Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football Season

October 19th - 26th

Well, Halloween is approaching and I'm finding it really hard to get in to the holiday spirit of it all. I think I feel like the kids are still a little too young to get excited about everything. I did feel guilty enough to attempt to make some home-made costumes. I think they turned out pretty good. :)
Damon's football is more of a pouch to keep him warm and Logan's is more of an outfit. I made them out of some brown fleece that I found for a decent price at Walmart. I actually made both costumes for under $15!!!
Logan wasn't too sure about the costume. He'd actually been kind of cranky and clingy that day, but I insisted on pictures, so that's what I get. When we go to the actual Ward Halloween Party we'll stuff him, so he'll be nice looking pumped up football.
My boys are so cute (all 3 of them) ....I'm actually more excited about Halloween now that they have costumes :)

So, that was one of my big projects this week and it was quite the challenge. Damon has been craving attention...meaning he won't let me put him down practically at all, which means Logan doesn't get as much one on one time, which equals two very fussy and demanding kids. I'm learning though. Thank goodness for slings and Baby Bjorn. :) We did have a breakthrough this weekend though. We thought Damon had reflux, so we tried some medicine for a week and I didn't really feel like anything changed, so I stopped using it and Saturday I tried some gas turns out he suffers from...yep...GAS! He's been soooo wonderful since I started using the gas drops. WOO HOO! We'll see if it keeps up and that really is the reason.
He's even been taking his naps on his own without me having to hold him to keep him asleep. I think I might be able to handle this two baby thing now...I was really beginning to wonder this week. :)
awww, so precious!

So, last Sunday our kitchen sink broke, so on Monday the boys and I went to Home Depot, got the parts and got it all fixed. WooHoo I can do dishes again.....hey, wait a minute. Let's see, what else have we been up to this week:
I tried a new hairstyle on Logan. His hair was finally long enough to spike again.

He wasn't too sure about it though. He was more interested in the hairspray...yes I used hairspray and the blow dryer to get his 'do' to stay.Actually, he was crying most of the time I was trying to do his hair, it was a one time thing I guess, I'm glad I got some pictures though."Mom, never again will I let you put girly smelling hairspray in my hair"Logan loves fruit in almost any shape or form. These plums weren't the best, but he still ate them. You can see he's got his cheeks full, but still wants more.Mmmmm, tastyAt least he's eating something. :) Actually his appetite has been doing much better lately. Damon has no problems with his appetite though, he loves his mama milk.We've been playing outside even though it's cold. His coat just barely fits him still. He actually likes having the hoods on, bonus for me I guess. He loves running around in the backyard and I can just take a chair out and hold the baby and watch him when the weather is good enough....which is rarely, but at least once this past week. :)Logan's favorite time of the night is brushing his teeth with daddy. We ask if he's ready to brush his teeth and he runs to the bathroom. He's watching daddy brush his teeth in these pictures.Look at all those beautiful chompers. Hopefully he'll continue to love to brush his teeth as he grows up. He even does pretty good by himself, though he usually just ends up chewing on the toothbrush and then sucking all the toothpaste out, but it's a good start. :)

Well, sorry if this post was kind of random, I was putting things up throughout the week. I might just have to start posting more often so our posts aren't so long. Thanks for reading...until next time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

They Grow So Fast

October 12th - 19th

I can't believe that Damon is already a month old. Time has really flown by. It's been a good time though. :) He had his checkup and he already weighs 10 lbs 1 oz (that's already half as much as Logan weighs right now) and he was about 21.5 inches tall. He's the 50-75% for height and weight. He's growing very healthy right now. We all ended up getting shots. Me and Logan got our flu shots, weren't planning on it, but they were doing them, so we decided to go ahead and get it over with. And of course Damon had to get another baby immunization. Luckily Logan didn't cry too long and Damon fell asleep pretty quickly, so I had two screaming babies for just a few minutes.

We think Damon might have a little reflux runs in both sides of the family and the last week or so he's really been puking up a whole lot more after feedings and he gets really fussy when you put him on his back and always wants to be held or sitting up. Hopefully it will just be a temporary thing and will pass as he gets older. The Dr. gave us a little reflux medicine to see if that makes things better. He seems to do pretty good when I lay him down a little elevated or on his side.
The beginning of this week has been cold and rainy, it's been a nice change, but it also makes me more hesitant to take the kids anywhere. We still did our grocery shopping and the Dr. appointment, but we've been doing more activities at home too. Logan loves playing with play dough and crayons now...well if you count about 10 minutes of attention span...which is a lot for him. :)
Friday was nice enough to go to the park so we played there with Nola and Brayden for a couple hours. Morgan had to work that night, so it was nice to get Logan good and tired so he would go to bed easier. I didn't have the camera though. oh well, next time.

Oh yeah, on Tuesday we rented the new Indiana Jones from Redbox (it was just a little over the top, but still fun to watch). Damon fell asleep sitting up on Morgan's lap. :)

I bundled him up and laid him on his side and he was out like a light in no time.Then this little guy woke up from his nap and wanted to see the baby. He always has to know where Damon is or he gets upset. It's really cute. One night he wouldn't go back to sleep until I showed him that Damon was in the crib and sleeping too.Anyway, Logan ran in the room and yelled "Baby!" and it startled Damon into the "Thriller" pose. It was really funny, and he didn't even wake up. :)

One of our activities during the day is playing the piano. Usually I just keep it on all day and periodically he'll jump up there and start playing for a while. It's nice to keep him occupied while I'm feeding Damon.On Saturday morning there was a baptism of one of our primary kids, so I needed to be there, but Morgan had to work in the morning, but I braved it and took both the kids with me. I figured Damon would just sleep in the carseat the whole time (which he did thank goodness) and I could run around after Logan and have a friend keep an eye on the baby. :) Logan was a handful and really full of energy, but we made it through alive and hopefully without too much disruption. Anyhow, when we got home, I was exhausted from holding him (and struggling at that) for an hour basically, so I put on Cars and in about 15 minutes he had fallen asleep on the couch (holding his Cars book) . This is the first time he's ever just fallen asleep like that, so I had to get a picture. :)

Later that night we were watching football and Damon was being nice and cuddly, so Morgan snapped a picture.

Logan even took a second nap on Saturday (he had a rough night before and woke up really early). When he woke up he came out and cuddled a little on the couch. One of his favorite things to do is stand on the couch and look out the window. (Yes, that is tape where we have had to fix the blinds from him pulling them away to look at the window.

All in all, it was a busy, but fun week and we just keep looking forward to more. Damon has been easier to put down for bed at night this past week. I wish I could say he was still sleeping 7 hours, but I think that was just a one time fluke. His usual is anywhere from about 3-5 hours at night, which is okay if I don't have to spend and additional hour trying to get him back to sleep, so it's all working out. I'm learning how to function sleep deprived, just like every other mom out there. It's really amazing how the Lord blesses you with the strength to do what we need to do as parents when all logic says it's impossible. Which brings me to my final thought for the week. When we were at the park another mother of two and I were chatting and she said, "wow you're brave" when she found out our kids were only 17 months apart. Hers were about 4 years apart. I don't really remember my response, but I wish I would have said, "Not brave, but blessed" we truly have been blessed to have these boys in our home as crazy as things get, they always remind me of a greater purpose of our life and this short mortality we've been given. I hope we have the opportunity to be blessed with many more special spirits in our home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Logan Loves Water

*Mid-Week Post*

I know I usually only post on Sundays, but we had too much fun yesterday so I thought I post and get it all on here before I forget, and so our next post isn't as long, but don't forget to look at the pictures from last post. :)

Yesterday it was raining and Morgan got off work a little early, so while he was taking a nap with Baby D I decided to take Logan out in the was only sprinkling at the time. We got some fun pics and videos (mostly videos) of him and his new found love of water.

This is his favorite jacket...Go Cougs!

This is Logan running around in our backyard. It was actually really nice outside, it was cool and only slightly humid and the bugs weren't out, otherwise I don't think we would have been out there as long, I seem to be a magnet for mosquitos.

Logan's new word is water. He just randomly said it one day in the bath, so we've been re-inforcing it. you can't tell, but the water was dipping from thr rain gutter.

Logan loves letters and the alphabet and has been surprising us with how much he can't hear it very well, but with the letter "h" he is making the sound of the letter instead of saying it. We got so dirty in the mud that we took an early bath and I let him play with the whole bucket of letters.

He loves to swim in the bath tub. We got some pretty good jibber jabber in this clip. I just figured since the focus has sort of been on Damon lately we ought to do a post just for Logan. :) And Damon just basically eats, sleeps, and poops these days. We'll do an update on him after his Dr. appointment this week. I hope you enjoy our videos.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Damon's Blessing

October 5th - 12th

This week has been quite eventful. I'm getting better at getting two kids ready in the morning... along with myself...and getting out the door to run errands and such. This week I tried to take more pictures, seeing as how we've been slacking on that. So, the week pretty much just goes along with the pictures. :)

This is Damon just chillin' in the Boppy. He's usually happier if he's snuggled in the pillow in his crib during the day, but he sleeps okay without it at night.

Logan has been a little more dependent on his "bear and binky" and the two are often inseparable, but we are going to try and break that habit more and more each day so we're back to only naptimes, but sometimes it's just easier to give in and only have one baby crying. :)

Logan loves his little brother and anytime he cries or makes noises, he calls out "baby, baby"....except at night, they have been sleeping great in the same room. I think they both like the company. This was our first week with them together and Logan has only woken up and come out of his room once. We've had a couple of rough nights between the two of them with Logan teething and Damon going through a growth spurt, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Damon went 7 hours!!!!! between feedings last night. Logan was sleeping through the night (7-8 hours) by the time he was 6 weeks, so hopefully Damon will follow suit.

I've been trying to teach Logan how to do somersaults and told him to show me one and all I got was some squatting. We'll keep working on it though. :) Usually he'll stick his head on the ground with his tush up in the air. I wish I were still as flexible as he is right now.

Damon has been doing a lot of chillin' this past week when he's sleeping so that I can try and be more interactive with Logan. He's starting to actually like the swing. I use it when I'm showering where I can put him in a bedroom and close the door so Logan can't get him. It's come in handy too when we're all trying to eat dinner or I'm trying to feed Logan lunch and he'll just swing in the kitchen with us.
Damon loves being cuddled up in his side. He's resting against the back of the couch and he just looked so cozy I couldn't help but take a picture.

And here is our little champ again, he's getting so big and so tough. He's been lifting his head up and trying to see the world around him since the day he was born, he especially loves to look out of the blinds. He's going to love being outside, just like his big brother.
And this is Logan's new favorite position for watching Cars after lunch and just before his nap. (I use that time to either pick up the house, pay the bills or get anything else done that is almost impossible to accomplish with Logan hanging on my legs. :)
Yesterday we got to go to the park with and meet up with some friends. We got the kite the day before and Logan was a little scared of it, but we tried again and he seemed to like it more..until he found some people playing with a ball...

then of course he had to go and play. I have no idea who they were, but they were really nice and humored Logan for a while and played with him while Morgan went to go get a couple balls that we keep in the trunk of the car for just this occasion. :) What a good daddy!It's so fun to have kids at different stages now. It makes things a lot more interesting when we go places or when we're playing. Logan LOVES to play ball. Soccer, basketball, football, it doesn't matter as long as it involves a ball.Logan in the back. That's his friend that we met up with. We had to get two balls to keep them happy, that way they each got their own. It kept them entertained though and kept them from wandering too far.

Logan is learning how to go on slides too. He was really getting the hang of it and starting to like it more and more. These slides were a little bit bigger than the slide he got used to at Grandma's house last time we were there.

And finally on to the big event: Damon's Blessing. I know we didn't really get the word out before hand, but we figured that it would be pretty hard for anyone to make it all the way out to Okie for it. Morgan did an awesome job and so did Damon AND Logan. :) I was a bit nervous I would end up out on the hallway if Logan got fussy, but he just sat on my lap and ate some fruit snacks and was just fine. We took a few pictures before church:

He just barely fit into the same outfit that Logan wore for his blessing. I fed and bathed him just before church and he was out like a light almost the entire meeting block.

He's so precious. It looks like he got a little bit of the rosy cheeks that Logan has.I love my little baby boy!

So does his daddy!And so does his big brother. :) I was a little nervous and though Logan might push the baby off him if we tried to take pictures, but he just loves that little guy.

This one is a little fuzzy, but it was just too sweet not to post, Logan was leaning in to give him kisses.My two sweet boys. What a joy and blessing it is to have them both in our lives. We love them so much!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference Weekend

September 28th - October 5th

Well, we made it another week. Just before my mom left she said, you'll be fine and you'll feel better and better each day and she was right. Each day I'm feeling more and more like myself and having to take less and less pain medication.

This week Morgan had his first Physics Exam. This is the hardest class he'll have to take, the professor even started the course by telling them all that they would fail his tests and that he could hardly even pass his own tests, anyway, Morgan has been doing a lot of studying, he's not quite sure how he feels about the test, but deep down I think he did a lot better than he thinks, that's usually been the case. At this point though, all he needs is a passing grade and to get through this semester. He only has two more weeks where he has to teach his own class and then after that it should open up a little more time for studying which will be nice.

Me and the boys decided to venture out a little more this week. We went grocery shopping on Monday (note to self, never try to go to both grocery stores in one day, let alone one right after another). I was so anxious to just get it done I think we all over did it, but at least Logan fell asleep on the way home. On another day we went up to Babies R Us to pick up a baby bathtub that we can put in the tub so we can give the boys baths at the same time and I picked up a training potty for Logan although he's definitely not ready for potty training I figured it can't hurt to have it in the bathroom for him to get used to.

As we pulled up in the driveway from Babies R Us, there is a GIANT dog sitting on our front porch...seriously, if the dog would have jumped on me, it would have knocked me over. So, here I am sitting in the car, I honk, nothing...I can't let Logan walk to the door for fear that the dog will eat him, that and he's sleeping, so I'd have to carry him in, and then the dog really could knock us over. Damon is starting to get fussy, so I call Morgan, mostly just to let him know..he's at work and couldn't really do anything about it anyway. So, I get out of the car, lock the doors (yes, I left the boys in there, don't report me to social services) and sneak over to the neighbors house and see if Howard can come and scare the dog away for me. He did and I'm sure he was sort of chuckling inside and my nervousness, but I've been told that there are a lot of wild dogs in Oklahoma and who knows if this one had rabies or would eat me or Logan. That was pretty much our most exciting thing that happened this week. :)

On Friday we got a special treat! Grandpa came to visit one evening on his way home from some business trips, his flight just happened to come through OKC :) Me and the boys picked him up from the airport and we got to enjoy the whole evening together and in no time Grandpa and Logan were playing with cars and Logan was babbling away telling Grandpa everything that had happened since the day he was born I suppose...I really wish I could understand him right now, it would make things so much easier....mostly it goes like this: asleiawb a dlvadoiga;ldfkg "car" asldkfjaw;le "car" laksdoiawej flkadjf "ball" "ball" aslkdfjawo;eijf;adjf "car" And during that whole time he has a look of concern and seriousness on his face, it's so cute, someday we'll catch it on camera.

This weekend was General Conference, my favorite times of the year. After the first session I had cabin fever, it's been building up all week, so we went for a walk in between sessions and got a slush at Sonic. Logan walked for quite a bit of the mile and half and Damon slept the whole time. Logan slept through the second session....well actually I think we all slept through at least part of the second session, I'll have to read the talks again later.

On Sunday...well, today :) we decided since it would be very crowded and it would help us stay awake we went to our ward house for the first session. It was good and Damon slept through all but the last 5 minutes when he woke up and decided that he was starving. We came home at lunch and now the second session is about to start, so I better wrap things up here. All in all we're doing good and I love just being able to be a mom and I can't wait until I have a little more energy to start playing around some more. Until next time, a few pictures.....

Fuzzy picture, but it's Baby Damon sporting his mohawk, I love it.Grandpa G and Baby Damon.