Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 (minus Legoland)

March brought with it some good weather and good time.  We went to Legoland in March...but that will be it's own post later.

Tragon new chore that he is learning is cleaning the bathroom...yeah, we still have a ways to go, but he'll get there.

We got a wagon to take around to all our activities and fun things we are going to do this year.  The only down side is no brakes...I'll have to figure something out on that one.  Rylea liked it.  :)

Tragon is well....just a silly kid.
I found Jaron running around chasing the boys in the garage with the razor knife...it happened not long after the steak knife incident....it's kind of like I just have a lot of boys around the house...sheesh.
Jaron wanted me to take a picture of him when we were trying to get his earache to go away.
Rylea girl loves her graham crackers.  I don't want to jinx anything, but this baby girl has been a good eater.  She will pretty much eat anything we throw at her, even the veggies, in fact, I'm pretty sure her favorite is peas.

Her brothers absolutely adore her and she makes it really fun when she growls and screams back at them.  :)

Not too long after this she stopped letting me put headbands on...I hope it's just a phase and it's because they are just itchy with her hair trying to grow in, but she just looks so dang cute with her bows.....and what am I going to do with the millions of bows I made.

That's one of  my favorites.

The boys wanted to show off their Lego kits that they got from Grandma at Legoland.
They are pretty awesome builders.

They are pretty independent with the Legos now and that makes them more fun, except I keep finding them everywhere and every once in a while we just have to ban them unless there is adult supervision.

I love the days that we play so hard that Jaron just can't possibly keep his eyes open for another second...it's awful when he does wake up though and then doesn't want to go to bed that night.
This must have been a Sunday afternoon where we encourage the boys to all play together.  Sometimes it works out great...other times, not so much, so I'm glad that we have pictures of the good moments so we can remember those the best.

The boys love all that dirt in the backyard, well most of the boys love it, my biggest boy (Morgan) is really wanting to get some grass back there.  I figure we have a couple more muddy summers before we will be ready for that.

I love just hanging out and being with my family.  They bring me so much joy.  Life if full of so many hard and wonderful things to help us grow and be stronger, I'm grateful that my Heavenly Father thinks I'm strong enough to handle it.  I couldn't do it without my man by my side.  There will be good days and bad days ahead, but I hope that I remember the good and learn from the bad.  Until next time....