if I hadn't take some pictures when we got home.) I've been trying to get out of the house more and find activities that me and Logan can do during the day so we don't end up watching so much TV and there is a free pool and splash park not too far away, so we loaded up and went to the pool. It was a little crowded, but not too bad. We went into the 1-2 foot kiddie pool and there were a few other moms with their kids...obviously I couldn't take pictures at the pool when I'm by myself, otherwise I would have had some cut ones. The water was almost up to Logan's chest and the wind was blowing a little bit and actually blew him over and under the water a couple times. He actually did really good. He came up just fine, didn't cry or cough and sputter like he got any water up his nose or anything. With the wind blowing it was hard for him to walk around in the pool, so we were only in there for about 10 minutes before he was ready to get out.

We went over to the splash ground and he played in the water there for a bit, but then he just walked around the entire park for about 30 minutes, so we got some good sunshine, I got a good walk in chasing him around and because we were wet from the pool it wasn't too hot.

These are pictures after we got back from the pool. It was so windy that his hair was standing straight up, although you can't really see it very well in the pictures. I guess that's how we'll have to spike it, just sit in the wind with lots of sunscreen in his hair. :)
Friday I had a Dr. appointment and baby Damon is doing great and I'm actually feeling really good too and if all goes well, we will be welcoming him into the world on September 15th, a little earlier than we have thought, but YAY! My only complaint is that I'm tired a lot, but that's to be expected with a one year old, right? :) This has been as good of a pregnancy as with Logan, but we'll see how things go when I'm carrying both of them on the outside though, that will be the real test, but I already think and know that Logan will be a great big brother. He loves being around other kids and babies...we just have to work on "be soft" and sharing.
So, I guess other than that, it's just been your average ordinary week...until next time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 46

June 15 - 22nd

I'm so glad my husband is back from Scout Camp, but it wasn't the end of his busy-ness. He was in charge of the Combined YM/YW Activity this Wednesday. They went rock-climbing, something he's been trying to put together for a while that finally went through. We went and checked it out on Monday and I was actually a little jealous and for a brief moment wished that I wasn't pregnant so I could come and climb to. So, we'll have something to look forward to when I'm back in good shape :) It was a little challenging though and Morgan was worried that some of the youth wouldn't have fun. I'm happy to report that it was a success though and he even overheard some of them talking about coming back and the few kids that he was worried about made it to the top of their climbs and had a good time too. He's definitely ready for the break in "planning" the activities. He's just so wonderful and really magnifies his calling and tries to do things that will help make an impact, but he does so at the cost of stressing and worrying that everyone will participate and have a good time, so I'm really glad that this activity turned out better than the last one. :)

Me and Logan found ways to pre-occupy ourselves though while Daddy was busy running around getting permission slips and planning things.
We play outside. Thanks to my mom, Logan thinks he needs to go outside and play on the deck everyday before or after lunch. (Actually, it really is a good thing for me to get outside more often, and I've really enjoyed the sunshine - except for the mosquitoes still get me - my swelling this summer won't be because of pregnancy, but mosquitoes).

It gets really really hot in the afternoons, so hot that I hate getting in the car, so we improvise and make our own water park on the deck in the back yard and Logan has been loving it. We go outside for about 30 minutes each day and run around and I spray him with the hose and sometimes I let him spray me too. :) (Charlie Brown meets Alfred Hitchcock...Notice his Charlie Brown/Peanuts like shadow with his cute little nose)He's been really good not to wander too close to the edge either, this is about as close as he gets. And since his new word is "ka-ka" he points to the edge of the deck everywhere and says "ka-ka, ka-ka."

Since Logan hasn't had a full-time grandma (I'm so glad I have Morgan, I don't know if I could really do it all by myself all the time) he's been finding other things to get into- he's such an explorer and has a knack for finding things I don't want him to get into. His favorite in the office while I'm working - if I end up on the computer for a little while when he's awake - is the envelopes. He pulls them all out, sometimes he'll eat one or two of them, then we put them all back and he does it all over again.He wouldn't look at me in the first picture because he knew he was getting into something he shouldn't, so I had to come around to the other side to get the "who-me" look.

This weeks' other fun moment - The Green Bowl. Logan has a cupboard that he can pull everything out of and I let him while I'm cleaning up the kitchen, it's just full of bowls and Tupperware. Anyway, the beginning of this week he found the green bowl and kept handing it to me, so I put it on his head. He walked around the house for at least a half and hour with the bowl on his head and every time it fell off he would come running to me while I was eating my lunch and have me put it back on. He did this for a few days, and then of course, the one day where I think, this could be a funny picture, he decides he doesn't like the bowl anymore.

I only got him to keep it on there long enough to hurry and snap this picture and he wouldn't even look up at me. It's so funny when he picks and chooses when to be camera-shy. :)

Those are a few other bowls from his cupboard, but of course, one cupboard isn't enough and now he likes the pots and pans cupboard........which for the most part I'm okay with if he only gets the little pans out, but I stack my pans and the way they are in there could really do some damage to him if he were to pull them all out on top of him. We have a child lock on it, but of course he already knows how to get by that. Alas, my days will be spent running around banging pots and pans with him...oh well. I guess that's enough rambling this week, not much else has happened, but I'm sure we'll be going to the park again this next weekend, maybe something fun will happen then...until next time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 45

June 8th - June 15th

Oh what a week! My mom was here with me all week while Morgan was at Scout Camp - which turned out better than he thought it would. We all had so much fun! Logan had a great time running around and playing with Grandma while I was working and then in the afternoons we'd go play or shop and we rented all the chick flicks that we hadn't seen from Redbox and caught up on our movies. It was nice and relaxing - although the movies didn't help us to not miss our husbands. I have to say it would have been a really really tough week if my mom hadn't been here, so thank you thank you thank you - we love you so much!

I think Grandma had a little more patience with Logan's lack of appetite than I did and by the end of the week he was eating like a champ. He just likes lots of flavor, variety, and now he likes to do the spoon himself every once in a while. One of his favorites were some cherries. mmmmm.He just couldn't get enough, unfortunately, it was when we were nearing the end of our cherry supply when we discovered this. :)And of course, he's learning at an early age how to find money. :) I think he wanted more cherries.

And this is Logan and Grandma having a good time lounging watching Letter Factory. He's very good with "p" and "k" and goes around saying "pee pee pee pee pee" and now he says "kaka kaka" We're definitely going to miss having grandma around. I wish I would have taken more pictures while she was here, but the camera was neglected.

And now I can't forget Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Papa and also to my wonderful husband. Logan and future Damon and the rest of our children are sure lucky to have him around. He is the best husband and father there is - no offense to any of you other husbands and fathers :)

When he got home from Scout Camp all he wanted to do was hold his little boy and his family. When he called and said they were coming home Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon, he told me to keep Logan up so he could see him before he goes to bed. I could hardly wait for him to get home. Me and my mom had to play games and watch TV to help keep me distracted and not just sit and watch the clock. I don't think he got quite the reception from Logan that he wanted-Logan was getting pretty fussy and tired by 10:30 when his normal bedtime is 8:00, but he did give his daddy some good loves before bedtime. Logan has made up for it today and yesterday though by being a total daddy's boy. I think he's afraid now if daddy leaves he'll be gone for another week.

Grandma had to leave early Saturday morning, so we didn't end up going to the zoo with her, but maybe next time. We decided to have a more relaxing day. I made crepes for the first time on Saturday morning for Morgan for Father's Day and I'm quite proud that they actually turned out all right. Then we just relaxed that morning and watched a movie. Morgan still had to un-pack and clean and we did most of that while Logan was taking a nap, then we had lunch and I couldn't wait any longer to give Morgan his present. Logan and I picked out some shirts and ties for Father's Day since he dresses up for work now and will be in the future probably, and I think he's only bought one new white/dress shirt since his mission, so it was definitely time. Morgan loved the traditional Father's Day present.

Unfortunately, I got the sleeves too small, so we went back later and miraculously found the right size and traded them in, so it all worked out. That afternoon we also decided to go to a little kids splash park that was down the road. It was really good to spend time as a family and outside. Logan wasn't too sure of the splash park at first, but then he didn't want to leave, he just wanted to walk around in all the mist and water. Here are some fun pictures from our Father's Day outing. I think we went a little picture happy to make up for not taking other pictures earlier in the week.

How can you not just melt and fall in love with this boy! It was a great week and a great weekend. And just to finish up with a little more Father's Day goodness. This was something that I found on our computer a while ago and I just love it:


"Walk a little slower Daddy," said a child so small.
"I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall.
Sometimes your steps are very fast, Sometimes they're hard to see.
So walk a little slower Daddy, For you are leading me.
Someday when I'm all grown up, You're what I want to be,
Then I will have a little child Who'll want to follow me.
And I would want to lead just right And know that I was true.
So walk a little slower Daddy, For I must follow you."
Morgan - you are one in a million and our family couldn't ask for anything better - WE LOVE YOU!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 44

June 1st - June 8th

This week was our catch up week from our big summer vacation to St. George. Morgan and Logan have both been sick. Logan hasn't had anything too bad, now he just has a lingering lack of appetite, we're trying to fix that. Morgan has been really sick all week though with fever, sore throat, coughing, and more boogers than I ever thought humanly possible, turns out, it's a really bad sinus infection. He's got Scout Camp all next week, so I hope he makes it through that. This week we've just been running errands and getting some car repairs done and helping Morgan get ready for Camp.

Good new for me though, my mom is coming to stay with me for a week and help me out with Logan and just spend some good ol' quality mother - daughter - and grandson time. :) I've had a little sore throat the last couple days, but I don't think it's going to get any worse, and if it does, at least my mom will be here to take care of us. ;)

Logan got to go to nursery today...about 4 months early, but the nursery leader offered to take him. Apparently he was great, ate his snacks and just played. It was only for the last hour of church, so it was nice to go to Relief Society. When I went to get Logan, he cried and had the biggest tantrum I've ever seen because he wanted to stay and play....I guess he's ready for nursery then. :)

Here are just a few pictures from this week, I'm sure we'll have lots more next week.
Mommy and her babies, taking a nap after a restful week. Look at that cute baby bump. :)

Logan found one of our posters that we haven't had framed yet and he was walking around the house with it and it somehow got caught between his legs, but he just kept on walking and dragging it around like it was his little horsey.

Logan loves to push things around the house, chairs, toys, Tupperware, and his new favorite, the garbage can. This is his though, we don't use it for garbage anymore. :)

Sometimes he'll get mad if it gets stuck on the carpet though. He usually pushes it around on the kitchen floor. :) Well that's all for now. Such a small and boring post after the last Iliad-length post. I bet you're all relieved of that. :) ....till next time.