Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Running Season

Wow, this week has gone by very fast and very slow at the same time. With the weather being all crazy snowy, then sunny, then snowy, we didn't really get out much which makes for a very grumpy Logan, and slightly grumpy Mommy, and a whiny Damon--who has just discovered his voice and makes a very high pitched squealing noise that sounds the same when he's happy, sad, bored, or tired, it was cute for about a minute, but after a constant 8 hours, not so cute.....anyway, we will just be glad when the weather is consistently warm and Daddy is done with school, until then, we'll just grin and bear it and "endure to the end" as best we can. :)

We actually did have some fun highlights this week despite the rather bleak beginning. Logan had fun smashing the squishy pillows in his head like a hat. Everything is either a hat or an airplane these days...."airplane food, airplane car, etc" And he likes cheesin' it for the camera too. :)

On Friday, we were planning on heading up to SLC to visit my aunt and to pick up my shirt for a 5k race that I ran on Saturday..well, that would still technically be today, anyway, I had to wait for a special package......

Our Double Jogging Stroller! And despite Logan's facial expression, he really loves it and actually cried when I had to take him out to fold it up and put it in the car.The color ended up being a lot different than we thought, so we are seeing if we can exchange it for a different color, because it was quite the investment, but at the same time, the color is growing on us, and if we're stuck with it, then oh well, I love the stroller itself. I'm really excited to start using it.So, we packed up and went to visit Aunt Diana. At first Logan was being really clingy and shy, which was okay, because Diana got to give Damon some extra attention, this being the first time she's seen him in person. Damon just loved her and had a great time, and Logan really loved it too after he warmed up a bit. Logan had just woken up from a nap early, and that will always make him a little cranky. In the end he was staring out the window looking at cars, exploring the house, going up and down the stairs counting, eating the tomatoes off the table...well more like taking a curious bite and then throwing it back in the box.As we were getting ready to leave Logan leaned up to Diana to give her kisses and said bye bye, without any prompting, it was too cute. We'll have to visit more often, especially when it gets warmer and we can have picnics in the backyard. :)

After my aunt's house, I met up with my sister-in-law to pick up our shirts for the race. Then we went over to a McDonald's Playplace to let our boys run around and play. Logan had a great time, but I knew it was time to go when he wouldn't stay in the play place and kept walking around to all the people in the restaurant saying "hi" (not a shy bone in his body, cranky: yes, shy: no)

So, the race was today, Saturday, and of course Damon slept all through the night from 9:00-6:00 all week long, but chose Friday night to wake up several times...oiy. It was probably a good thing in the end though because he got to eat twice before I left instead of just once...oh yeah, and then, they both decided to sleep in late....sure, sleep in late when Daddy is the one getting up with you ;) I digress. Back to the race, I headed up to the Running of the Leopards 5K and met up with our group at 7:00am and it was FREEZING! I'm glad that Morgan convinced me that I needed to wear long sleeves.

We got bused to the starting line and had to wait there another 20 minutes or so before the race. I could finally start feeling my toes by about the second mile and by the end I could feel my nose and fingers time I'll be more prepared to run in the cold. My only goal for the 5k was to not walk at all once I started, which I accomplished. I figured if I did that I could finish in under 35 minutes. My time was 30:59!!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised when I came to the finish line. That's a pretty fast time for me especially since I haven't been running. I pushed it really hard and I'm going to pay for it in the days to come. And that's going to be a pretty high bar to start with, but I'm excited. I didn't realize how much the physical activity and just being outside really makes a difference.

After the race we got some things done around here and then we got to go hang out with some cousins. We haven't seen Phil and MeChel since Christmas, so it was really fun to see them. We went down to a park in Orem and I took some pictures and they all came out fuzzy except these two.

Damon rolling around on the blanket and Logan going down the slide with Daddy.It was a beautiful day! It did get a little chilly after a while, so we headed back to the house and had a chance to play a game. We were also able to pass along our single jogging stroller, so now I have another running buddy to do some 5k's down in this area with me. YAY! :)

Well, I better sign off for the night. Morgan and I are speaking in church tomorrow...I just hope my legs aren't so sore that I can barely stand up at the pulpit for 10 minutes. Until next time...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Food for Thought Friday

I love the crockpot, it is my best friend. I love the convenience of throwing everything together, turning it on and then forgetting it until dinner, or when the wonderful aroma fills the house with a deliciously cooked meal, and for the most part, it's pretty hard to mess up a crockpot recipe.

SLOW COOKER LASAGNA (use a 5 qt slow cooker....or about 2/3 of everything if you just have a 2 1/2 quart...I remedied that recently and love my new 5 qt crockpot!)

8 lasagna noodles, uncooked
1/3 cup water
1 lb ground beef
4 oz can mushrooms
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
24 oz cottage cheese (or 16 oz ricotta cheese)
28 oz jar spaghetti sauce
2 cups shredded mozzarella

1. Break noodles. Place half in bottom of greased slow cooker
2. Brown ground beef. Drain. Stir in Italian Seasoning. Spread half over noodles in slow cooker.
3. Layer half of sauce and water, half of mushrooms, half of cottage cheese and half of mozzarella cheese over beef. Repeat layers.
4. Cover. Cook on low for 5 hours.

*You can also double ingredients to make 3 layers.

It was delicious, and even better for leftovers the next day I thought. We didn't add mushrooms because I didn't have any on hand, and we're not huge mushroom fans, except on pizza.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

For the Beauty of the Earth

What an exciting week, it was actually filled with lots of enjoyable activities...unfortunately I forgot the camera for some, or just forgot to take pictures, but I'll still tell you about them. :)

If you haven't read my Oh Crap post, you should scroll down and read it, because really that's how the week started off. On Thursday we went up to the Gateway Explorer Museum

Logan had a blast and hopefully we'll get to go more often. I still have a special place in my heart for the Museum in Oklahoma though, it was incredible.We met up with my sister in law and her kids by the fountains before and after we were done and Logan loved watching the water. Damon was pretty tuckered out by the end though and he just slept in the stroller, it was wonderful! We had a great day.

This past weekend was also the Relief Society Retreat for our ward. I had to take Damon with me, but he was such a champ, he went to bed a couple hours after we got there and slept all through the night without a peep. It was a blast and very much needed. I finally got our taxes finished and was sort of stressed out from all the hassle of it and this break was so awesome. We went up to a cabin in Midway and the view was so gorgeous, it just rejuvenated me and reminded me how much I love the Utah scenery. We played games and talked until the wee hours of the night, but it was worth the tiredness the next day.

Morgan took Logan up American Fork canyon the evening I left and they had some good father-son time. And when I got back on Saturday morning, I came home to a spotless house and the most wonderful husband in the world. We grabbed a bite to eat, let the boys take their nap and then Morgan stayed home from studying at work and we all took a drive up the canyon again. Logan loves to play around the water up at Tibble Fork Reservoir, he is such a boy and loves playing in the mud and throwing rocks in the water, sadly we forgot the camera, but we do have a year pass, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of other opportunities for some pictures.

We are so excited for the Spring and Summer and warmer weather so we can do more outdoor activities. I'm excited even just to go have picnics up the canyon with the boys during the day.

Damon loves to roll around and frequently gets stuck under our bed, but he sure loves to play with the bed-skirt.Logan loves to play with all the little parts of my sewing machine. He takes out all the different "feet" and zooms them around like cars.There's my cute little rolie polie bug again.And Logan cheesin' itAnd my two favorite boys in the whole wide world, I love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Food for Thought Friday

Chili Over Cheese

This recipe is a favorite last minute recipe in our house...and it's not even really a recipe, but it is delicious.

Heat up 1 can of chili...or you can make your own, we prefer the Western Family Mild Chili.
Slice cheese and put it on top of some bread, like your making open-faced sandwiches. Turn on your broiler and either use your broiler pan, or a cookie sheet and put the cheesy bread on there and pop in the the oven for oh about 2-3 minutes, it depends on how crispy and melty you want the cheese bread. Then top with chili and serve. Mmmm. Usually about two pieces of bread per adult is good and Logan only eats a half, sometimes he'll eat a whole slice. We usually pair this with some canned veggies or a fruit smoothie.

If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could make homemade bread and chili, but like I said, this is our last minute meal idea, or when I have planned for leftovers and there are no leftovers. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running Woes

I need help. I really want to start running again (I even have a 5k next weekend) and I'm in the market for a double jogging stroller (yeah for tax refunds), but I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. I have a tendency to just go with the cheapest and it ends up being the cheapest, and then we have to replace it, so I'd like to just make the best decision the first time :) I figure from here on out we'll always be in need or use the double stroller, so I'm also getting rid of/selling our single jogger and single stroller if anybody needs one or knows of anyone.......anyway, so the point of this whole post is a cry for help from someone I know that has used a double stroller before. Anyone....anyone.....or the alternative is just getting someone who wants to watch at least one of my babies whenever I feel like running. :) Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Crap...

This post deserves a little background..since really this is our family journal and if I can't write this story in my journal, then where else.
Last night during our Family Home Evening, our topic was prayer and Morgan and I were both discussing how we really feel like our prayers have been answered...mine being that I have the patience and energy to take care of the boys all day while Morgan is studying late into the night at work...and Morgan that he will have the energy and the determination to study even though he has a severe case of senior-itis. Moving on....

Today is St. Patrick's Day and probably one I'll never forget. I got us all dressed up in green...well, what we had anyway.
yeah, that's about all the green I could find. I need to run a 5K that has a green t-shirt. :)
Damon had a green onesie, a green dinosaur and green pants.
And that was Logan's one and only green shirt. :)
As I was making breakfast, I realize that Morgan had forgotten his dinner...since I make him lunch and a dinner on late nights so he can stay at his office longer to get some good homework done. So, since Logan has been a stinker with his naps I devised a wonderful plan to drive up there during his naptime and give Morgan his lunch...and it worked. Logan slept for about an hour and half in the car and woke up about 5 minutes before we got home and was happy as could be. We played outside for quite a while today since the weather was beautiful and some neighbors were out, so I felt like I could brave it while I had some extra eyes and arms to help out if I needed...and I did, but that's another we come to dinner time. We have dinner and Logan eats pretty well and I get the bath filled up and ready for bathtime.
I get both the boys in and here I will divulge some information that you must promise to not call child services on me-here is our bathtime routine: Both boys in the tub, I wash Logan while Damon is just chillin' in his little tub within the tub, then I bathe Damon, then I pull Damon out and Logan gets to play in the bath while I go into the room next to it and get Damon ready for bed...a process that takes about 5 minutes or less and during those 5 minutes I can hear Logan singing and splashing the whole time and if he ever gets quiet I call out and he answers, so for the record, yes I do leave my 2 year old in the bath slightly un-attended for a brief period of time and he's still alive, so we're good.
Here's the kicker. I'm done with Damon so I put him in his crib to look at the mobile for a while and this is what I come back too....

Yes, this is the first time Logan has EVER pooped without his diaper or in the tub. I'm not sure if he was throwing his poo out and into the toilet or if he got out of the tub and tried to poo in the toilet...I'm hoping it was the latter, but really I think it was the first one (I'm sure all you mothers who have been through potty training are laughing at the not really messy mess), how does this apply to the beginning disclaimer, well, normally in this situation after a long day of chasing them around and keeping them entertained and now with a screaming Damon in his crib I would just break down and cry and get mad at Logan for pooping in the tub, but this is what really happened, I walked in took one look and said "oh crap" and then I bust out laughing like I had just told the funniest joke in the world, I got my camera and took a couple pictures....I then proceeded to empty the tub, clean up the poo, take all the poo-tainted toys out of the tub (sorry Damon I'm throwing your tub away, I hope you enjoyed it while you could) I scrubbed the tub real quick and re-bathed Logan, and about the time I was done with Logan, Damon had stopped crying too...whew. So, now Damon is down for a little nap before bed and Logan is finishing Toy Story from this morning and me, I'm going to finish this post and for the almost first time this season I am going to watch American Idol and leave the dishes and messy house until after the kids are in bed, because seriously, I think I've dealt with enough crap today. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rolie Polie, Big Boy, Long Post :)

DAMON - 6 Months

Damon is my rolie polie bug now. The moment he hits the ground he's rolling and usually halfway across the room before I know it. This is good because now he doesn't get stuck on his stomach and just cry, but also bad because now I have to be more "baby" proof aware which is slightly different from "toddler" proofing....and Logan really hates it when I have to put the gate up by the stairs. Damon is also laughing and talking a lot more these days. He breaks out of his bundles at night and during nap time and I always find him with one arm hanging out. I can't use the swing anymore for naps because he tries to roll out of it and gets upset...I'll sure miss that swing. :) I've been trying to take more pictures of Damon too because I realized that we set the bar pretty high with Logan being the first baby and when I start getting their books together I don't want Damon to feel neglected...and now that I'm not always holding Damon I really can take more pictures. See...
I can't leave him un-attended on our bed either now that he's a mover.
He does love the bouncer though, so I guess we traded the swing for that...too bad he can't take his naps in the bouncer :)
He's found his toes and loves chewing and sucking on them.
I do find him in the craziest places. He can maneuver almost anywhere...the problem is getting back out. :)
We've also been doing some solid food with Damon...yeah, we decided to go straight to the ice cream. ;) Actually right now he really loves sweet potatoes, bananas, and oatmeal, but hates rice cereal. And he's going through that same red rashy eczema that Logan got, but I haven't been able link it to anything :( I guess we'll just keep working at it with the lotion.
I love his big happy smiles!
See what I mean about napping on the's a good thing I went and checked on him before he feel out, this was the first time he'd ever been able to break out of the bundle and squirm so much.
We got to go to Grandma Hadlock's birthday part on Saturday and had lots of fun and got some clothes from his cousin. He looked so cute in this little hat and he absolutely loved the tie...eating of course.
And this is my little man looking so handsome.

LOGAN - 23 months - basically 2 years :)
Logan is my big boy now. He's talking more...and what's more I can actually understand some of the words he's using. He's also going through that "mine" stage, but he's actually doing pretty well learning to share with Damon. Logan likes to get into anything and everything. He loves "choo-choo cars" "airplane cars" "fire cars" and "carts" (that last one is trucks). He's definitely all boy!! and I love it. He loves being outside and can't get enough of it...just like his daddy. We are really excited to go camping with him this summer.

Logan loves Little Einsteins so we get to watch that in the morning while we get ready.

His new game is throwing all the pillows off the couch and diving onto them.

Logan really loves his little brother and I'm so excited for when they can play together.

Logan is definitely our little ham. He'll cheese it up at any opportunity. He does get a little shy at first, but once he's comfortable, he's all over the place. We got to spend time with both sides of the family this weekend. My brother, Mike and his wife, Raquel and their little boy Lincoln got to come down and play this weekend too. They stayed with us Friday night and it was so fun to have them. Logan and Linc had a blast throwing balls up and down the stairs and chasing them and they loves playing at the parks around our house. We also got a lot of relaxing in and of course some delicious Cafe Rio. Logan and Lincoln had a bath together and I recently found that Logan thinks bubble in the tub are hilarious...the video says it all:


I told you...long post...Morgan is busy at work, and right now that's a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because the time seems to go by faster for him, but a bad thing because he also has less and less time to complete all his schoolwork and has had to stay late a lot to get things done so he can graduate. :) I'm busy all day with the boys at home and now that it's getting warmer it will be much nicer to get outside and go for walks. Well, I guess that's about it..until next time.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Food for Thought Friday

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/4 cup canola oil
1 cup white sugar
2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
2-1/2 tsp baking powder
3 egg whites (2T whole egg powder + 1/4 c. water)
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 cup milk (1 1/2 T. dry powdered milk + 1/2 cup water)
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350. Grease 9X5 loaf pan. Mix pumpkin, sugars, eggs, milk, and oil in large bowl. Combine flour, baking powder, pie spice, & salt in separate bowl. Add dry ingredients mix to pumpkin mix. Stir until moistened. Spoon batter into pan. Bake 1 hour, or until toothpick comes out clean from center of loaf. Cool in pan on wire rack 10 minutes, then remove bread to cool on wire rack completely. Makes 1 loaf.

*Alternate for pumpkin spice: 1-1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp clove
**Would also be good to mix in some chocolate chips and have chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

***I actually had a 15 oz can of pumpkin and I didn't want to waste it by only using 1 cup, so I "almost" doubled the whole recipe, but I think it would have been just fine to double everything...except for the pumpkin spices (I used the alternate...who keeps pumpkin pie spice around?) because I got that list of spices and amounts from the pumpkin pie recipe on the can, so I figured it would flavor the whole can of pumpkin...which it did. :) It was very yummy and made 2 loaves. Even my picky eater Logan ate it, which is the best complement I can get on any meal.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We'll Put That in Another Fund....

This week Logan got to visit the dentist for the first time. We found a great pediatric dentist and Logan did really well. Of course, the dentist just confirmed our guess that someday Logan will probably need braces. His bottom teeth are already really crooked and his teeth are really crowded and close together, which also means more likely to get cavities...*sigh* So, I guess we'll just have to start a braces fund along with the mission fund and make sure we have good dental insurance. :)

The weather has been very cooperative this week and we have some kids in our neighborhood who Logan has really taken a liking to, even though they are all at least three or four times his age. They have a new game they like to play where Logan will be up on the balcony and throw his balls down and they try to catch them, then the throw them back up to Logan. He loves it, I think he would love being down at the bottom more, but he just doesn't stay close by yet. I can't wait until it's warm enough to go to a park and really let him just run around without having to worry about cars.

This week I also got to go to the cannery again, I didn't get as much since I totally splurged during the Macey's Case Lot Sale...oh how I love food storage. :) I waited until after the boys were in bed and then went down to Macey's so I would have more room in the cart, and boy did I get some funny looks, it was either a look of, "wow, you really take this case lot sale seriously" or "way to go on being prepared" and I'm sure there were a few "holy cows" as well. I think I ended up with over 20 cases of food. Our closet has become our pantry now.

Morgan has been studying hard for school and we are counting down the days until he is done. It will be so nice to have my husband back, but it has really made me grateful that I'm not a single mother, even if I only see him as he's leaving for work, and getting home as we're all headed to bed, it really still makes a big difference to have him here.

Now on to some pictures for the week, yes, I actually took some pictures.
One of my most favorite treats is rice krispie treats! Logan loves them too.
He liked helping me lick the bowl. Mmmmm rice krispie treats, I might have to make some today. :)
Morgan has a habit of laying on his back and throwing balls at the ceiling, now Logan likes to try and throw the balls like daddy. It was a cute moment where I got all three of my favorite boys together.
Damon is such a cutey pie. He's growing bigger and cuter by the moment too, but of course, I'm not biased at all, just as the grandparents :)
Both Damon and Logan love the barnyard animal toy. It's fun with Logan because he imitates the sounds, and Damon is just hypnotized by it.
This is Logan saying cheese for the camera.
And this is my Damon all tuckered out after a trip to, well, I can't remember where, probably just the grocery store.
We started some solids with Damon recently, he's not totally sold yet, but I think that's only because he's tried rice cereal. And it may be a little early, but he has been so interested in what anyone is eating and he tries to grab stuff off our plates. Hopefully he won't be as picky as his brother :)
He does love to grab his spoon and put it in his mouth, but then once he realizes what was on the spoon he makes a weird face, I wasn't quite able to capture that though.

And he's definitely a messy eater. I'll find bits of cereal leftover in his ears, on his hair, or basically anywhere his fingers can reach.He sure does love sitting with us at the table though when we're all eating. :)And my latest sewing project has been Logan's "quiet book" for church. Who would have ever thought I would enjoy sewing as much as I do.He hasn't quite figured out buttons, but he points and says, red button, blue button, green button, etc. It's really cute.Logan loves to count and knows his numbers one through ten.But his most favorite page is "uh-head" also known as Mr. Potato Head, I think it reminds him of Toy Story. He'll grab and arm and say "oh no" all concerned, it's really funny. We'll have to try and get that on camera. Well, that's all for now, so until next time.....