Monday, July 28, 2014

More Summer Fun

 Baby girl after bath time.
 Cousin Kashlynn holding Rylea.  My nieces sure love their baby cousin.

 We've been doing more water activities this summer.  I missed the photo op, but Jaron and his friend JJ were sitting in the cooler full of water.
 Rylea was not particularly happy about this Sunday photo shoot.
 She loves to snuggle with her daddy.
 Logan ended up with a black eye from playing around on the couch and hitting the corner of the tv stand.
 I can't even remember what he ate to turn his mouth blue.
 We have been doing swimming lessons with Aunt Patti this summer and the boys have loved it and made a lot of great progress.
 Sometimes Rylea will get in the pool too, but most of the time we just hang out on the swing.
 The boys all drying off before its time to go.

 Tragon came home from church and just crashed on the stairs he was sooo tired.
 Jaron and one of Logan's friends at the children's museum
 Little Rylea Roo in her Independence Day outfits.  :)

 My niece Ada.
 We had a lot of fun playing in the water over the 4th of July weekend with family.

 I love my mom and dad, they are the best!
 Unlce Glenn and McRae came down to visit for the holiday too.

 All the cousins hanging out eating dinner.
 Later that night we watched fireworks.
 That same weekend we blessed Rylea Esther.  Grandma Hadlock came down with Wade and Sandra.  IT was just a quick trip, but we were so happy to have them there.

 She was wonderful during her blessing.  No crying, fussing, or pooping.  :)
 Bear and Britters.
 Damon graduated from his UPSTART preschool.  YAY!  He's so excited and ready to move on to Kindergarten this year.

 Tragon got into the concrete dust at the construction site across the stress, yeah, awesome.

 Super cute baby girl.

 She gets pretty spoiled from all her brothers.

 Tragon's birthday picnic.  We didn't really take a lot of pictures for his least not on my phone.

 My little ladybug.
 And Jaron got his head stuck in the railing at Aunt Patti's after swimming lessons.  Haha, of course I let him scream and cry while I was getting pictures.

And then Tragon got his head stuck in our railing.  Sheesh!  Way too much fun this Summer.  We are all ready for school to start.  Yippee!  Until next time...

More July pictures from Morgan's phone: