Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! We didn't get a letter, or a card, or goodies this year, so the blog will have to suffice. :) This week has been filled with lots of fun. Logan's new favorite toy is the big bin of stuffed animals. He likes to climb in with all the animals.
He is cute enough that I do want to just hold him and squish him. :)
This is how their bedroom looks on a typical day before clean up time. They basically pull all their toys out, but it keeps them busy and happy while I'm still unpacking and organizing the house.

Logan is still my cheeser anytime he sees the camera.
And now Damon is following suit and actually says "cheese" when I bring out the camera. It's really cute.
They love their beds, although they have their "own" bed they seem to be okay sharing too.
That is Damon's favorite spot, it makes him tall enough he can switch the light on and off, that's usually where we find him in the morning, sometimes even when Logan is still sleeping. Luckily the lightswitch is only for the closet.
Now for Christmas. Our very first Christmas with just the 4 of us:
Logan and Damon snuck into the stockings that were full of cars and trains and loved playing with them. I think the house is still cluttered in those cars. :)
Damon and Daddy opening presents.
That's about how we all felt all day. The boys had a great time opening presents.
Logan loved his big rescue vehicles. And he did pretty good opening them by himself too.

Of course they each had to get a little outfit too.
Except the picture of Damon's didn't turn out too good, so you'll just have to see him in it later.
Damon likes the helicopter, it makes noises, but not too annoying.
Opening more presents. I think our kids got pretty spoiled this year.
Damon was still trying to grasp the whole opening presents thing.
Here's a quick video of him opening his present from Grandma and Papa, mostly for my parents' sake. :)
He was starting to get the hang of opening presents towards the end.

Another rescue vehicle, I think we ended up buying the whole fleet, which was good, so far we haven't had too many arguments or fights over them.

Logan and the police car, which I think ended up being his favorite, he asks about it before he goes to bed. "Momma, where's the police car?"
This is Logan opening his present from Grandma and Papa. The moose and the mouse now reside in the tent. :)
We all had a really great Christmas!

Logan got some slippers so his feet don't get too cold while we're downstairs watching shows in the basement. He's still getting used to them.

But Damon loves his slippers and wears them all over the house.

They love their little play tent, it's still set up in the living room and they like to have "picnics" in the tent where we all share a snack. It's actually been really fun. It was a bugger to get set up though, but we finally managed. :)

The boys love to sit on our laps and read books right now and I just love it.
Morgan and I decided that buying a new house and being in it for Christmas was just about the most perfect present ever, but then he went the extra mile and during his Christmas time off he built me the most perfect and wonderful storage shelves ever.
He did get a new drill out of it though. :) But he also got me a really great jacket and waffle shirt that I wasn't expecting. The shelves were really the best present though.

I'm excited to get all my food storage organized again and then I think I'll feel more settled.

It's really spacious and we'll probably be able to fit all our food, plus all our other "stuff" in there.
This is our little corner for our water storage that we'll hopefully get going this next week. Well, I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas. It was definitely a different Christmas for us, but really great. We had some great parties and get togethers with both our families, but it sure was nice to just be together on Christmas. So, until next time...

Thursday, December 17, 2009