Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Potty Part 2

So, after the first day of potty training both boys at the same time, I quickly realized that it was too overwhelming and I'd rather change the diapers. Despite all my talk of training Damon so that Logan would follow, it's Logan that is actually getting the attention. It turns out that the only reason he didn't want to "potty train" was that he just doesn't like wearing underwear, in fact he hates it. We're going to get him some toddler boxer briefs or boxers and see if he'll wear those, but for now, it's commando. He's been doing really great. He goes most of the time without me having to remind him. He's had a couple accidents, but I think after yesterday he's got the poo figured out. He pees about every hour, mostly I think to get the treats which are now gone, but also because we're always home so he's never really had to stretch it and hold it much longer than that. He's made it dry through the night at least three times in the last week, but I think we'll still stick to diapers at night.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll be able to get him to go on the "big" potty, because really, what's the difference between cleaning a potty every hour (which is a whole lot messier) versus changing a diaper....which I only had to do a couple times a day? I really hate cleaning his little potty, but I know that we need to ease into the whole big potty thing and soon he'll be fully potty trained and I won't have to buy nearly as many diapers each month. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bring on the Potty!

All three boys are sleeping right now...a miracle, but there is a reason behind it, I'll get to that later and it does have to do with the title of the post. :) Right now I just need to get caught up on the last week and a half.Tragon has been such a good boy. He's starting to stay awake a little more during the day and starting to sleep a little more during the night. I can usually count on at least one 6 hour chunk of time...it just hasn't been consistent as far as from when to when, I never know when that 6 hour sleep time starts.
I love his soft poofy hair just after bath time.
He is a tummy sleeper through and through. There have been a couple times he will sleep on his back, but he keeps his food in better and sleeps better on his tummy.
Logan is really starting to grow up and he is turning into a great big brother. He loves to give Tragon loves and kisses and loves to help Damon build the train tracks. They do still fight and have their wars, but at the end of the day they still love each other.
Damon is my little stinker that gets into EVERYTHING! His favorite tease is to take a toy and run away and throw it down the stairs. He loves to be outside and loves to do anything that Logan is doing including faking falls and "ouchies"
We finally got our yard put in. hehe
Well, I guess technically it's everybody's yard in our neighborhood, but since we are the only ones on our side of the street who actually use it...I claim it all as our own. :)
The basement is coming along. We only have a few more exterior walls to frame, then we need to do the hallway with the doors to rooms. We had our ductwork all done yesterday, we hired that out. Hopefully with a little bit of help from family during Tragon's blessing weekend we'll be able to get most of the framing done.
The boys love to blow bubbles with milk in their cup. I'm not sure how they figured it out, but one day they just started doing it.
And since this mess we've had to ban straws unless we're outside drinking our milk, then they can blow as many bubbles as they want. :)
We tried to get a few good Tragon bath pictures since we have so many of the other boys, but he wasn't really interested in posing.
He's still not quite sure about bath time. I like them more when they can actually sit up in the tub.
He doesn't cry, but he doesn't really seem to enjoy bath time as much as Logan and Damon did when they were little.
Hehe, I couldn't resist. We were getting the boys ready for bath time and Damon found a pair of shoes and put them on and was clomping around the house.
This is our neighbor. We had a neighborhood BBQ on Monday, it was really fun even though half the neighbors didn't show up. We'll try again. He was the grill master, the food was delicious and the weather was so so.
Mmm, those veggies come straight from our garden or our Bountiful Baskets produce that we have been doing the last couple weeks and loving it. I don't know if I can go back to ever buying produce at the grocery store unless it was a dire emergency.
This is half the group. It was so nice to just let the boys play and we got to sit and visit. Tragon slept inside most of the time, but came out a little later.
We have such a fun neighborhood right now. We're excited for more people to move in, even though it is nice to have such a good view and to not have to worry about the kids as much.

So...back to the title of the post. Today we started potty training, for real this time, I'm putting my foot down. Three in diapers is just too many...actually it hasn't really been that bad, but I figured right now is the best time since Tragon does still sleep a lot during the day. Anyway, so after lunch I saw Damon looking like he was going to poop, so I whisked him away to the potty, he didn't poop, but he peed!!! Then Logan sat on the potty too...nothing. I decided I was going to just go for it and I put some Thomas undies on Damon...he loved them so much he didn't want me to take them off for naptime, so I just put a diaper on over them :)
Logan wanted his diaper, but I said no, so he just put his shorts back on without underwear, since he refuses to wear underwear. I told him he would have to go to time out if he peed on his shorts (he really does know better) and he ran to the potty, pulled down his shorts and peed in the potty!!!! Of course they each got there M&M reward.

Logan really wanted a diaper, but I told him he only gets diapers at naptime and bedtime, so he said he wanted to take a nap. I didn't believe him, but I put on a diaper and put them both in the room and told Logan if he got out of bed and didn't take his nap the diaper would come off. (I know, threats probably aren't the greatest, but something needs to motivate him to just get it over with). So, 20 minutes later when I checked on them, both asleep! :) He must really really really not like underwear and love his diapers to take a nap like that, something he hasn't done in almost a year.

Anyway, we'll keep at it today, I'm sure I'll be cleaning up lots of messes the next week or so, but I'm committed now. Well, Tragon is ready to eat, so I better go...until next time....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exciting News...

no, I'm not pregnant again....yet. ;) Morgan finally got his results from his big Dosimetry Board Exam and he PASSED!!!! He is now a CMD, or Certified Medical Dosimetrist! I always knew he would pass and I think deep down he knew he would too, but we were both quite anxious waiting for the exam results. This means that he is officially done with school. No more studying late hours for tests, no more classes, no more school! YAY! We are both really excited.

I was silly enough to think however that life might return to "normal"(whatever that really is) and slow down a little bit after all that school business was over, but oh how wrong I was. It seems like there is always something to take that "extra" time we thought we would have, ours just happens to be named Tragon, the Young Men, and the basement. :) It is very nice not to have the stress of school though. We also started on our basement now that we know Morgan won't be studying for his test for another year. We have 3 walls framed, which may not seem like a lot, but it has been a huge start. Yeah, it's going to take a loooong time to finish, but we're okay with that as long as we're making progress, slowly but surely we will get it finished. I'll have to post some pictures next week since I don't really want to get the camera out today.

Monday, August 2, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Well, baby Tragon has survived two weeks at home now. It really feels like it's been longer than that, but then I see how tiny he still is. Right now he is not a huge fan of baths, but he does like the after bath snuggle. This is also one of the rare times he actually took a binky, not much of a fan, which is fine with me, but it is nice to have just in case.

He is such a sweet boy and such a good baby right now. He's very calm and relaxed during the day and I can actually put him down for naps! We really needed that blessing in a baby when I'm still trying to keep up with Logan and Damon.
By the end of this post, he already looks different. All my boys have had their own unique looks to them. Tragon most closely resembles Damon, but only in just a few baby pictures.
Logan has been a great big brother and he'll ask where Tragon is if he's not in the room and he likes to talk to him. He's already trying to teach him how to walk.
We had such a fun time with Grandma Goodman here. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but alas, that is the curse of multiple children, you just can't take as many pictures of the subsequent offspring because you're most likely chasing them around, or protecting the new baby from them and that makes picture taking a little more challenging. I'm going to try and do better though.
I really was the first one to have all three on my lap at once, but of course, no one was around to take my picture. :) I sure do love all my boys and they make me so happy!
This was a cute outfit that we got from Grandma that he's already almost grown out of so I had to take a picture to remember it.
Damon loves the baby too and will get down and talk to him, but his idea of soft is still something we're working on. I actually trust Logan enough to leave the room momentarily if he's alone with Tragon, but Damon, I'm still worried about the whole poking the eyes out thing. (Damon loves to point/poke your eyes and say "eyes") He is going to be such a fun big brother though.
Logan gets really excited whenever Tragon is actually awake and loves to talk to him.
My three boys!
This is the "Rocky Mountain" that the boys love to play on. Living in a new construction area definitely has its perks for little boys...rocks, dirt, mud, construction trucks...any little boy's dream come true.
Speaking of little boys, our little stinker Damon (who will get in to anything and everything you don't want him to as soon as you turn your back) somehow got in the bathroom and I'm sad to say we lost a dear friend Toby in the process. (Toby is the square engine from Thomas and Friends) Damon doesn't know it yet. Hopefully he won't ask where Toby is. Anyway, after a long hard day of working and fixing things (Morgan saved us about $400 by fixing the car window himself) he walked in the door to find out that Damon had thrown some trains/toys in the toilet. I thought I got them all out, but Toby was stuck. Morgan had to take the toilet off and was able to fish him out. My husband is my hero!
This was the same day, he deserved a nap after all his hard work fixing things, and as a bonus, I didn't have to hold or worry about the baby while I was getting dinner ready. :)
Tragon sure loves his Daddy. I think they were both zonked out for a least 2 hours.
Today was Grandparents Day, at least at our house. We got a visit from great-grandma Hadlock...
Grandma Hadlock.....
Great-Grandma White.....
Great-Grandpa White....(who we think Tragon gets his wise eyes from)
And Papa Beard. :) I'm glad I had the camera out so I could take pictures. Logan and Damon were both taking naps when they came over, so Tragon got some undivided attention from all his grandparents.
He's already starting to get a little personality and looking very different from just a few days ago it seems like.
He's such a handsome little guy. We also got some fun visits this week from my SIL Quel and her kids Lincoln, and Quoia. The kids had fun playing and we got to visit for a little while. And later in that same day my brother Steve and his wife Kim stopped by for a quick visit on their way to a concert. It was really good to see everyone and Tragon is excited to meet even more of his family. :)

This has been a great recovery and I'm aching to get out there and start running again, but I know my body isn't quite ready yet, but we have been going on lots of walks and getting some wonderful sunshine. I think I had a bigger case of cabin fever than I thought being sick that last month of pregnancy. Now we are out enjoying the summer and it's so fun! My boys are such a blessing to our family and bring to it such fun and unique personalities. I love them so much! Until next time....