Monday, August 31, 2009

In the Meantime...

Well, our camera cord is trapped in the abyss that is our storage unit, so I ordered another one, but in the meantime my posts will be a little drab, but really my blog is for our family's benefit, and you really aren't obligated to read it, so you can wait until next week when I will have pictures. :)

This last week was crazy, here are a few highlights to prove it. :)

First, our offer for the "house" wasn't accepted, so that means we are moving forward with our backup/original plan and building the home that we wanted in the first place. We couldn't be happier! We had our meeting with the builder last week and got everything finalized, so there is no turning back now. Hopefully things will move quickly and it will be finished by the meantime....I'm with the kids down in St. George and Morgan's up in Sandy. :( I know...sad...but we're making it work and get to see each other on weekends. By staying with family we'll be able to make some headway on our debt and save money, which will be a huge bonus. This leads us to...

Highlight number two: I went up to SLC this past weekend and got to see my hubby. Man, you'd think it had been years since I'd seen him, but really it had only been a week. :) I sure love him and miss him everyday we're away...I have a feeling you'll hear that lot too. We drove up on Thursday night and stayed in a hotel, it was actually kinda fun. Logan and Damon didn't want to go to sleep though, I was glad my parents were there to help. In the morning I went to the builder meeting with Morgan while my parents babysat.

Then after that, we dropped off the kids at Morgan's parent's house while I went to my cousin's wedding at Oquirrh Mtn. Temple, it was in Spanish and was soo neat! We picked up the kids and went to the luncheon, then I headed back up to G&G H's (Morgan's parents) to switch cars. It doesn't really sound as busy as it was, but we were non-stop all day. My parents took one of our cars to Green River, WY for my niece's blessing. Morgan and I decided that we should spend time together during the weekend, so we didn't go up, but I heard the blessing was beautiful and my bro and sis both gave wonderful talks.

This weekend also happened to be the weekend that 3 of our nephews would be staying at G&G H's, and then another 3 nieces/nephew came over for most of Saturday, and then 2 more kids came over in the evening. It was definitely a full house, fun, but full! Morgan and I escaped the chaos and took our kids to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, it was really neat, Logan got to touch some rays and all he kept talking about were the sharks, even though we only saw one. It was pretty cool and the kids did really well, after that we got some slurpees and headed to the park to get some fresh air. We had a great time just being together as a family.

On Sunday, my parents came down from Green River and picked us up and we headed home. We're definitely going to be putting some miles on our vehicles these next few months, but I think overall this really was the best plan. I love my Morgan and I'm excited for our new house and I can't wait to see you this weekend!!! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Move

I know it's been 2 whole weeks since a, it's been a while since I've gone that long, but there is a good reason. We have moved! The week before last Sunday we were just packing and getting things ready, and then our buyer said they wanted to close as early as last Tuesday, so we decided to hurry and rent our storage unit and load as much up as we could on Saturday. We got a pretty good start, and then my brother and his fam came up last Sunday and stayed with us and helped us move some of the really big things on Monday.

Morgan and I finished packing the storage unit on Tuesday and on Wednesday we got everything cleaned and ready to go for the new buyers thinking they would be closing on Tuesday and moving on Wednesday-ish...well the buyers post-poned their closing until Wednesday....then until Thursday....then until Friday, so technically we're still waiting for our house to close (fund and record) which won't happen until Monday and even possibly Tuesday, in the meantime we had all our paperwork signed and done on Tuesday and have moved out.

Morgan is going to be staying with his parents for a while and I'm taking a "vacation" down in St. George. With the house that we want, this should only be about a 6 week arrangement. :) But you never know what could happen, right now at this very moment, there are still many things that need to happen, so we're trying to be patient and just ride this crazy experience out until the end.

I don't have any pictures because I thought I brought my camera cord, but it wasn't in any of the bags or boxes, so I'll have to pick one up this week. Other than that, Morgan I love you and miss you and I'll see you soon! Until next time.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Cookie!

This past week we got a chance to spend some time with family down in Orem. We had a blast and Logan especially loved playing with all his new cousins, some he had seen before and some he hadn't. Our favorite happening of the night, was probably not too long after or before this picture was taken. I wasn't actually there for the actual event, but I think I got the basic story down:
Logan was chillin' in the chair, which was just the perfect size for him, and he was enjoying his cookie and lemonade. He turned his head for jut a brief moment and little Fay (not in the picture - that's Soren) snatched his cookie from the arm of the chair. Logan looked back for his cookie in dismay and shouted...My Cookie!...he didn't see that Fay had taken it. Morgan quickly replaced the cookie before a meltdown occurred and little Fay got away with all of it. Just to paint a picture, little Fay is that cute little innocent looking girl, about 1/3 the size of Logan and just turned one. We didn't realize she had the cookie, only that see was running back to her daddy and grandma at lightning speed with a smug look on her face...then we hear "my cookie"...and see her looking mischievously at the cookie now in her hand. I guess that's a compliment to me though, that my cookies were so good, the kids were stealing them from each other. :)
Logan and Damon both love plums...actually they both pretty much love any fresh ripe fruit. Damon has especially loved being able to eat the fruit off the core/pit/whatever. It makes a horrendously, juicy, sticky mess, but it's so fun to watch. I love hearing the little crunch his teeth makes when he breaks the skin of the fruit. And Logan being such a great copycat has been eating a little bit better now that he and Damon are almost eating the same thing at every meal. I love sibling rivalry!

And lastly, Damon loves to walk around and has been walking around with the walker for a while, but I hadn't gotten a video yet. He still won't take that first step, but I know it's coming close. He can't stand that he can't get up and walk/run around to follow Logan. And, things are progressing on the home front, we'll keep posted on that too, but until next time.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Movin' on Up

I'll start with our good news first: We sold our townhouse!!! YAY. Now we're going to get our build job started and finally "settle down" I hope I don't jinx us by saying so, but it would really be nice to stay put for at least 5-10 years....or for the rest of or lives, and our new house will make both of these options a possibility. We're super excited and hope that all goes well with the sale and we should be outta here by the end of August. Now we just need to find a buyer for our house in Oklahoma and we'll really be set. :) Now for the fun stuff, other than the house there weren't really "events" that took place, but I do have some fun pictures: Damon likes to look at books, especially Logan's bedtime books when he's not around to be greedy about them. :)
He's so cute.

Logan does pretty good with breakfast, okay with lunch, but dinner has been almost non-existent the last month or two. Oh well, he still has enough energy to run around and bounce off the walls all day.

This is usually the morning routine while I'm taking a shower and getting ready, they get to watch a movie. Lately, Logan has been on a Handy Manny kick, he wants to watch it all day every day! Damon doesn't care what's on as long as something is on. :)

Damon's throne.

Logan in the zone watching Handy Manny.

We went swimming on Friday when Morgan got home from work and when we came back home Logan ran to the grass, and said, "lay on the grass?" so they did. We've been going outside in the mornings and just hanging out in the yard or going for walks. Logan is getting a little better and minding and staying close while we're outside...and of course it was because he knew that I had bought the "leashes" that he started behaving better, so I have yet to use them.

Damon loves to go for walks in the wagon and he loves swimming and playing in the water.

And he loves spaghetti!

Look at those cute chompers.

And of course, we were lacking on bath pictures for Damon because I'm usually bathing them both at the same time and can't get the camera because Damon has a terrible habit of sticking his whole face in the water to drink it. So I took advantage of the solo bathtime while Morgan was home to help me.

Someday we'll need something to embarrass him in front of his girlfriends.

I love it when he's crawling to the bath tub and his little tush jiggles all the way there. :) He's actually got some meat on him. I hope he continues to be a good eater, but if not, at least I have some proof that he was at one time and I'll be grateful for that. Both my boys are so wonderful and so challenging at the same time. I hope this next month goes by fast and slow at the same time. I want our new house to be done quickly, but I also want enough time to pack and get our things in storage too.. Oiy! Well, until next time.....