Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Best of Times...The Worst of Times...

This past week or so has been pretty crazy. I'll just tell the story along with the pictures. Damon's favorite thing to do is to get into the recycle box and pull out all the newspapers.
Usually by the time he's finished his hands are black and the floor is covered.

But since this week was his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY on September 15th! I let his behavior slide a little. :)

We went to a playgroup this past week and Logan was in heaven with all the "Cars" and "Toy Story" toys, he threw a major tantrum when it was time to go.

This week we also got to spend time with Mike, Quel, Lincoln, and Sequoia. The boys really had a great time together....
Watching TV, chillin'.....
...and not to mention getting terribly sick! We were watching the kids while Mike and Quel went to some conference for the weekend and all the kids got sick. This was the first time my boys have ever really been really really sick. Logan threw up for the first time and didn't know what to do, he kept trying to swallow it, and then he would choke and then he would gag and puke some more....not all....

The boys were all pretty mellow for a day or two though, and my hubby came down on Friday. :) (that was the "best of times")

Unfortunately, though, because all the kids were sick, that drastically changed our plans, and we ended up fore-going a few plans, but it was so nice to have him there to help with the boys.

And, it was nice that my babies would actually let me cuddle them...except when they ALL wanted to cuddle at the SAME time...:)

We were going to celebrate Damon's birthday while Morgan was down, be we're holding off on the cake and ice cream, because well, Funfetti cake puke just doesn't get me really excited about baking a cake. :)

Yeah...that about sums up the weekend.

We did do a little gift giving. Logan was a big help.

Go Cougs!

Hi Grandma & Papa, and all my family and thank you so much for the gifts!

"Dear Damon, I love you! Happy Birthday!"
Yeah, it's almost bedtime.
I just love those eyes!

Sooooo tired.

Logan was feeling a little better by Sunday as you can see from the pinkness in his cheeks and the smile.

That's the tired/happy/sad to leave look. :(

Choo Choo!
All three boys have Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas, so we had to get a picture.

And today, Wednesday, the kids are finally feeling better. Logan got a haircut yesterday...much easier.
They absolutely love the sandbox and spent at least an hour out there while I did the dishes, it was great! Logan loves to fill up the buckets and then dump them on Damon and surprisingly, Damon doesn't really care, he just digs around with his shovel.
It was a terribly crazy weekend, but it was also really fun, I learned a lot, and we got to spend time with family. Mike and Quel left yesterday, but every time Logan wakes up from a nap/sleep he still asks me, "Where Linky?" They sure had a blast, puke, poop, and all! Until next time.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Well, my camera cable finally arrived and since not a whole lot happened this week, I'll just post some pictures with a few captions, and then I'll be caught up on pictures. :)

This is still at our townhouse in Lehi, Damon loved the pantry and figured out how to climb up on the shelf.
He's so stinkin' cute!

And there is the classic Logan cheeser!

He was trying to copy Damon.

This is at G&G Goodman's. They love playing together most of the time. And Logan has been better at sharing.

Such cute boys!

We went up to visit Daddy and stayed at a hotel one night. The boys had fun, but it was really hard to get them to go to sleep. Logan would NOT stop talking!

We went to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was really fun.

There were little caves and places the kids could explore.

Logan liked to play in the caves.

They were getting pretty wiggly after a few minutes of picture taking. :)

Mamma and her boys!

They are such good brothers for each other.

Damon is such a climber. He loves to climb on anything and everything, it won't be long before he's climbing out of his crib.

Damon loves to clap.

This was the car ride back home from the wedding/visit daddy/baby blessing.

Damon LOVES sunglasses or glasses in any form. He actually leaves them on for quite some time too.

Lately Logan has been climbing in Damon's crib during's really annoying and I hope it doesn't last too much longer.

Logan is trying to give up naps, but when he does he crashes about 5:00 if we watch TV. :)

Logan and his cousin Kashlynn eating watermelon outside.

Damon at the park the weekend that daddy came down.

I love my Morgan!

He loves to play with his boys.

We had a lot of fun at the park.

The kids liked the toys, but Damon loved the rocks and wood chips best of all.

Logan and Mommy.

Logan loves to jump!

Damon LOVES to get into cupboards, especially this bowl cupboard, we still haven't Damon-proofed everything yet.
Is this the lid you wanted, mom?

Papa reads Logan a bedtime story and since we have been doing that it's really helped Logan sleep better. I think it's because Morgan was usually the one to read Logan a story and put him to bed. I think Papa likes it too. :)
And that about catches us up picture wise for the last 3-4 weeks. :) So....until next time......