Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 28th - January 2nd Final Post of the Year 2015

This past week Lincoln, Sequoia, and Auri all came over while Quel was working.  I thought I would put up some chores to earn money...nobody was biting, until I told them they could exchange a dollar bill for 5 Pokemon cards and then look out house, those kids were on those chores.  It was awesome.  When they were all done, they were disappointed there weren't any more chores, so I had to think of some the next day too!  Every base board in my house got a good cleaning this week ;)

 The boys were wrestling and trying to take down Dadd-O.
 Damon has made so much progress on the piano this year, I'm so proud of him.  I love hearing him sing the Primary Songs as he is learning to play them.  It melts my heart.
 I tried my hand at making home made granola bars, they turned out really good and the kids like them, way cheaper and healthier than the store bought stuff and they weren't too bad to make, I can't say I won't ever buy them again, but it is nice to know I can make a good snack.
 If Rylea is stuck in her high chair too long, she will find something to keep herself busy.  Today it was spreading Nutella all over her hair.....sigh.....

 A belated Christmas gift came: Skittles!  Morgan was so excited to get this game.  He has lots of fond memories from his childhood of this game.  The boys are all pretty good at winding up the top now.
 Rylea loves bathtime now and if you try to take her out early, she gives you a crusty look and says, NO!

 Rylea loves to snuggle Damon.  I think he feels the most comfortable holding her and so she feels the most comfortable in her arms right now.  He totally sacrificed himself for her the other day and maybe I already posted it, but oh well.  He was coming down the stairs and was about to fall and so he threw himself back and held on to Rylea tight and took a stair and tile floor to the back and the butt.  He was pretty hurt, but he didn't drop Rylea and kept her safe.  I was so proud of him.
 Jaron wanted me to take a picture of him at breakfast with is spoon through the milk I did.
 Tragon schoolwork
 Damon schoolwork

 We went to Tonaquint Park yesterday and went for a walk around the nature center and then played on the playground.  It was after we went to see a matinee, Logan and Damon were going for Lincoln's birthday, but we stuck around with the other kids too because they wanted to see a movie as well.  Then for dinner we headed to Del Taco because neither one of us had the energy to make dinner or clean the kitchen again.  The boys thought it was the best day ever, I have to admit, it was a pretty good one.

 This little girl is really good at feeding herself, and making a mess, but mostly I just love that she will eat and try all the food we give her.

It's been quite the year.  We brought it to a close with a get together at our house for New Years and we stayed up and played games until midnight, then everybody shuffled home and we went to bed.  I'm really excited for this new year and all the good that is going to come.  This past year has been filled with a lot of learning experiences and I hope we can use what we have learned to find a little more Joy in the Journey and look forward with hope.  Until next time....see ya 2015, here we come 2016!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 20-27: Merry Christmas!!

Rylea is a climber and can get up into the lockers now and loves to go through my purse and turn the lights on and off.

 Every morning Jaron usually gets one show to watch while I'm cleaning up the kitchen or something before the household gets crazy.  Rylea will sometimes watch with him for a few minutes.  :)

 We did our annual Christmas Cookie decorating at Jenny's house this past week.  She makes the best sugar cookies.  We love our holiday cookie tradition.

 Rylea still loves to play on her bridge, that's usually how we get the floored swept and mopped and her busy.
 She wanted to brush my hair the other day.
 Harlee still lets me do her hair in fun ways.

 She's a cutie!
 The cousins had a blast playing together.  We had our big Goodman get together on Christmas Eve Eve.  It was a beautiful day for the kids to play outside.

 We read Christmas stories by candlelight.  The kids actually did really well with all the candles and fire.

 Logan was having a rough morning and to try to cheer him up I wrote him a message in a code, he wrote me another message, but then ripped off the key so I couldn't decipher it haha.

 Rylea's new reading spot.
 Christmas morning was awesome.  The boys just started climbing in bed with us one by one until we had the whole crew down there and got ready for presents.
 We've started a tradition of 4 gifts + stocking stuffers.  Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.
 Logan "wanted" a robe, "needed" new church socks, got a stack of books to "read", and a new camelbak backpack to "wear"
 Damon "wanted" something remote control and got bumper cars, "needed" new church socks, a stack of books to "read" and a new pair of shoes to "wear"
 Tragon "wanted" a Pteranodon switch and go dino, "needed" some pajamas, got some activity books to "read" and a new Pokemon shirt to "wear"
 Jaron "wanted" a Heatwave Rescue Bot, "needed" a new pair of shoes, got an activity book to "read" and another pair of shoes to "wear"
 Rylea "wanted" a doll,  got some books to "read", an outfit to "wear" and "needed" some socks.
 It really helps me to focus on what they really want and need and make Christmas more about the Savior than all the toys and gifts.

 They also got a box of their favorite cereal with their stockings. :)

 Overall, it was a fantastic Christmas.  We got lots of family games to play together to work on and build our family relationships.
 Grandma & Grandpa Hadlock also sent them a package with a letter explaining their gifts.  We let them open it Christmas Eve, I think that will have to be a fun new tradition too!

 Grandma Goodman got the kids a karaoke machine.  It was really fun and surprising who was enjoying it the most.

 "what, is there something wrong"

 I made my first batch of divinity by myself.  It was awesome, except, it's more fun to make it with my mom, we will definitely keep that tradition alive.
 Rylea loves her doll...most of the time, if I notice her baby, she usually tosses it aside.
 She loved her books for sure.  She's such a little bookworm.
 Giant snowman, I wish we could call it our own, but nope.
Fun poem Morgan got as a gift at work.
 We went to Sand Cove on Christmas Eve.  I got kind of nervous when we hit the 4 wheel drive terrain.  Morgan was happy to have his truck so we could finally go.  Then we saw big animal tracks and of course I thought, oh no, a cougar or mountain lion is going to come kill us all.  We decided in the end it was probably just a coyote, I figured mama bear could take the coyote, so I didn't worry as much after that.
 Our kids love exploring and finding new places.  Even Rylea girl wouldn't let us hold her, she had to do all the walking and climbing and loved it.

Christmas this year was wonderful.  We reflected back on the year and all the challenges trials and experiences we had and felt the growth we have had.  I know those struggles have made us better.  I'm looking forward to another great year full of many experiences.  Until next time.....