Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov 22-28 Happy Thanksgiving

Our service tree has been going strong this month.  We have so much to be grateful for and so many great reasons to serve others.

 I'm so proud of all my boys this first semester of school.  All of them earned straight A's and worked so hard.  I think I already posted Logan's certificate, unless he never gave it to me.  :)
 Rylea loves being outside and wants to keep up and ride the bikes like the big kids so badly.

 Tragon's water color painting.  I decided it was better to post them in our book rather than try to hang on to all the papers.
 We went up to the Hadlocks for Thanksgiving and had a blast.  We were able to see all his siblings and most of the cousins.

 Tragon didn't like dinner, but he did end up sweeping the floor for Grandma and finishing his dinner after his tantrum.
 We took the boys to Flat Iron Mesa part while we were up there so we could go out and explore and get out of the house for a little while during Rylea's nap so she could sleep.  The boys had so much fun.
 They found tree caves and we stopped at a couple playgrounds as well.

 They also got to bury Daddy in leaves and then took turns burying each other and jumping out of the piles of leaves.  It was a wonderful day.

 While we were gone at the park Rylea woke up and Papa was the only one that could get her and up to this point she hadn't quite warmed up him yet, but when he "rescued" her from her bed she was all about Papa after that and even started saying Papa this week.  It was really cute to watch her go up to him, or whenever he was sitting down she would back right up into his lap waiting for him to pick her up and snuggle.
 We came home Saturday morning, cleaned out the cars and went over to my mom's house so we could see the Goodman cousins before some headed back to San Diego.  It was beautiful weather and the kids all played outside for a couple hours.
 The kids had some hot chocolate after freezing outside.  Ada was being a little camera shy.

 But I finally did get a cute one.
 Grandma loved snuggling with Seth and Rylea.
 We also finished up our Thanksgiving tree today and started getting Christmas decorations up.  I'll post those pictures next week.

 Tragon started out a little disgruntled, but then I said the magic word and he couldn't help but smile.
 Finally got it!
 The little ones love playing with the Play Doh.
This week was filled with so many emotions and realizations and just good times.  We ended up buying a truck up north, a Ford Expedition EL, something that our whole family can fit in.  We will probably end up selling the car and keeping two family vehicles.  We weren't sure if it would happen this week or at all, but were excited that it worked out.

I am so grateful for my husband and my families for many different reasons, my heart is full to bursting.  I saw my kids and my husband is such a different (good) light this week that I can't believe I didn't realize all this before.  :)  I am the luckiest!

Until next time...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nov. 15-Nov 22

I no particular order, some shenanigans from the past week.
 Tragon is so good with the girls.  When Auri and Brittyn are both here when they get home from school Tragon is so excited to play with them.  I have made that his "chore" after school to play with them and he has been very diligent is his play time with them.
 I think he was being an alligator and trying to get them as they jumped into the water...or something like that.  All I know is that Tragon has a gift with little kids and some day will be an amazing teacher or youth leader or something.  I hope he never loses his spark for fun and play (even though sometimes there is a time and place to not be silly--we are still learning the difference ;)

 Logan is Mr. Mature.  HI likes this outfit because it makes him feel like a college student.  Oh, that boy, I sure love him.  I want him to just be a kid and he wants so badly to be a grown up.  If he only knew, haha.

 We have loved the beautiful weather down here and being able to go outside as much as possible.  Rylea's first words each day are usually, "shoos (shoes) and a-side (outside)"  I love that she loves being outside and playing.

 Jaron and Auri enjoyed a papaya banana smoothie.  Seriously!  For how picky all these kids are they decided to love a papaya smoothie! (I had to gag it down, it was way too papaya-ey)

 Auri also wanted to be Elsa that day, not Anna.  :)
 I love having nieces that let me do their hair, especially since Rylea still has a few years before I will be able to do anything with hers.
 The boys love to take Rylea outside and play across the street the ahem, dangerous power boxes.

 Rylea is the store manager and the boys buy rocks from her.
 I thought I would post some of the school work, that way it ends up in our yearbook and I don't have to keep a whole bunch of papers.  I loved these stories by Damon.  My boys have some dang good penmanship for only K, 1st, and 3rd grade.  I'm so proud of how hard they work in school.

 Tragon did an excellent job on his color by number. He has been the most hesitant to color and write, but he has some dang awesome handwriting now too.

 We were able to pull our first tooth.  Logan had his first two teeth pulled by the dentist, but Damon's was loose enough and bugging him enough we just had to get it out.  We tried the floss and slamming the door, but floss was too slipper and just slipped right off the tooth.  In the end I had to get a rag and just rip it out.
 He was a trooper!  I had to tug pretty hard two or three times to finally get it out.  But he was one happy camper once it was gone.  He was excited for the tooth fairy to come, which luckily she did remember (thank goodness for timers on smart phones)

 Since we have 2:30 church we decided to go for a drive this morning and we went up to Baker Dam Recreational Area and went on a little "hike"  I love watching our boys enjoying nature.

 And Rylea girl just wanted to be right there with the boys and wouldn't let us hold her much.

 Morgan had a scout camp this weekend and I thought I would add those pictures too for memories.  :)  We have a favorite tinfoil dinner, it's a chicken cheese broccoli rice combo.  It's really good.
 It was really windy so they huddles in a little cave-like area, it was even too windy to even set up tents.  It was cold, but they all survived ;)

 A little exploring with the deacons.

I also had to teach a craft class the same day Morgan got back from scout camp.  I guess Tragon was having a rough time after dinner (see good handwriting for a kindergartner) because Dad had to say no for something and he didn't want to listen and got sent to his room.  Tragon has really been teaching and testing our patience lately.  His fuse is so short we never really know what's going to set him off.  I just wish he knew how special of kid he is.  We try to tell him, but when he's having a fit he never seems to remember.  Before bed he did change the sign to say "Dads are cool"  We just take it one day at a time. Until next time....