Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here I Come to Save the Day!

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun, or are really busy. :) This week I tried to introduce my kids to playing Superman. Of course, they were adorable, but only lasted about minutes in the cape. I don't get it. Superman was my favorite game. I have childhood pictures of me tying dish-towels around my neck and running around the house and yard. My boys seemed more intent on trying to get the "cape" off.
We did have fun for a few minutes though. I guess we'll just have to build up to playing new games. I did feel like a good mom for trying though. Now that I'm getting back a little more energy and I don't feel so "carsick" all the time, it helps the time pass to find games to play while we're still stuck indoors with the cold weather.

Saturday was fun. We went swimming in our basement, sort of. The kids were downstairs watching a show as usual while Morgan and I were taking our showers and getting ready for the day, when Logan starts yelling and saying, "Mommy, the water is coming" I thought, oh it must be one of his shows, so I sort of ignored it until he started coming up the stairs. Then I thought Damon must have turned the show off.

Nope. Our basement flooded a little bit. We can't find any evidence of how or why it happened and we're baffled by it. I'm just glad it didn't cover the entire basement, and nothing got ruined and especially grateful we hadn't invested any time or money finishing it yet. Now we need to figure out the problem.

Our best theory is that something clogged the drain for a while until the water pressure was enough to clear it out, but the water wasn't dirty like sewer water or anything, so we don't know if it backed up, or just clogged. I have a hard time imagining that this came from the little drips that naturally come from the appliances. We'll call the home warranty department and see if they know anything, but we haven't had any problems since.

Logan loves the camera and knows how to take pictures. I would have posted some, but he didn't quite grasp the concept of getting people in the pictures, so it was a lot of pictures of his thumb, and the carpet. Maybe next time our budding photographer will have something.

Logan giving Mommy smooches. The other day I said, I love you Logan, and without hesitation or help he said, I love you too Mom. It melted my heart.

And of course this little guy melts my heart too. He's really starting to talk up a storm and tries to keep up with his brother in about everything. Who knows, maybe we'll have both kids potty trained before the new baby arrives, wouldn't that be a miracle. :)

His smile is so contagious and I can't help but smile when he does.
The kids love to have a "picnic" and today I let Logan be in charge after he grabbed the box of Kix from the counter. Damon would go over by him and sign and say "peese" and Logan would give him some Kix. It was really cute! They are both getting a little better at sharing, but also a little more stubborn. Logan knows if he takes a toy Damon is playing with that Damon will have a meltdown and Damon also knows how to purposely intrude on Logan's space and make him upset. But in the end they prefer hugs to hitting. At least right now, so I'll cherish that while it lasts. :) Until next time...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warm Weather

I love that the weather is getting a bit warmer, although I wouldn't mind a couple more big snow storms, we sure could use it. These last couple weeks have gone by really fast. This is the latest form of entertainment for the boys. They like to tip the chairs over and climb all over them.
We've only have a few cuts and bruises, but boys will be boys!

And it really does keep them occupied while I'm making dinner or unloading the dishwasher, or something like that.

I love this little guy. He's been teething lately, all four of his canines, just how Logan's came in. One finally popped through, but he still occasionally wakes up at night. Tylenol has been our best friend lately. I love those baby blues though!

Well, we're not starting potty training with Damon, but he likes to do whatever Logan does, so maybe we will :) We're starting slow, first just getting Logan even excited about underwear. I let him pick out some at the store and they had a blast wearing them all night.
Of course, they had to wear them on top of their pajamas. It took me a while to convince Logan that they go "under" your clothes, like "under"wear. :)

Before we started the potty adventures though we took a trip to St. George for President's Day weekend. It was also our 6-year engagement anniversary. Papa made "Wilson" the mouse for the boys.
Damon was a little too occupied with the camera and the piano, but he giggled a couple of times.

Logan thought it was pretty fun, but was still a little nervous. Maybe when he's just a little bit older he'll appreciate Wilson more.
So, when we got back home I had a doctor appointment. Everything seemed normal, and then they tried to get a heart beat and that little baby was being a stinker and we couldn't find it. I started to get nervous thinking something happened, but they said we'd do an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. My real ultrasound appointment isn't until next week, but we did take a sneak peek and everything looks normal and healthy and it's a...............................BOY!
Of course, what else would it be. :) We'll just get all our boys out and then we'll have that baby girl that I know is going to come eventually. We're really excited though, we're already set up for boys. :)
Speaking of boys though, potty training really sucks! Actually I really have no idea what I'm doing. I did order a couple books off Amazon to give me some ideas, but I tried just putting Logan in underwear and seriously not 5 minutes after he peed, but not in the potty. And then it was mostly my fault for the other 3 accidents because I just kept getting distracted and didn't get him on the potty soon enough. He would sit on the potty AFTER he already went. I couldn't handle the smell of pee though, so that's when I got the books and said we'll try again another day...that and Logan kept requesting a diaper. :) So, if you have any ideas, let me know. I'm just not even sure Logan is physically ready, but we'll see how it goes the next little while. Until next time...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My, my, my, January went by dreadfully slow, but now that the first week of February is basically over, it's cruisin'. I think we're finally settling into a nice groove at home and it helps that there have been some bright days this week and we have actually gone outside and taken fun walks and met friends in the neighborhood. Logan and Damon found the backpack a while ago and Logan loves to put it on and say, "see ya later, I'm going to school" or work, or the store. I think he's going to have a really fun time at school in several years of course, I don't think I'm quite ready for him to be that old yet.
For as picky of an eater that Logan is (which has actually been getting better) he loves bologna. I used to love bologna as a kid, but now the thought of it makes me queasy, I even hate the smell it leaves on my hands after I take of that little red band around it (yeah, it's only on the cheap kind, but Logan eats it, so why go for "gourmet" bologna).
I'm glad they like it though. They won't eat it as part of a sandwich, but if I do pieces of bologna, cheese, and crackers, they'll eat it like a "lunchable" meal. This was just a snack so I gave them the whole piece, they thought that was pretty fun too.
And I don't normally let the kids on the table (well, when we play Play-Doh, or with crayons, it's just easier to have Damon up there), but Damon can now climb up on the chairs and onto the table and it's his favorite pastime. He'll spend hours just going up and down and giving me that look when I tell him to climb down from the table. Yeah, he knows he's not supposed to be up there to and he does it just to tease me. Damon is such a teaser. He loves to tease and taunt Logan too.
Logan has also taken an interest in "cooking" lately. I've had to re-arrange a few counter items (ahem, steak knives) so they can't reach them anymore. He usually pulls it up to the stove, but I actually needed the stove, so we found a good compromise in letting them pull chairs up to the island to "help" me cook.
I was making some really good buttery sauteed brussel sprouts (I know, sounds gross, but they taste just like broccoli that way and so are edible). I let Logan and Damon play with all the sprout discards and they spent I think a good hour putting them in the cups and then dumping them out. Logan especially loved being able to use the tongs. Damon just liked to dump the cups out.
We were playing with some balls this week and Logan threw this one up and it just stopped right there between the blinds. It was hilarious. I had to take a picture for proof, although now that I'm writing about it, this picture just doesn't do the moment justice.

Anytime the kids see the camera it's a chorus of "cheese." And they both try to get their picture taken.
Look, a semi-normal smile. Logan is such a handsome little guy. He's also a very friendly little guy. When we go on walks around the neighborhood he practically jumps out of the stroller to go play with his "friends" (anyone who is walking is pretty much his friend). He's usually really good with other kids too about staying in the area, I don't have to worry as much about him or Damon wandering off if there is a group. So, here's to warmer weather and meeting more friends, until next time....