Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 51

July 20th - 27th

I can't believe that the end of this week will be August...and I think I said the same thing about it even being July. The months and weeks seem to be going by fast, but sometimes the days go by really really slow, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

This has been a good week though. Me and Logan walked at least 7.5 miles. I had to stop jogging for the half mile because I started feeling some contractions when I was pushing it a little too much and that has slowed our pace, but it's still been nice to get out every morning and do something. My freckles are showing up like crazy..Morgan loves it. I just didn't realize how freckly I can actually still be...I guess I haven't been getting as much sun the past 4 years as I am now.

This week we had FHE, something that we're trying to do better at. I was being pouty and pregnant about something, but Morgan pulled through and had a good lesson and for our activity we had a great time teaching Logan how to play hide-and-seek. I think he likes it better when Daddy hides though. :)

I had a dr. appointment and everything is looking good and on track and healthy. I ended up having to wait for about an hour and half because he had an emergency c-section to do earlier. I was completely fine with waiting since Morgan was able to come home and watch Logan and I took a book and I was able to finish it. It was actually a bit relaxing.

This week we also went to the Jump Zone with some friends and of course I forgot the camera. Our friends had their camera and they'll be sending us some pictures, so when they do we'll post them. It was really fun, it was basically just a big room full of tons of different blow-up toys, like the big slides and mazes. Logan wasn't too sure of the shaky ground, but he loved the open area that he could just run around in. He went on a few slides with Morgan. I even went down one of the big slides, about halfway up though I was thinking, what am I doing? It was fun, except I didn't have socks on and on the way down my foot sort of got caught and I went sprawling every which way, but not to worry, my dr. appointment was the day after and the baby is still fine. :) But I think I'll wait until after having Damon to do anymore jumping/sliding/running or otherwise crazy pregnant activities, but I'm not giving up my morning walks or our swimming time yet.

So, sorry for the boring post with no pictures, at least we have one video to tide you over until next week. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 50

July 13th - 20th

This week has been pretty fun. We've been swimming a couple times and Logan and I have been going for walks. It was also this week that realized that Logan's not my baby boy anymore and he's really a little boy now. It was the weirdest feeling, but I was just watching him walk around the house and I just thought, wow, he's a little boy and growing up so fast.
Pretty soon he'll be making real phone calls to his friends. That seems like such a long way off, but I know that it will suddenly be here and I'll be wondering where my little boy and where in the world this teenager came from. :)

We're trying to do better at making FHE a habit and not watching so much TV at night, so this past Monday after we got dinner cleaned up and Logan bathed we decided that our activity would be GameCube :) Logan actually had a lot of fun....until he fell asleep.
Logan has been going through a bout of crankiness and I could have sworn that he was teething, he had all the signs, but nothing was coming through, then finally on about Tuesday I was tickling him and he had his mouth wide open and I saw his two top molars coming through, they were bleeding a little bit, so they must have just been breaking through. It was actually a relief though and I felt he was justified for his crankiness. I suspected he would get his molars early, but he still only has two teeth on the bottom and now he has 6 on the top, his four front teeth and now the two molars. Hopefully now his appetite will be better since he's got some better chompers for eating and it's not as painful now. I'll have to see if I can get a picture, but it was hard enough just getting a glance to see that something was actually coming through.
I've been noticing his toys disappearing lately and wondering where they are all going. He's getting very sneaky and I have found a couple stashes. This is his car stash.
..don't see anything...look closer....Yep, right down in the corner where they are very difficult to reach of course.

Logan's favorite time of the day is anytime that he gets to play with Daddy. He's got better balance now so they get to play a funner version of horsey.

We went over to a friends house for dinner last night, so I made cookies and let Logan be my taste tester when he woke up from his nap. You wouldn't think it, but he loved it and devoured the whole thing and I swore he said "good cookie"

We had a few minutes before it was time to go, so we decided to take a little break and watch some baseball. We'd been working hard all morning. Morgan trimmed up some trees and bushes in the front yard and it looks sooo nice, and he got the lawn all mowed. I'm so lucky to have such a good husband. Me and Logan went for a walk in the morning and did all the grocery shopping and then we got the house cleaned really good.
This morning we were eating breakfast and Logan was just babbling like crazy, we got a little bit of it on a video. And we were having fun with a little tickle torture. :) Enjoy..until next time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 49

July 6th - 13th

In just 3 short weeks we'll have been in Oklahoma for our first official year, and then 6 weeks after that we'll be having a baby. Wow, I have a feeling that the next couple months are going to go by really fast and really slow at the same time.

This week was sort of your average run of the mill week. Logan and I got out and went for walks in the morning and then for FHE we went to the pool and went swimming. You can't take cameras in there though, so we don't have any pictures.

Logan seems to be getting bigger and bigger and growing up so fast and he loves getting into things. I have a little portable drawer system for his bedroom for things like his medicines and extra binkies, stuff like that and he started getting into it. I wouldn't worry except for the things is plastic and he tried to reach into the drawers that are too high and a couple times he's almost pulled the thing over on top of him, so I decided to put it in his closet where we can close the door.....but I guess that won't last long. I swear I thought I closed the door and I think he opened it. He can reach the handles just barely, so I might not have closed it completely and all it took was a little turn, who knows, all I know is it got really quiet and we knew something was up and we go in and he had raided the drawers.He can even reach the top drawer where we keep his shoes and he loves his shoes, so of course he goes for that drawer that is mostly likely to make it all topple over on him. I think I need to do a little re-arranging :)

Logan is a big helper and loves brooms! He loves to help in the kitchen after dinner...well sort of.
He actually does pretty good holding up the big broom, but I think we might have to get him one a little more his size so that I can still use the big broom and sweep while he's helping me.

Since we've been playing outside a lot more and Logan has been wearing his sandals constantly he gets some really stinky feet sometimes. We have a fun video of daddy playing the stinky feet game.

It gets him laughing even when his feet smell as sweet as roses.

This week, a tragedy happened...we accidentally cut Logan's hair too short. :( It took me a while to get used to it. We were just going to trim it up a little bit, but I started with the attachment that was just a little too short and ended up taking off too much, so we had to just buzz it and start from scratch. Of course, he's still as cute as can be though.

"What have you done mother?"

Look at all his sweet golden locks of'll grow back, I just keep telling myself that.

"This is all your fault mom if the kids in nursery make fun of me...but I still love you."

No, he doesn't have a hairy back thank goodness, but there sure was a lot more hair to clean up than I thought he even had on his head to begin with.

This weekend we also had a Pioneer Day Celebration, it's not really a holiday here, but then had a ward activity and we all got together and ate and played games and such. Logan liked running around and playing with all the other kids and we were even able to snatch of few pictures while he was sitting on the saddle.

Some things went a lot better than expected and some I wish would have gone a little better, but overall we have a great ward and we had a good time. It was nice to have something to do on a Saturday and see some of our friends.
We love our little boy and can't wait for his little brother to come and be a part of our family too. If only we could get him to sleep in his toddler bed through the night good thing we still have a couple months to work on that.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oklahoma Adventures Week 48

June 29th - July 6th

I can't believe it's already July! That's crazy, that means only about 10 more weeks until we have another baby, that's insane. I get a little anxious with some things and this week I got a booster seat for Logan (not realizing that Damon won't really be using the high chair until he's almost 6 months -oh well we'll be prepared). We decided to try it out this week.

He actually did really good. He loves using a fork, he's still getting used to the spoon though, he tends to turn the spoon and dump everything off before it gets to his mouth. We had a little video of this too that I'll try and post. As we suspected though, he only lasted about 10 minutes (which is really good actually) before tossing his plate and all the food on the floor. :)

Me and Logan got to go to the splash park with some friends on Monday and he had a blast! And of course, I said I would bring my camera, and I forgot, so sorry there are no pictures, I imagine they would have been very similar to the last ones, just imagine him in his stars and stripes swimsuit. :)

This week I've been checking out other activities that me and Logan can do. We've been working on getting him to sleep in the toddler bed again, and right now it's just a game to him so he has to be really really tired to stay in there and sleep, it's been a rough week that way, but he has taken his now once a day nap there since Monday. Anyway, the point of that was that now that he is awake all morning, it gets a little dull around the house, so I've been looking at some different places and there is an awesome indoor swimming play area for toddlers. I've also looked at a nice gym so I can go work out for 30 minutes to an hour while Logan plays, but I'll still be close-by (and I have great friends that would love to have Logan come over and play if I didn't feel comfortable with the in-house daycare at the gym. (sorry if that's kind of vague, I don't want to give too many details to any crazy stalkers out there) I really think I'm going to need something like this to keep my sanity for the next few weeks waiting for the baby and not getting cabin fever with Logan. And it will be fun with Damon around too.

The are some really good parks too - a little of a drive, but worth it to feel safe by myself, so on Thursday I decided to go for a walk with Logan. We went 1.5 miles...and 3/4 of that was with giant blisters on my heels, but we still made it. It's actually not too bad of weather here in the mornings.

We had a wonderful weekend that started early on the 4th of July, both of us had Friday off work and it was wonderful. Morgan wanted to get some projects done around the house, so Nola and I went to the park with the little ones. We got there a little early for the "parade" which consisted of about 50 kids walking about 100 yards taking up about 5 minutes of time. :) We had a good time walking around though, we were there for about 2 hours. The boys loved their treats they got at the booths.

Brayden with his first lollipop :)

Logan doesn't look happy, but that's because he rammed the whole thing in his mouth so quick he sort of gagged on it a little bit and his eyes were still a little watery. He devoured his lollipop too.

We also decided to get some sno-cones...if you can call them that. Basically they were crushed ice (almost the consistency as from a refrigerator) with some flavored syrup on them. They weren't too bad I suppose, Logan and Brayden sure loved them. I was a little disappointed after I broke a tooth on a piece of ice, yes, I have a gaping hole in one of my molars now, it's been very distracting. And then Nola found a rock in the bottom of her cup, so maybe that's what broke my tooth, who knows. We're giving the crazy guy that sold them to us the benefit of the doubt though and hoping that the rock got in there from one of the boys when they were dipping there straws everywhere and back into the cups.

We tried to play at the park for a little while, but I think the kids were worn out by then. They both fell asleep on the way home after a screaming match. We still don't know if they were happy or mad. Later that night we went to the park with Nola and Brayden and we all watched the fireworks and for a brief moment both Morgan and I were thinking this isn't so bad, it's actually a really nice night...don't worry it didn't last long enough that we're going to settle down in Oklahoma. :) Logan was exhausted that night by the time we got home.

On Saturday morning I woke up to a wonderful breakfast in bed (I have the most wonderful husband in the entire Universe!) And Logan slept in until about 8:30, so we got to as well. After that we got up with determination to get some things done around the house. I helped Morgan with one of is projects while Logan was taking a nap and I think we did a pretty good job, we'll have to post some pictures of it later. After that Morgan cleaned the house while me and Logan went grocery shopping, then he went with the missionaries to meet a new investigator. They only briefly met, but had to re-schedule the discussion, so he got home early, which was good because we went to Nola's for hamburgers, they were delicious. We played some games and I almost won. We were playing Hearts and I was killing everyone until the very last few hands and then I lost by 3 points!!! I demand a re-match. :) It was a really great day! I took the camera, but forgot to take pictures.

We came home and Logan was exhausted and we all slept in until 8:00. It started out as a slow week, but then turned into a wonderful holiday. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well. Until next time....