Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Logan's Growing Up

This morning I went downstairs after finishing up some work on the computer while the boys were downstairs watching Curious George and there was Logan fully dressed. He even picked matching shirt and pants and remembered to change his undershorts...granted the pants were on backwards, but I gotta hand it to the kid, he sure is growing up fast and I love that he will get dressed on his own, he's only 3! ... at least for another couple weeks. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Climb Every Mountain

Life sure has its ups and downs and right now I'm just enjoying some really great "up" time. The weather is getting warmer, we can play outside more. Logan is so full of information and soaking everything in and comes up with the wildest stories. Damon is always playful, eats great and talks a lot. Tragon doesn't spit up anymore and is doing great with solids, he can sit up on his own and really scoot around, does some great push ups, but not quite crawling (secretly I don't want him to crawl yet, he's going to be a busy baby). We've got a roof over our heads, food in our belly, and we're surrounded by awesome people!So, with the weather being warmer...sometimes, we found a giant dirt mountain that the boys love to climb and what luck it happens to be in our "front yard" one of the many perks living in a new construction neighborhood.
Anytime we go outside, they usually want to go to the "lake" (a little pond of water filling a future home lot that hasn't drained, which now has ducks) or the "mountain" Our neighbor friend came with us one day so I was able to run back inside and grab my camera.
The first time Morgan took the boys out I was terrified they would fall and get hurt, but the dirt is pretty soft and they really can't fall too far from any one point and they love it.
They were "bowling" down the mountain. Usually when Tragon is taking his naps we go outside and play if it's warm enough.
Damon can get up by himself, but usually would wait at the bottom for me to run up with him. It's actually a pretty good workout going up and down about 20 times. :)
Of course, have the mountain ended up in my house from their pockets and shoes and socks, but we'll just have to get used to that this Spring and Summer because we love being outside.
A couple weekends ago my mom and sister in law came down to visit, so we blew up the air mattress and it stayed in the extra room for about a week. This was the new parking lot for all the cars.
Logan loves talking on the phone (those are the old ones that don't really work). It's so fun to hear him carrying on a conversation with some imaginary person, although most of the time it's grandma he's talking to.
Playing in the dirt again. Of course we had to take my niece and nephew to the mountain when they came to visit. We even broke out the shovels.
Damon gets along really well with his cousins when he's one on one with them. He was having a great time with Sequoia.
Logan and Lincoln had a blast climbing up the mountain and sliding down and bowling and just getting dirty.
From behind these two could be twins, they both have the cute Charlie Brown head, but turn them around and you can tell, one with bright blue eyes, and one with the darkest of browns.
If you have ever met my mom, you know she is probably the coolest person in the world. I love when she comes and visits, she's always getting down and dirty with the grandkids and teaching me how to be better mom.
They had some pretty awesome roads and holes dug out for the cars.
We had a great time playing and really wore the kids out. I think all of them fell asleep within about 5 minutes of bedtime. That's pretty good for four hyper kids 3 and under. That left us to have a girls movie night while Morgan was at a YM activity.
Logan has always been my "clean" child, but when it comes to digging and playing in the dirt and climbing and hiking he's all boy and doesn't really mind it at all. We had a really great time and I hope that we can do it again sometime soon! And hopefully the weather will be just a tad bit warmer. Maybe I'll stay caught up on my blog this go around too. I really want to try and post shorter entries that deal with the day to day humor that I find and then maybe blogging won't be so daunting. So, until next time.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Basement Revealed

I didn't take many pictures, but I did get this video of our basement. It's kinda shaky since I was walking around, but at least now we have a record.

We learned a lot in the process of finishing our basement and it was a fun project, but we're sure glad it's done. We're still pretty busy and I'm starting to wonder how we ever found the time to do the basement, because we thought once it was done we would have tons of time to play and have fun, but somehow we are just as busy. Oh well, at least we have a fun place to play.
This other video is of Tragon laughing, you can kind of make it out over Damon's laugh, he was laughing even harder before I finally ran upstairs and grabbed the camera. I sure love my boys. Right now we can just hardly wait until warmer weather, it has been so nice to be playing outside more. We wore Logan out so much yesterday he almost fell asleep at the dinner table. Until next time...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February in a Nutshell

February is one the worst months of the year for me. I start the year with great ambitions and motivation and do really well during January to meet all my goals. Then February hits along with reality and I'm not doing so great anymore. The biggest goal though in attending the temple once a month happened, but just barely on the last possible day of February that we could go and even then we staggered it so we wouldn't have to get a babysitter for sick kids. Anyway, March will be better it always is after a little February humility and another boost to re-commit to goals.
The most recent family photo. Some days it takes a second to register that I have 3 kids which means we are a family of 5! It's pretty crazy most of the time, but I sure love all my boys.
Logan was not cooperating this for the camera, but Damon was happy to oblige.
Usually over President's Day we find ourselves down in St. George, but with the work on the basement almost complete we decided to stay up here and my parents came up here for the weekend. The basement is officially finished!!! It's been so nice to have a place for the boys to play and to have a tantrum room back and not have the loud echoing coming from down there. :)
We really enjoyed having Grandma and Papa over and wished they could have stayed longer. Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon. Honestly, the past couple weeks are just a blur of business. I'm sure there was more that happened. We didn't really do much for Valentine's Day, at least not on Valentine's. The boys got a little treat which they didn't end up to fond of, but I have yet to catch the holiday itch and go all out for the holidays, maybe when Logan is older and hears about other cool stuff all his friends do, I may have to step up my game, but until then, I really enjoy low key holidays. I did a "14 Days of Valentines" for Morgan and each day I put a little note in his lunch along with a treat or love note and he even got a couple "presents" like a watch and a gift card for itunes. He surprised me a few days before with some beautiful flowers that actually managed to survive the weekend and then some.

I also became a Volunteer Site Coordinator for bountiful baskets. My cousin had been doing it, but she's pregnant and was able to pass it on to me. It's been really fun. I'm only "in charge" every other week and we have a really good group of volunteers. Bountiful Baskets has sort of been my "thing" that I do every Saturday and I love it. I love having the variety of produce and good food around, someday maybe my kids will even help me eat some of the veggies instead of just the fruit. And it's saved us a ton of money that we would have been spending on groceries.

Other than another round of colds we're all doing well and wishing it were Spring. I think I've got Spring fever and now I have a new grand scheme of how we can do some square foot gardening, I just hope it works out, I would love to have a garden and have the boys "help" me with it, I think it would help us get outside more this spring and summer. So, until next time....which will hopefully be in a week and not another month. :)