Sunday, April 28, 2013


Time flies when you're having fun!  I can't believe that April is almost over.  Logan starts T-ball in May, so Morgan brought some fun gifts home one day from work.
 He got Logan and Damon each a baseball glove.
 Needless to say, they were super excited for it.  It wasn't the best weather to go out and use the new equipment, but they braved the cold anyway.  Since then, we've had a couple good days to go out and play.

 My Bear is growing up so fast.  He's starting to look and acting like a little person and toddler instead of my little baby.  He loves to follow his big brothers anywhere.
 Logan has been doing so well in school this year, I'm so proud of him.  His handwriting has improved so much.  Hopefully he'll take after his momma, rather than his daddy when it comes to handwriting.  ;)
 Jaron was super sick for about a week, to the point where we were really missing his laugh.  Poor guy.  When he was starting to feel better, I was able to catch some of his laughter on the camera.
 We had a pretty busy day one Saturday and decided to go to Del Taco for dinner.  It was perfect, the kids ate their food and got to play in the play place.
 Even Jaron could get around a little.  He freaked out when we put him down the tube slide though.  He loves normal slides, but not the covered kind.
 Luckily we were there early enough I think, that we were able to have the whole place to ourselves, which was really nice.

 Damon loves to play games on my Kindle, phone, and even regular video games.  He's getting pretty good at some of them too.  :)
 This was a rare moment when they were just chillin' together playing Angry Birds.
An mommy and Bear.  I sure love my boys.  We are all looking forward to playing outside more and enjoying this summer whatever that may bring.  Until next time...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Logan!

Getting back into a routine will have to happen next week.  The same weekend that Sabrina left, my parents came up.  My nephew got to have a sleepover for Logan's birthday, and then Sunday, my brother and nephew stayed for a night on their way back to Wyoming.

We had lots of fun playing in the dirt by our house.
 This is my favorite.  Classic brotherly love!

 We also got a chance to have a Mommy/Son date at Logan's school.  Luckily we got to invite Grandma and Lincoln to come with us.
They had a lot of fun, but were pretty tired at the end.  We ended up leaving a little early so we could go get some cake and ice cream for Logan's birthday.
 The tarantula
 She was putting a scorpion in her mouth
 The big turtle
 Jaron is a monkey and loves to push things around.  He re-arranges my chair on almost a daily basis.

 Logan had a Hulk/Avengers birthday party.  Tragon was rocking the Hulk mask.
 We played "Hulk Smash" with the balloons

 We had seven friends come over for his birthday and they all did so well waiting for turns on the games and when the presents were being opened.  I was super impressed.

We played some "Hero, Hero, Villian"  That got a little crazy.  We also did "Hawkeye Sharpshooter" and one of the girls ended up winning that game with the Nerf Guns and a target.  We also did "Superhero Rescue"  Basically hide and seek, but the seeker has to rescue the heroes and get past me (the villian who captured them) to the safe place.  That went over really well and was a total last minute idea.  Yay for me, big drop of awesome there.

By the end of the day, I was beat.  I think I'm still catching up from everything.  I love my Logan so much and he is such a  sweet boy and a good example to all of us.  He loves fast and testimony meeting and loves to go up and bear his testimony.  We have never told him what to say, just what a testimony is and so far he has done us proud.  He says he'll just be six for a while and then he'll start practicing to be seven.  :)

Until next time...

Auf wiedersehen

I can't believe our three week with Sabrina are already over.  It went by really fast, and then Logan's birthday came and finished off our craziness, but while Sabrina was still here, we took a trip to South Towne Mall.
 There were a couple others from the German program that came along, so I spent the time at the play area with the boys, which they LOVED.
 Then we played spies and walked all around the mall.  They boys actually did really well.  I got a pretty good workout too, I think I carried the stroller up and down stairs at least ten times.

 They loved to "pretend" that they were really driving the cars and that they were really working.

 The last few days were pretty packed with field trips for Sabrina, so we didn't actually get to see her very much.

 On conference Saturday one of her German friends came over and spent the day.
 On Sunday we got to go to the morning session at the Conference Center.  I was a little nervous about driving up and the crowds, but it turned out to be a really good experience and I'm glad we were able to go. It was actually really nice to listen to a whole session for a change.  We have the radio and TV on at home, but with our wild little boys, sometimes we don't get as much out of Conference as we could.  :)

 Jaron is starting to figure out how to ride the "horsey"...sort of.  Sometimes he climbs on backwards.

 Our new policy at the table...if you stand up on your chair, you obviously don't want to sit and eat, so to be safe, we'll just move the chair and you can finish your meal standing up.

 Jaron is going to mail himself to Germany to visit Sabrina.

At our farewell party Sabrina got a chance to tell us some of her favorite things.  She said she loved going on all the trips especially Arches and Family Home Evenings.  That made me feel good.  Logan also got a chance to go up and said he was glad that Sabrina got to stay until his birthday, but then had to go home.  It was really sweet.  We are going to miss her and hope that she comes and visits again.

We had a good experience with having an exchange student and I think we got pretty lucky to get such a neat girl.  I think we'll wait until Logan is old enough to have and exchange student as a "brother" before we do it again though.  It was pretty complicated trying to do this with little kids.  Until next time....