Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jaron's One Year Photos

My awesome friend and neighbor came over and took some pics of Jaron for his "one year"  These are just a few of my favorites.

Picture Video Dump

It's amazing how many more pictures and videos we take now that we both have smartphones.  So, here's a little drain from the phones from the last week or so.
Tragon giving me his best smile.

Jaron and Logan playing piano

Logan loves his baby brother.

 Papa and Grandma Hadlock dropped by one evening to give the boys a Valentine and give Jaron his birthday presents.  Thanks!  The boys (all of them) loved the puzzles.

 I'm trying to get Jaron used to real shoes so when the weather warms up we can go out.  He does pretty well with them, but still gets going a little too fast.

 Jaron loves his big brother Damon.

 The boys love to take the cushions off the couch and jump.  Jaron loves it because when they are off, he can climb up and jump too.

 We were all hanging out and I was playing around with my phone and realized it had a lot of cool options for photos.
 I love this one that makes Tragon look like a hummingbird.

 Jaron was giving Tragon some loves.

 We took the kids to Trafalga the other day.  We had some tokens from the pass of all pass renewal.  We did some bowling and Logan finally said he was ready to try the rock wall.
 He did pretty good for a first try.  He said he'll try again when he's six and more brave.

 And thanks to my cousin DeAnna, she brought back memories of pillow sumos.

 This picture was from our weekend in St. George, we just didn't get it off the phone until now.

 That little Jar-Bear is so cute.

Until next time...