Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Awesomeness

We had such a fun Easter Weekend. My parents, and three of my brothers and fam came up for a couple days. We had 7 little hooligans running around, Logan is the oldest and Tragon is the youngest. The 3 older boys were getting ready to go outside and get some eggs for our egg hunt.
They all made a pretty good haul.
I only found 2 or 3 eggs several days later.
The kids also got some giant bubble blowers. Damon wanted to do his by himself and basically dumped out all the solution the first time he did it. He didn't seem to mind though, he kept trying again and again.
Logan really liked the bubbles and was able to do his on his own fairly well.
Even though it was just a little chilly, it was perfect for being outside and playing around.
The kids definitely had their fill of candy, but still wanted more. In the end I had to put away my boys' baskets until after they ate something that wasn't entirely made up of sugar.
Logan loved the jelly beans the best and would stick about 5-6 in there at a time.
After the egg hunt we got out all the sand toys to play in the dirt. If you didnt' know any better we might as well be living on beach front property.
We made tunnels and roads and got messy.
We also built a few royal thrones for all the princesses of the family. :)
My mom is always down there getting dirty with the kids. This time I did help her build and awesome tunnel, which is actually still standing thanks to the giant piece of concrete or rock that we had to dig around. :)
For a later activity we did some egg carton caterpillars. It all started out pretty well and the kids were doing pretty good staying clean.
But it only took a second to realize how fun it was to paint on yourself.
We had several masterpieces made of children. Good thing it was washable fingerpaint.
I think we went through about 3 different tubs full of water as soon as the pink/brown water got too murky to clean them off anymore.

Logan didn't want to miss out on any of the attention either, which surprised me that it was Logan who wanted to get all messy and painted, but Damon really wanted nothing to do with it.
And once we were all covered in paint, if you can't beat them, join them.
I think overall the activity was a success, even though we didn't get a chance to finish them. I sort of forgot while they were drying, maybe next time we get together we'll finish them out, since there won't be anymore paint involved.
On our last Family Home Evening, we had a concert for our activity. It was the first time that we had put Tragon up at the piano and he loved it.
He went crazy on the keys, maybe he'll end up being the little Mozart.
Of course, they all had to make sure they got a picture because anytime the camera is out they love to ham it up. Logan's new hobby has been taking pictures. I may have to get him his own little digital camera for Christmas or something like that.

It was so fun to have family together and the boys had a blast, can't wait to do it again!...now that we've all had a week or so to recover :) Until next time...

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Addition

Tragon has a new addition to his mouth, his first tooth! It happened last Sunday during Sacrament meeting....maybe not happened, but that's when we noticed. Morgan was trying to fish something out of his mouth and looked over and said, "I think that's a tooth" Yay for justification for all the latest fussiness. :) Tragon is almost crawling and almost pulling himself up on things. He took his first spill down the stairs and scared us both to death, but he was fine. I think that's three for three on the stairs they've each had a fall, you'd think I'd be a little more diligent after the first child, we do need another gate for the stairs now.

Damon has an awesome accent, kind of New York, Brooklyn maybe, I have no idea where he got it, but ask him to say park, and it's more like Pawk, it's hilarious. If Damon is throwing a tantrum I usually give him a few minutes and then ask if he's done crying, most the time he'll say, "No, I want to cry more" and he'll proceed with a few more fake cries and then in a nice sweet voice, "I'm all done crying, wipe my tears"

Logan woke up early while Morgan was still eating breakfast this morning. He got him a bowl of cereal and starting eating, but then needed to go to the bathroom, but before he left he looked at Morgan really serious and said, "Now, Daddy, don't eat my cereal." Then we he got back, he looked at his bowl, chair, and then Morgan. He slid them away about a foot, then he was satisfied. You had to be there, it was too good. Then we were talking about how Grandma was coming up and would be here for dinner and we'd have pizza and he says, "Is it it pepperoni, or anchovy, I don't like anchovy, it's poop."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conference, Birthday, Ketchup...ahem Catch Up

Wow, I have to go clear back to General Conference weekend. April has flown by so far. General Conference was great. I'm looking forward to the Ensign so I can re-read them since it's a little tough to hear all the talks when you're entertaining the kids too. They did pretty good though. We got to listen/watch a session with Morgan's parents on Sunday morning, and the weather was good enough Saturday that we actually listened on the radio outside on the porch while the kids played.I made my first batch of salsa ever. My dad makes the most amazing salsa, I love it. My salsa, really different from his, but still so good I ate it all. I didn't know that I liked cilantro until we got a bunch of it in Bountiful Baskets. I made a mango salsa with it that was awful I put WAY too much cilantro and basically killed it for Morgan, but this salsa had just the right proportion and was delicious. I'm looking forward to growing onions and tomatoes in my garden now so I can make some salsa.

We finally made some progress on the community garden boxes, YAY! The boxes are in and almost ready to plant and use, we're still working out all the details, but I'm really excited that I get to try my hand at gardening this year, even if all I end up with is zucchini. :)

On Saturday the 9th I ran a 5k with my neighbor...it was snowing! I hate running when it's cold, in fact I haven't been running (or working out for that matter) for the past 5-6 months because it's too cold, but on a warm "spring" day I felt like running so I signed up for the 5K in AF. We almost got lost, but eventually found our way there. After we past the 1 mile marker at 13 minutes I knew it was going to be a rotten race, my face was frozen and numb along with my toes, but in the end I finished at 28:38. My goal was to come in under 30 minutes. I'm convinced though that the first mile was really longer than a mile because I really don't think I ran two 7 1/2 minute miles for the last two-ish miles, especially when 1 mile was uphill. Regardless though I beat my goal and I'm looking forward to another run in May, probably the Thanksgiving Point Running with Angels run, it's close, not too expensive and should be much warmer.

That night we had a ward activity and "American Idol" sort of thing, only most of the acts were lip syncs. I participated in one and did a rocking guitar solo on a broom. It was really fun. I think you can find it on You Tube, I might post the link later, it's kind of hard to find.
On to the fun stuff. Tragon loves crackers! Actually right now he pretty much likes any food that he can feed himself.
Like Cheerios. The boys spilled a bowl of Cheerios...thank goodness there was no milk all over my sparkling clean floor (yeah, right) and I told them to clean up, and they did.
By eating every Cheerio there, Tragon was really excited to help.
My poor Damon has been getting beat up pretty bad the last few days. Last Sunday he tripped getting out of the car and hit his head on the car door. He got a pretty nice scratch and bruise and his eye started going a little black, but then...
He was climbing in his closet that afternoon and fell and hit the same spot. A huge goose egg about the size of a quarter stuck out of his head about 1/2 inch, it was so sad. The swelling finally went down and then he hit the same spot on a drawer in the kitchen...popped out again. And finally the next day just before bed they were playing cars and Logan crashed a big car into Damon's car, which his face happened to be right next to and it split his lip open. No stitches necessary and no pictures, but there was a lot of blood. Poor Damon, poor poor Damon.
Logan is officially 4 years old! I can't believe it. We had some family over on Sunday for cake and ice cream, and dinner too. Logan was loving it.
We had cupcakes and ice cream and then some neighbors stopped by and joined in for a little dessert. It was quite the household, but Logan sure enjoyed it. He is such a good big brother and so sweet with Tragon and playful with Damon. For the most part he gets along really well with kids one on one, but we're still working on the whole group play. :) He loves to play and be outside and loves to tell you all he knows. I sure love my Buddy!
And for the grandparents viewing pleasure, a little video of Tragon laughing it up. I can't believe how big he's getting either. Time is going by way too fast for me right now, I feel like I'm just hanging on to the coat tails. Until next time...