Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

Over the Summer a friend of mine and I did a kid swap.  We would swap our kids for a couple hours to just get stuff done.  It was wonderful.  Most of the time I would go grocery shopping or clean, I was able to get a lot done when they were here too, because the boys, and Rylea all had someone to play with.

 The lockers are finally done!  We got them done right before school started.  We are still practicing to put things where they belong, but at least there is a place for everything now.  The boys got to help with the paint job on these, it was really nice to have their help.

 Rylea-girl is a climber and loves to get into everything!
 We found a yucky horned-tomato bug outside on the driveway...not sure where it came from either, usually you find them on tomato plants, but we are nowhere near anyone's garden.

 We had a little campfire in the backyard...yeah it was hot, I think we were burning old pictures and papers that we needed to get rid of.

 ....yeah, I'm not every sure what to say here....sigh....

 Rylea likes playing in the mud.  She was able to nab one of Tragon rocket launchers from his birthday that was covered in mud.  Chocolate would have been so much tastier.

 Her favorite perch is on the stairs.  She will go there to eat her snacks, read her books, doodle on whatever she can find, it's just "her spot"

 We've been having fun starting preschool this year with cousin Brittyn.  :)  We played "Speed Letters" on this day.  (Seriously, it was the best way to kill 2 hours when I was also babysitting some friends kids and still call it preschool)

 I've also been braving the Play-Doh...I'm not a huge fan of Play-Doh, but in a more controlled environment it hasn't been too bad.

 Watercolors are usually a good art time, the first day I think we lasted 30 we are down to about 5 minutes before Jaron gets bored with the water colors.

 Rylea loves fruits, she will swipe them when I'm not looking and then munch on them for the next hour.  She especially loves pears, peaches, and apples.

 She loves books and loves them even more when someone (Dadd-O) will read to her.
 I made a really good peach pie and we ate it with friends at a game night.  I ended up making two more before we called it good for the season.

 More preschool fun.  Learning about the letter B so we were gluing buttons on it...yeah I thought it was pretty clever myself.

 Man, these kids make me happy.  They sure are a handful and there are days when I'm sure I've ruined them, but at the end of the day I'm so grateful for all they teach me.

 More cute Rylea pics, she likes to hang out around the bathtub while I'm getting ready for the day.

 Sometimes Jaron and Rylea are so sweet together....other times not so much, I'm glad I can capture the sweet times and just forget the not so sweet times.  :)

 Having fun at the playground.
In August we finally started school!  Yipee!  Tragon started Kindergarten, Damon is in 1st grade and Logan is in 3rd.  They are all doing really well in school and learning so much.  Damon and Logan are still doing great with piano lessons.  Their teacher quit, so I took over lessons and we've been progressing.  I also teach 3 other kids in the neighborhood along with 2 nieces and my mom.  It's been a real blessing to have something motivate me to practice and want to be better at the piano again.  I've let myself get pretty rusty, but I always feel so much better when I'm playing the piano and feel like I'm trying to do something with my talents, even if I'm not as good as others.

This year is going to be filled with lots of experiences, I hope that I record as many of them as possible.  Maybe now that I'm closer to being caught up I can try and get posting once a week so that I can write more of our history and experiences.  Until next time...