Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 20th - 26th

Morgan headed off to Scout Camp for 3 days.  We are going to miss him!  He took some pictures, so I wanted to put them in the book to remind him of that time too.  :)

 Morgan with Ken Strong, one of the boy's dads that went up to help.

 The boys like the hammock camping.  Monday and Tuesday they went backpacking before heading to base camp.  Morgan took his group on the Wildcat Trail up near Kolob.




 They learned how to start fires without matches.

 We made some cool LEGO creations.

 Yeah, while Dad's away, the kids play.  It was actually one of the toughest weeks I've had as a mom.  :(  I tried to be patient and have fun and I ended up with a bathtub full of LEGOS and really wet kids in trouble.  It was probably good Daddy wasn't home for that one.

 We worked on some more brag badges.  Damon and Logan finally learned how to make "the paper airplane"

 We tried some origami airplanes, but they were basically impossible, it's just not a skill we have quite mastered yet.

 We also went for a bike ride...actually I just staged a picture of them with their helmets on and made them ride around the cul de was too hot for a real bike ride.

 To pick up the badge for the airplanes we had to go out by the airport to the museum.  I didn't realize it was the museum my dad had donated Annie to.  So, we got to see Annie.  It was really fun, it brought back a lot of memories.

Then we finished up collected badges at the library and the Children's museum again.  This summer really is flying by when I look at all we are accomplishing each week.  I'm also teaching 20 piano students right now!!!  I try not to think about the logistics of all that or I go a little crazy, all I know is that it is working out and I love teaching piano.  :)  We made it through this really tough week and I learned a lot about myself and how much I need my husband and could not do this alone.  I love my kids beyond measure, but being a mom is also the hardest and most demanding thing I have ever done or will ever do.

Until next time.....