Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

I know we had a lot of fun in July, but since I've put off the blog for so long, I'll have to just rely on pictures to remind me of everything.
 Ty and Rachel came to town for the 4th of July.  We got a great grin from little Seth.
 Rylea is going to be a monkey just like her brothers.  She loves to sit in chairs like the big people.  :)  Now she can climb on some of the chairs all by herself.

 We had swimming lessons with Aunt Patti again this Summer and the kids loved it.  Rylea loves getting in the water too.  Logan and Damon were both swimming without life jackets this Summer, it was awesome.  I'm so proud of them.

 Sometimes my boys are just silly and fun and crazy.
 The boys' rooms were getting quite atrocious, so on a particularly ambitious day, I just took everything out and de-junked usually lasts about 2-3 months until I do it again.  I'm not sure how everything piles up there so quickly.
 We had some flash flooding at our house not too long ago.  It also happened to be the same day the guys were getting together to watch a soccer game, so all the cousins were there.  We played outside in the rain for a while before the wall of water came gushing through the neighborhood.  It was crazy!  And fun!  We made hot chocolate and played games.  As soon as the rain subsided we were all out there playing some more.  We had to hook up the hose as a makeshift siphon to drain the side and back yard.

 Rylea girl loves to feed herself.  I had boxes of peaches and pears that I was getting ready to bottle and freeze and Rylea kept getting in to them.  She loves her fruit.
 Harlee was kind enough to leave lip gloss kisses on my wall.  :)
 My boys love playing in the mud.  I'm pretty sure this wasn't the flood day, but they still got to play in the mud.
 Later Morgan just hosed them off before letting them come inside.

 Rylea also loves books!  We will read the same book at least a dozen times a day, and I love it!

 Rylea's 4th of July...or Pioneer Day outfit, honestly I can't remember, I just know she was super adorable in her red, white, and blue on both days! :)
 The boys have a new game called avalanche, where they basically just barrel down the stairs with all the blankets and couch cushions chasing after them.  Luckily no one was hurt....this time.

 The boys wanted to do a project about fruits and vegetables so we looked up all sorts of information about them and they made giant boards with information.  Logan took his project quite seriously.  I love that kid!

 Tragon graduated from Rusty and Rosy!  He worked so hard and has been able to learn a lot or words before Kindergarten.  I sure hope he's ready.  I know I'm excited for him to start school next month.  ;)

 Morgan made these awesome shelves for our mud room for the kids to put shoes.  I think we will make another one to put in the entryway for guests too.
 The next part of the project is the locker part on top with hooks so we can hang up backpacks and jackets and all their knick-knacks that somehow find their way into the house.

 Damon wanted to share some smoothie with Rylea.  He's such a good big brother.  All of them are!

 The boys love their Legos.  We got rid of a lot of toys recently and it's been nice to see them having fun with their Legos again.

 More flood pictures.
 When the water started creeping up on the patio, that's when we decided we better start siphoning the side and back yard.  Thanks Mikey for helping us get that going!

 The kids of course had a blast playing in the water.  It was still nice and warm out there, even though everything was wet and soggy.

 Mommy and Rylea-girl.
And, I finished up getting my real estate license again.  I let it expire when we moved to Oklahoma thinking I wouldn't need it for quite some time, but here we are on our way to our next adventure.  I'm still getting my name out there and building contacts, so if you know anyone looking to buy or sell a house, let me know.  :)  (Okay, done with that plug).

I love my family so much and we have had quite the ride these past couple years, but I can't imagine it without all those experiences now and without my family with me.  Until next time....